10 Productivity Tips to Make Your Workday Better

Productivity doesn’t depend on how many hours you work but how you spend your time. These productivity tips will help you make sure your time as social media manager is well-spent.

You are more likely to burn out if you have too many things to do and not enough time to create a system.

We have compiled a list of 10 productivity tips to help you improve your social media agency’s quality without requiring extra work.

1. As a social media manager or digital marketer, plan your tasks

Digital marketers and social media managers can find task management difficult. There are many channels that you can monitor and create content for. It can seem overwhelming.

There are several ways you can manage all your tasks. It doesn’t require multitasking.

Avoid multitasking at all cost. Multitasking can lead to lower productivity. It can lead to a loss of productivity as you spend so much time scrolling through tasks that it is impossible to finish them on time.

Instead of trying to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously, plan your day. You can divide the tasks according to importance and urgency.

It is important to prioritize a campaign that must be sent out within the next day. This should be done before organizing an important task that can be completed in one day.

You can simplify your task management by creating a four-grid task checklist. This will make it easier for you to prioritize tasks and increase productivity. Task management software is also an option.

Source: Venngage

2. Use reasonable intervals to manage your time

Although we have already mentioned task management, time management is another area that can impact productivity.

It is just one aspect of the job. If you spend your entire day doing it, it is not a sign that you are productive.

Some tasks are more time-consuming than others. Although an email may take a few seconds to compose, it might need to be done first thing in the AM so that you can plan your day around it.

You can use any of the many online time management apps to ensure you finish your tasks in the timeframes you set.

You can, for example, use the Pomodoro Technique. This will help you break down large tasks into manageable chunks that you can complete in short time periods. You can also use an online Kanban board or offline to track your progress and see which stage you are at with all your projects.

You can make more use of your time by limiting the number of projects you take on at once. This will allow you to focus and get better results.

3. Automate as Much As Possible

Automation tools are a great way to save time, increase productivity, and maximize your efficiency.

It is not easy to set reminders daily to share posts on social media. There are tools that will allow you to plan your content for months ahead. Agorapulse is a great example. These best practices are essential for social media automation.

Email marketing is no different. You don’t have to create content and manually send it to your email list. Instead, you can use a tool that will build templates and automatically respond to emails.

Chatbots are another tool that can make your digital marketing more effective. Chatbots are more advanced thanks to new technology, which can save you time responding to customers.

Many of these automation tools come with free plans so that they don’t impact your budget.

4. Repurpose existing content

A successful digital marketing strategy requires content creation. It’s also one the most time-consuming tasks that marketers have to do.

There is an alternative to writing content every time you want traffic to increase, and that is repurposing content.

There are many ways to reuse content. It is possible to update an old blog or chart to make them more relevant to current audiences.

You can transform written content into other types of content. A blog post can be transformed into an infographic or podcast. You can use the charts in a blog post as social media posts.

You can convert presentations into white papers, videos, e-books or infographics.

There are many ways to repurpose content. But the most important thing about it is making sure you have enough productivity.

5. Curate Content

Curating content is another way to save time when creating content. You will always need something to share. However, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything in-house.

A small portion of your social media posts and blog posts should be curated by reputable sources, such as industry leaders, influencers or news outlets.

If you are going to syndicate content, make sure it is properly credited. Avoid sharing articles on social media without commenting. It is lazy and doesn’t show you as an industry expert.

Don’t curate too many content. You should limit your content to curating between 10% and 20%. Anything more than that will make it seem like you don’t have any original ideas. It is important to balance the creation and curated content. hbspt.forms.create({ region: “na1”, portalId: “8477337”, formId: “b2b6f8ef-9f85-4b8f-ac2a-f510b34a3c46″>

6. Make a Bank of Visuals

Digital marketing is dominated by visual content. This can increase the number of people who view your content and improve SEO.

However, it can be time-consuming to search for visuals each time you need them.

Spend a few minutes each month to build a visual library. Browse stock photo sites and save images that are relevant to your topic.

Keep a copy of any graphs you find that might be useful in illustrating content, and take note of the source.

You will be able to save so much time and increase your productivity by having a library of visuals you can refer back to every now and again.

Agorapulse also offers an asset library that allows you to keep track of your assets.

7. Commenting can improve your reach

Digital marketing is all about increasing brand awareness and reach. People can’t purchase your products if you don’t exist.

Marketers have many options to increase reach: creating content, sharing on Social Media, guest blogging and link building.

Commenting on social media posts is a great way to increase reach and productivity without compromising on productivity. Ask for comments and reply to them.

Although you might think liking all the relevant posts will increase awareness, commenting is far more effective.

You can comment on select posts and participate in the conversations. While they will take some time, they will prove to be much more effective in improving reach. Spending some time on improving reach and commenting will make you more productive than letting them accumulate and be ignored.

8. Do not be too thin

Digital marketers are notorious for taking on too many tasks. Although this may seem to be a common occurrence in this job, it can make you less productive. It can also lead to burnout.

Members of a marketing team have different skills. When building campaigns and content, take advantage of this diversity.

Don’t accept responsibility for something you don’t have the time or ability to do. Give it to someone who has the time or the skills.

It is hard to delegate when you have a task that you enjoy, but if there are too many things on your plate, it will be difficult.

For better productivity, be objective about how much bandwidth you have and delegate accordingly.

9. For deep work, switch off notifications now

Digital world is always being updated. It wants to keep you informed about all the latest happenings, which usually means that notifications are sent non-stop.

You do not want constant notifications on social media to start conversations. However, notifications can be distracting and can ruin productivity.

Instant replies via social media messaging apps are a great way to keep customers interested without wasting precious time. These 25 saved replies will help you to be more productive at work.

Emails are the same: read them in the morning, then later in the afternoon. But don’t spend your time checking every email you receive.

To ensure that you are productive, turn off your phone’s notifications and install browser extensions to limit the number of notifications.

10. Determine what is required for a meeting and what can be said in an email

It’s no secret that businesses host far too many meetings. Many of these can be dealt with via email, or by using team communication tools.

Meetings can drain productivity from a workday. They can impede the flow of work and stop people from moving forward. They can also distract from the primary purpose of getting together and make it difficult for everyone to contribute.

You have the ability to organize meetings. If not, don’t hold them.

This guide will help you make meetings more efficient when you have to host them.


Digital marketers and social media managers with multiple tasks and multiple roles can find it difficult to be productive.

The digital sphere is constantly growing which can make it difficult for marketers to handle more work than they are capable.

These productivity hacks were created to help digital marketers and social media managers ease their burdens.

While some of these hacks may take some time to master, you will find that your productivity and work ethic will increase tremendously.

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