12 VideoMarketing Trends to Make 2019 Your Year!

Another year is over! We are now back in the process of preparing our marketing plans for next year. But! But this year, things are different! Videos can make or break your company!

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That’s right! It is crucial that you stay on top of video marketing with every major social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Quora, doubling down on videos.

If you didn’t notice, 2017 was the year that digital advertising spending overtook TV. In 2018, the gap between them widened further and 2019 will be the year that every major brand will spend a large portion of their advertising dollars in the digital arena.

What does this all mean for small and medium-sized businesses?

Promoted ads will become more expensive due to increased demand. Their decision about where to spend their video marketing dollars can have a significant impact on their revenue.

We are video producers who work with thousands of people every day. It is our responsibility to monitor and evaluate what’s working in the digital space.

Following our highly-recommended posts on the 2017 and 2018 video marketing trends, here are 11 video marketing trends to watch out for in 2019.

1. Keep an eye out for the “Facebook watch”.

Facebook began testing the new YouTube killer last year. This was recently made available to all Facebook users worldwide in August 2018.

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What does this all mean for businesses?

Like every major update before it, the Facebook Live feature and the Facebook stories will increase organic reach.

Facebook claims that more than 400 million people view videos on Facebook every month and that 75 million people watch them for at most one minute. You might find it very beneficial to create video content for Facebook Watch.

It’s similar to joining YouTube as a creator in its first year. It’s the best time to jump on board.

Businesses can also take advantage of Facebook Watch by looking for sponsorship and collaboration opportunities.

Before you dive headfirst into content creation, there is an important point to remember

Facebook Watch was initially created to provide services for users of all ages. Instagram is Facebook’s cousin.

Facebook has now reorientated its strategy to reach post-college millennials through its investments in news and online programs.

Make sure that your content and the content you sponsor resonate with 30+-year-olds.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Facebook-Watch-Infographic.png” alt=”Facebook”>

2. Facebook will be given a “Facebook Watch Party” to bring life back to it

Facebook was initially a social network where people could hang out and have lots of fun. This has changed over time. It’s now a place where people go to consume memes or snackable video content.

Although Facebook introduced Stories and Facebook Live in the last few years, none of these features really restored the sense of community that existed at the beginning of the platform. Facebook’s new feature, “Watch Party”, is one of the most exciting and original updates in a while. It is a breath of fresh air.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-01-17-1.png” alt=”Watch”>

Although Watch party was initially only available for use within groups, Facebook announced that it will now make it available to all profiles and pages.

Watch party seems to have already had a huge impact with 12 million watch parties hosted by its groups. We will only know what sky-high numbers it can bring to all profiles once it is open.

The Facebook watch party is a great opportunity for companies that care about engagement and community building.

Notice: Do you remember when Facebook used to push notifications whenever someone went live on Facebook? Facebook now does it for watch parties. You can host your own party and experience a spike in user engagement.

3. Don’t limit yourself to the horizontal. I mean the videos.

Since the invention of the first television in electronic format back in 1927, we have come a long ways. Now information can be accessed and consumed right from our fingertips.

Although the new devices have been adopted quickly, mobile-friendly video content adoption needed an additional boost from Instagram and Snapchat. These two platforms can be credited for the rise in Square and Vertical videos. Although square content has been widely used on Instagram and Facebook, it is still relatively new and unexplored.

Get Vertical, or go Home!

Arguments against vertical video are made by people who claim Horizontal videos are a better fit because our eyes are horizontally aligned.

One thing they don’t realize is that smartphones are the number one place for users to consume content.

Smartphone users tend to hold their phones vertically 94% of all the time. A horizontal video forces users to flip their phones in order to see it clearly, which is totally against the natural instinct of a person.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Screenshot-2019-01-17-at-4.27.54-PM.png” alt=”Vertical”>

This is why platforms such as Snapchat gained so much popularity when they launched earlier in the decade. The more immersive content that they could see from their phones was a huge hit with users. Snapchat claims that vertical videos have 9x more completion rates than horizontal videos.

This is why Instagram launched IGTV. To provide more immersive video content. It is still not enough to blow people’s minds, but it’s only the beginning of Facebook’s ability to do so.

Vertical videos have been recognized by many. They are not going to be competing with horizontal videos. They will cater to a different segment of users, however, who simply love content consumption from their phones.

When it comes to ads on mobile platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, Plus Vertical videos trump Horizontal video.

We found that horizontal videos cost 150% more per click than vertical videos with the same content when we conducted an experiment using our Animaker Ad account.

Another important development is the launch on YouTube of Vertical video ads.

Our advice to businesses is to save a little money for experiments with Vertical videos. It is definitely worth your time in 2019.

4. Stories are the new Newsfeed!

Do you remember the excitement of checking Facebook to see our friends’ posts?

Those days are over! Except for the occasional profile picture update from friends, the News Feed is now a place where you can check out memes or get bombarded by ads!

There is some good news. It isn’t dead. It is now in the stories section on most social media platforms.

It is where you can make a connection with your audience, whether it be on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Recent data has shown that Snapchat and Instagram users use Snapchat Stories daily to watch more than 70% of their users. This shows the growing popularity of stories.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Stories-on-Facebook-YouTube-and-Instagram.png” alt=”Stories”>

Instagram stories have unique features such as Question Stickers and Location tags. They also include polls, polls, and countdown. This is a great way organically to build a following.

It is a great place for ads with a specific CTA as it triggers action instinctively.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Instagram-Story-Ads.png” alt=”Instagram”>

Stories are a popular form of content for young people. If you want to reach the younger demographic, stories are an excellent choice.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Screen-Shot-2018-09-19-at-7.18.49-PM-1024×637.png” alt=”2018″>

However, user intent is different on each platform. Therefore, we recommend that you experiment with story ads across all platforms to determine which one provides the highest ROI.

5. Masthead Ad on YouTube is a strong competitor to TV Ads

Although Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are well-known for their successes over the years, YouTube’s popularity has been greatly underrated.

Over 1.9 billion YouTube users log in each month to YouTube and watch over 180 million hours of video content every day from their TVs. These numbers are far more than any other platform.

Facebook is just beginning to shed its image of being a video-sharing site, with the launch “Facebook Watch”, but YouTube continues to thrive because users see it as a long form video hosting platform.

These numbers, along with the ability to target a specific demographic of users make it logical for large brands to look closely at YouTube ads when planning their advertising campaigns.

Some brands may have realized the benefits of moving their ads to the internet, and some are already doing so.

This is what I observed while writing this blog.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Masthead-Ads-on-YouTube.png” alt=”Masthead”>

This is a photo that includes my Mac, my Smartphone, and two of my colleagues’ Smartphones. The MastHead Ad from Club Factory, an online fashion retailer, is what binds all of these screens together.

Ranveer Singh’s Ad was featured on nearly all of the devices we had at Animaker. Why did this happen? Coz, a company with 95% of its workforce under 30, it is an ideal location to target young tech-savvy, millennials. We fell into Club Factory’s ideal customer segment.

Masthead ads will be a strong competitor to TV Ads this year due to its ability to reach a wider audience than any TV network, and its ability help companies determine their ROI. Masthead ads can be a great alternative for brands looking to get mass attention.

6. Your CTR can be significantly affected by the new YouTube Home feed

YouTube has spent the past two years making YouTube more user-friendly and less advertiser-friendly.

Although the YouTube creators have taken a lot of criticism for the move, the users have greatly benefited from the original (a better In-App experience).

YouTube has made many improvements to its user experience, including the introduction of YouTube Reels and the hover to preview option.

All of this is great experimentation but there are a few things that are being tested that could have a significant impact upon your video’s CTR.

1. The auto thumbnail experiment

Many YouTubers found this one especially interesting, as thumbnails are a big part of determining the CTR for any video. YouTube’s algorithm will choose a frame from your video that it believes best conveys the essence.

Here’s how the creator community responded to the update

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In reply, YouTube has provided the following:

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Although the tweet may seem small, the 0.3% is significant. YouTube has a huge user base of 1.9 billion users. This means that the thumbnail generated automatically by YouTube is seen by 5.7 million people.

2. YouTube Homefeed Update

YouTube recently updated its feature “Autoplay on home”, which it had tested with premium subscribers one year ago.

It is now available to all users of YouTube.

What does this all mean for YouTube creators?

No longer are the Title and Thumbnails that determined whether someone will click on a video. Even the first few seconds of a video that is auto-played as a result of a scroll over can have a significant impact on whether or not a user clicks on it.

Our advice to companies is to be cautious about all the YouTube updates this year. YouTube is likely to continue testing new features and stealing a slice of the pie owned by Facebook and other platforms. Some will be beneficial to us, while others won’t. Keep an eye out for changes to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

7. Facebook will get very creative with its advertising placements

A recent Facebook newsroom update (Dec 2018,) highlighted their efforts to increase opportunities for their partners.

They want Facebook Watch as a platform that rewards creators for their efforts to make Facebook Watch an integral part of their daily lives. Facebook’s creator community is one area where it lags behind YouTube, but they are working to make that change in 2019.

They are also testing ad placements.

Although In-stream ads can deliver the visibility promised, they can sometimes be too intrusive and cause the user to lose their video viewing experience. Facebook will therefore be exploring other ad placement options as it seeks to increase its monetization opportunities.

Facebook is currently testing a new location for ad placements.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Facebook-creative-ad-placement.png” alt=”Facebook”>

Keep an eye out for new ways Facebook can promote your ads content. Each option should be considered with a small budget, and you should make your decision based on what each option can deliver.

8. AR and VR growth will be driven by users

Do you remember the 2017 Apple Keynote?


Google also did it in the same year.

What did they do in 2018 then?

The answer is no!

Yikes! It’s true. These two exciting updates were not mentioned in 2017.


The company that created any technology is not the only one responsible for its success. It’s actually the consumer who has the power to decide how the future will look.

Apple and Google had expected that gaming would be a key growth driver for their AR and VR initiatives. They were not prepared for the direction it took.

VR headsets were preferred by people to be able to experience VR gaming, rather than a smartphone attached to their heads. AR games weren’t yet available and it was not in everyone’s favor.

However, VR and AR have been a great tool in Education, Shopping, and Social Media with their innovative stickers or animojis.

These technologies will continue to grow in areas that are more accessible and faster adopted.

9. India will see a spike in the creation of explainer videos

Online videos have proven to be extremely powerful. Groupon and Dropbox were founded purely due to their ability to create animated explainer video that allowed for clear communication. What about Indian companies?

The Indian market is just beginning to see the power of video with a growing startup scene and an exploding internet scene.

Video marketing in India has been limited to companies with large marketing budgets. However, things are changing.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Google-trend-about-explainer-videos.png” alt=”Google”>

The Google trend graph above shows that startups are finally realizing the power of online explanation videos. Companies can use explainer videos to kickstart their video marketing efforts.

This new video marketing revolution is also possible thanks to the affordable DIY animation video creation tools. If you’re a startup looking to make it big, now is the time to get on board with this growing trend and create your own explainer videos.

10. The true power of micro-video influencers will be revealed to the world!

Who do companies think of when they consider collaborating with social media influencers?

They may think of big sporting stars like Virat and Christiano Ronaldo, who have millions of fans and charge millions to be mentioned in their videos. These campaigns don’t offer the best options for companies with a limited budget who can’t afford to run multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

These are the micro video influencers! Microvideo influencers are people who are approachable, relatable, and have a small but dedicated following on social networking platforms.

Here are some facts about why micro influencers are important.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Micro-influencers-data.png” alt=”Micro”>

You are looking to make every dollar count for your company? These micro video influencers will make your company stand out.

11. Do not give up on IGTV!


Well! Don’t be!

Yes! Yes!

Instagram’s 1 Billion users watch 60% more videos than they did a year ago. Instagram’s Stories feature has more than 400 million daily users. This is twice the number of Snapchat users!

These numbers clearly demonstrate that vertical videos are in high demand and growing faster than ever before. Instagram has failed to design a user interface that is intuitive and they are now in hot water.

Facebook isn’t giving up on IGTV, and neither should you. The engagement on these videos has been quite high, thanks to the IGTV tiles being placed in the Explore section of Instagram. Each video that features there can get millions of views within a matter of hours.

src=”https://www.animaker.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/IGTV-tile-on-Instagram_s-explore-section.png” alt=”IGTV”>

It’s only a matter time before Instagram does it right, and adoption begins to rise!

Bonus Points

12. Marketing inclusively is the trend of the moment!

It’s 2018, it’s 2018. It’s not enough for brands to just focus on creating great products and marketing them to make money. You must stand for something if you want your brand to be meaningful to consumers. You need to be more specific.

This is exactly what Nike has done over the years. Another step is their controversial ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Although Nike initially faced some criticism, they eventually developed a strong relationship to their fastest-growing consumer segment. It has also reflected well in terms revenue dollars.

Since the beginning, Nike has taken a stand for social causes. Global brands, including those in India, are taking a more positive step.

CloseUp India’s recent #FreeToLove campaign is an example of such an effort.

This is something you need to consider when you create your 2019 video marketing plan.

Here you are! These 12 video marketing trends will help you stay ahead of your competitors. Are there any trends that you feel could add value to users? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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