14 Trends in TikTok that are Most Important to Watch in 2022

TikTok trends are like fashion trends.

Even something that appears to be timeless cool can turn out to be offensive the next day, such as wearing fedoras and Kreepa’s “Oh No” hats. It’s all part of the cycle of life.

How can we stay on top of the TikTok trends and developments? How do we stay hip? (First, stop calling yourself “hip.”)

We’ve compiled a list of the top TikTok trends for 2022 if you need inspiration.

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What is TikTok?

A TikTok Trend can be any sound, hashtag or dance. A trend can be created by how you edit your posts (like this transition type). Users can “hop on” a trend by creating a TikTok video of it or a theme.

TikTok reports that whipped coffee was one of the most popular trends in 2021. It also recommends a quick and simple skincare routine. Niche communities that soared in 2021 include Witchtok (20 Billion Views) and ArtTikTok (11 Billion Views).

Are there any differences between TikTok trend for creators and TikTok trend for businesses? No. Every trend is possible for anyone using the app. Many times, entrepreneurs and businesses successfully adapt trends created by creators.

Marketing TikTok Trends: Why is it so good?

I understand what you are thinking. It might be something like this: I am a loyal reader of the Hootsuite blog and I know that authenticity, uniqueness, and finding my niche are key building blocks to successful marketing. How can I help others by doing something different than everyone else?

You can take a trend and make your own! This is an easy strategy to create content that resonates with people. Trends are immediately recognizable, as in Britney Spears’s “Hit Me Baby Another Time” first three notes. And that recognition can ultimately make you money.

Trends can be changed

You’ll notice, while TikTok trends can be identified, not all videos in a trend are the exact same. This makes for a boring feed.

Trends can be reinterpreted by users, which is a great thing. Users often get rewarded by the algorithm for breaking with conventions. This ring light trend “Infinity” became a hotbed for thirst traps. However, some of the most memorable videos were made by people who didn’t have a ringlight.


That’s it for being a #dinosaurchild #ringlightchallenge

Jaymes Young – Infinity
Advertising on TikTok has never been more popular

Hootsuite’s 2022 digital trends report shows that the average time an internet user 16-64 spends on social networking sites is 2 hours 27 minutes. This is a lot of time for you to advertise to.

Kantar claims that TikTok ads can be more fun than ads on other platforms. Trendsetting is responsible for a lot of the positivity.

Kantar surveyed 21% of respondents and found that TikTok ads were trendsetting more than other ads. Businesses can take advantage of this by following the trends. Your ad will blend seamlessly into the feed of the user, making it less likely that they will skip it. Using trends in ads is a great way to blend in.

Learn more about TikTok advertising in our comprehensive guide to TikTok ads.

14 top TikTok trends for 2022

It’s hard to predict which trends will be most popular in 2022 due to the fluctuating nature of TikTok trend. We’ve got your back, but we have you covered. This list includes both the most popular general trends and tips for identifying current ones.

These trends can be adapted into a solid TikTok marketing strategy. So, read on!

1. Trending dances

TikTok creators are known for their ability to learn their moves. In fact, many of the highest earning TikTokkers have been dancers.

Trending dances make it easy to create choreography that is perfect. TikTok dances tend to be short and easy, making them accessible for beginners. You can add your own twist to the dance by dressing up as a giant Teddy Bear or tearing it up on the floor.


Was it true that I actually broke my knee on the drop portion? It was possible, but it was worth it.



#roborockrun #dance #trend #viral #fyp

Do it To It – ACRAZE

You can quickly scroll through the app to see what dances are currently trending, or you can search the hashtags #dancechallenge and #dancetrend to see what’s hot.

Tap on the sound once you find the right dance for you. You might also be able to view other versions of the dance.

2. Humorous and edgy

TikTok is a popular app among the younger crowd. Its short videos and scrollable nature make it ideal for comedy, snark, and sass. While many content creators have made TikTok a business, social media marketers are adept at turning it into a business. However, TikTok’s primary mission is to inspire creativity and joy. The more edgy, the better.

Hootsuite’s TikTok account is a great place to have some fun with humor:


Let me spread my wings, and fly!


Lauren – Where is my mind? by Pixies

3. Glow-ups

A glow-up on TikTok can be described as a “before and after” photo or video of a person, followed by a current clip. They will usually post one that makes them look awesome and confident.

These TikToks are perfect for the “wait-for-it” factor. Users are more likely to view the entire video to see the final result.

Positive engagement can also be achieved by using glow-ups. This image has been liked 716 million times (and counting). ).


You know me, I love a good #glowup trend



#fyp #transandproud


#trans #IKnowWhatYouDid #beauty

WFM – Realestk

Glow-ups do not always have to focus on the teenage-to-adult transition. A glow-up can be about your art, home renovations or small business.

4. Smooth transitions

TikTok’s unique feature is its ability to seamlessly transition between videos. It’s easy to change clips in the app using editing tools that look almost like magic.

It is as easy as maintaining the same lighting and keeping the camera in the same place, such as the one below.


Do you want to outfit 1 or 2?


#fy #foryou #styleinspiration #fashioncouple #sneakerhack #outfittransition #spring

Future is your Future

You can make them more complicated. You can flip your camera around, drop your phone on the ground and zoom in and out. It’s nearly impossible to watch a video once you have mastered a transition.

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It’s possible to reverse-engineer a trending transition, but it’s much easier to find a tutorial like this tutorial.

5. Being vulnerable

This is like accusing creators that they are attempting to gain views by calling it a trend. This is not the goal — there’s a real need for honest content on TikTok.

Although the internet is highly edited, TikTok offers a safe space for vulnerability. Users often post videos of their emotions, or of the loved ones they miss. People can feel less alone if they share difficult stories. This video received an overwhelming positive and reassuring response.


It is the little things that lead to happiness.


#ittakestime #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #dontgiveup

Bloom (Bonus Track). – The Paper Kites

This is less a trend than a social movement away the “everything’s perfectly!”-ness of internet. It’s good, in any case.

6. Inviting other creators into the comments

These TikToks can be made quickly and are very easy to create. Just type a prompt and ask viewers to make the comments look creative.

This one, for example, asks intelligent commenters to suggest the best family-vlogger Youtube videos.


#fyp #foryou #viral

Follow Tysonwicklund Now – Ty

It attracted nearly 40 000 comments, including gems such as “WE ACCIDENTALLY LISTED OUR BABY !?!?!?”. *MOM CRIES* and “we broke up… (part 95 )…”).

Similar TikToks request the search history for someone who has just started to watch anime or girls commenting on an Instagram post of a friend.

7. TikToks are a great way to spend time with your family

This is a great example of being vulnerable and real. There’s nothing like a good cameo from Grandma, Grandpa, Dad or Mom. This family dancing blooper is a great example.


He would have made one more error if he was not cut from the center


#dadsoftiktok #korean #family #thanksgiving

Gentleman – Dance hits 2015

Many TikTok creators belong to Gen Z or millennials, so it’s refreshing (and even fun) to see older users on the app. It’s difficult to convince your family members to take part, but if they have one good sport, it’s easy.

8. Referencing current pop culture

Tap into a huge fan base to score likes, comments, and shares. Trending TV shows or movies can often inspire their own TikTok trend (for instance, two lines from Big Mouth are now used in more than 90 thousand videos and a song by In the Heights was the choice of hundreds of thousands.

Squid Game was a sensation in 2021. It sparked many musical mashups, dalgona-making tutorials and many tracksuits. This is only one example of the many millions of creative TikTok users that referenced the show.


Round 2? #squidgame #dog #foryou

Pink Soldiers (Squid Game Edit) – IsakOne

9. A day in the Life

Although “No one wants your avocado toast,” is the mantra of grumpy antiinstagrammers, it is actually true that a lot of people do want to see avocado toast.

It’s satisfying to watch someone’s day, no matter if they are a teacher in second grade, a lawyer, or a couple living in a van. This “realistic day of van life” has been shared over 2,000,000 times!


Half my life is spent vacuuming at the moment.


#vanlife #camperlife #lifeontheroad

Darling – Trees & Lucy

These videos often romanticize the everyday, but there is plenty of room to have fun with humor. A day in the Life video is a great way to answer many questions if you are a creator (see trend #10).

10. To create a new TikTok, reply to an older comment

This is an easy way to have a dialogue with your followers. To inspire new content, you can comment on videos already posted. This is what this calligrapher did.


Reply to @lindsahr08


#lindsay #letteringtok #foryou #customlettering

Bloom (Bonus Track). – The Paper Kites

A reputation for responding to comments will increase the number you receive on each TikTok. This will lead to more views, likes, and followers.

If you use TikTok to promote your business, this is a great way to generate content. Vessi, a waterproof sneaker brand, used a comment to let people know that their shoes can be machine washed.


Reply to @catherine_329 It’s so simple. #waterproofshoes #vessi #hellospring #whiteshoes #vessiweekend

Original sound – Harphammusic

11. Satisfying videos

The satisfying video is the most popular and least controversial of all genres. This content is therapeutic and satisfying, regardless of whether it’s soap cutting, cake icing, or freezing bubbles.


Satisfying wall rolling! #painttok#painter#painting#friday#fyp#viral#fun#fast#oddlysatisfying#satisfying#before#after#tiktok#home#homeimprovement#paint#rolling#roller#green#tutorial#howto#quick#tape#video#watch#it#art#artist#artwork#views#verifyme#green#blue#city#philly#cityhall#ritz#ski#checkitout

Heartless (feat. Mustard) – Polo G

These videos are like the day-in the-life videos. They celebrate the everyday. You’re probably already doing something satisfying, even cleaning the stove.

12. Different niches and subcultures can be catered to

TikTok is the subculture that can make it happen if you can imagine it.

Cleantok is a unique app that’s completely dedicated to cleaning. There’s also gymtok, planttok, dadtok, and swifttok (Taylor’s version).


Happy Release Week


@joeando @taylorswift #redtaylorsversion #swifttok

Louis’ gua Sha: screaming and crying

If you aren’t sure where to look, you can search for the subcultures by typing “tok” and any word. Scrolling through the app, liking and commenting on videos that you like is the best way for you to ensure your For You page displays the TikTok side you want. Find your people and then give them what they want.

13. Behind-the-scenes videos

We love insider information. Behind-the-scenes videos can be very educational and make viewers feel special.

Logan’s Candies, a California-based company that makes sweets in Ontario, gained over five million followers after posting TikToks to show how they make their sweets. It’s an amazing process!


For all sweet talkers out here, pink lemonade pillows!



Sweet Talker – Years, Years, & Galantis

A behind-the scenes video is a great way to give your brand a unique dimension if you are a creator who creates physical things (e.g. food, fashion, art) and sells them on TikTok. A behind-the scenes TikTok can be made to show how you created a TikTok.

This is a video by a deep-sea diver showing how she created the video below without becoming a ghost.


This was almost as close to being a ghost for me.


#booyouscared #holliholland #spooky #ghostphoto #costume

Original sound – Holli Holland

14. Strong (personal) branding

This is what it all comes down to, doesn’t? Strong branding is important for any business, no matter what it may be. Consistent content is appreciated by viewers. If you are instantly recognizable, it’s a good thing.

Emily Mariko, a creator, has created a brand that is extra identifiable (so much, in fact it inspires satire).


Original sound – Emily Mariko

Whatever the trend, be true to yourself. Everyone’s mom probably said it best: “Just because your friends are doing it doesn’t mean that you should do it either.”

Trends change so fast. There’s always a trend that excites you. Just make sure to grab it quickly!

14 Important TikTok Trends You Should Watch In 2022