20 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Engagement

If you have great Instagram post ideas, Instagram is still a popular place to connect with customers. Even Gen Z thinks Instagram’s cool. Research has shown that people prefer Instagram to other platforms, including TikTok.

90% of Instagram users claim to follow at least one company. This means that brands have the opportunity to build relationships with existing customers and to pique potential customers’ interest.

You’ll need to create creative Instagram posts to grab the attention of your adult Instagram followers, as they spend almost 30 minutes on Instagram per day.

We’ve compiled a list with 20 ideas for Instagram posts that can be used by businesses. This page is a great resource to keep in mind when you want to spark creativity.

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20 Ideas for Instagram Posts

Here are our top Instagram post ideas. Don’t believe us? You can try them all and see what you think!

Reels: Get real

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Video Tips (@shinewithnatasha

It’s good to occasionally show the person behind the brand. Reels allows you to share snippets from your day, passions, and fun facts about your team.

This post can be used every time you receive new followers. This post is a way to show new followers who you are, and also remind long-standing followers.

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Host a giveaway

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A giveaway can be a great way of increasing engagement on Instagram.

Invite friends to tag, share, and follow your page. You can generate excitement about your products and reach new audiences at a very low cost.

This one is a great example of content ideas for Instagram.

Establish brand content relationships

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Instagram offers a brand-specific content partnership feature that allows creators to promote branded content on their feed.

You can increase your reach by collaborating with other creators and getting more people to see your products and services on Instagram.

Instagram’s new feature will allow brands to use data and filters in order to identify the most talented creators for their next campaigns. Keep an eye on it! The feature is currently being tested by a few U.S. brands and creators.

Use memes to share

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Humourize your brand and share relatable memes that will resonate with your audience.

Memes can increase brand awareness and customer engagement if done well. You will appear more authentic if you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Keep them relatable, funny, and up-to-date. Best case scenario? You go viral. Worst case scenario? You look cringe. You look awful.

Answer questions

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beeswax wraps (@beekindwraps)

This creative post can be made using the comments section on Instagram

Instagram creators can now respond to comments with another Reel. Sometimes words don’t do a query justice. Reel answers can help you take “show, don’t tell” to a whole new level.

Reels with people and Audio perform better according to our own research. Keep that in mind as you write your response.

Find out more about Reel responses here

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You should share a save the date with your audience if you are hosting an event live on Instagram.

Because Stories are short-lived, posting can be a way for your followers to find something to go back to in case the event happens again. You can also add to your Saved posts, which will give you an extra boost on the algorithm.

Industry myths unpacked

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The internet is full of useful information. You are likely to be an expert in your field as a business owner.

A post that clarifies some myths might help to dispel them.

Paula’s Choice, a skin care company, dispels three common myths about moisturizers. Follow their example and only focus on a few myths at once.

Create a carousel

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Freelance Platform (@contrahq)

Did you know that Instagram carousel posts have an average of 1.4x greater reach and 3.1x higher engagement than regular Instagram posts?

You can easily share multiple photos and videos with Instagram carousels. To view all, users just need to swipe left. This type of post is useful when one image does not do justice to your message.

One idea for a carousel posting is to create a slideshow presentation on client pitch writing, similar to Contra, a freelancing platform.

Alternativly, you could use a carousel for expanding on a visual story. This is what Slovenia’s tourist board does when it promotes a ski vacation.

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Share a testimonial

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People often want to see social proof before they spend their hard-earned money on your business. This means that they will often look online at reviews and third-party websites as well as your own comments section to find out what other people have to say.

Sharing testimonials in your posts is a great way to be ahead of the curve and put social proof front-and center. This will build trust with your audience.

Don’t overdo it with testimonials. They shouldn’t be your most prominent post in your feed.

Show your influencer how you use your product

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Influencer endorsements are another type of social proof that you can share with your audiences. These partnerships can help you reach new audiences and show that your brand is trusted by an influencer.

It’s important to ensure that the vibes and values are a good match.

sk audiences a question

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In one of your Instagram posts, ask a question to get your audience to interact with your content and even to engage with you.

BetterHelp, a virtual therapy service, asked its users to share one piece of advice they will never forget. This question allows users to reflect on their lives and to engage with others.

These questions can be used to find out what products, services or content your audience is interested in.

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Display a tutorial

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beeswax wraps (@beekindwraps)

Showing off your product is the best thing. Demonstrating how you can use your product to its best advantage.

Providing tutorials is a great way to provide value to your customers, both current and future. You can offer tips and tricks to help customers get the best out of the products you have.

Get behind-the scenes

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Your products and services may be well-designed, but your social media platforms don’t need to.

Let your audience be open and spontaneous. This will make your brand more human and allow them to get to know the people behind it.

Display a before-and after

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A before-and-after image like this bedroom makeover will show off the creativity of your brand.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the magic you bring to people’s lives if you offer a service.

Also, before-and-afters provide tangible proof of the capabilities of your business.

Get on board with a new trend

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What type of videos is most popular on social media? You don’t have the luxury of watching others do their thing. It’s a great way for brands to stand out by adding your own twist on a trend.

This could mean dancing with the latest craze, displaying your business’ glow, or creating an ASMR video (short form for autonomous sensory meridian reaction) such as the one in the post.

User-generated content can be shared

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Let your audience know that you would love to see your product out in the wild. You can use a hashtag to ask users to tag you in posts. This will allow you to share your thoughts and how they use it in their lives. You can even create fan art like this post by @blippi

Let users know that you will share their images, and give credit where credit is due.

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Please share your mistakes

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You’re probably tired of us telling brands to humanize their brand. But people love getting to know you the real you.

You can do this by exposing the errors you have made in your life, business, and in your personal life.

It is possible to help others avoid making the same mistakes as you.

Look for creative input

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Take your brainstorming sessions to Instagram the next time you have them!

Fujifilm has, for instance, asked the public to help choose a specialty frame to hold one of its prints.

Your customers know more about your customers than anyone else.

Share an action shot

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Show the hidden meaning behind your products or services with these stunning photos.

An action shot allows you to invite people into the creation process. Ru Ru Baked is an example. This ice cream shop explains how their vegan caramel pints and vegan oreos are made.

You can also speed up or decrease video to make your action shots more dynamic.

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Make a year-end review

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Sometimes, it is good to take a step back and look at the past. You can showcase how far your company has come in a very short time span by sharing a year-in-review post. You are allowed to boast about your achievements.

You don’t need to wait until December or January to start saving a year. Every time your company celebrates a milestone you should take a look back at the steps and big moves that led to it.

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