20 Lesser-known Video Tips You’re Losing Out on

Video platforms are often criticized for making it difficult and time-consuming, even though sales reps increasingly prefer videos to text. Hippo Video believes that creating videos should be fun and easy. These 20 Hippo Video features are what we consider video hacks. They will allow you to create highly customized videos in a fraction of the time and at a faster pace.

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Let’s get started.

Getting started

We have included Hippo Video features in this category that will help you make videos quickly.

1. Stop and resume visibility of the webcam

You can adjust the visibility of your webcam while using the screen + webcam function. This feature is particularly useful for demos or walking prospects through a proposal. It eliminates potential distractions and keeps things flowing. You don’t even need to make your webcam visible during the introduction. The end-user can continue their experience without interruption.

A video hack on how you can stop and resume webcam visibility.

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2. To record videos, use keyboard shortcuts

It’s easy to feel professional by using keyboard shortcuts to record videos. Instead of spending time fiddling with a mouse which can be tedious and time-consuming, users can record videos quickly using only their keyboards. Both Windows and macOS users can benefit from these intuitive shortcuts.

Here are some shortcuts for mac users:

To stop the recording press Option+ STo pause/play it, press Options + PTo delete it, press option + DTo highlight and write text while recording, presse Option+ ATo focus on a specific portion of the video, press Option+ HTo erase the marked text press Option+ ETto clear the screen in one shot, use Option+ ZTo minimize/maximize tools, use Option+ C

Windows users can replace the Option key by Alt.

3. Teleprompter for intuitive use

Teleprompter. We all know what the benefits are. What about one that stops scrolling after you’ve finished speaking? This feature does not scroll at a preset speed but allows you to control the pace of your delivery. It also ensures that your text doesn’t lag behind the moving words.

P.s.: Use the spacebar to tap the spacebar and select “Auto Scroll” to pause the text and scroll it.

To pause and scroll according to your voice, select “Voice Flow” in the teleprompter.

A video hack on how you can use teleprompter for better script delivery.

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4. Snap Camera allows you to add a virtual background while recording videos

A great background makes you feel relaxed while you present, and it allows your prospects to focus on you. SnapChat’s Snap Camera feature allows you to add a virtual background for all of your recordings. This includes Screen Record + Webcam or Webcam + Mic options.

An image on how you can use virutal background using snap camera.

This is how you do it:

Click here to download the Snap Camera. Click here to download the Snap Camera. Your background will be displayed.

Video enhancement for better viewing

You can make your videos professional and polished with the features below.

5. Blur parts of the video

Sometimes, your video may contain sensitive information that you don’t want to share with others. Your phone number and personal email address might be included in the video. You can use the blur effect here to protect sensitive data from being misused.

An image showing how you can use Hippo Video's blur feature.

To blur:

Navigate to the Hippo Video Library and choose the video that you want to blur. Click on the “Edit & Personalize” button in the video preview. From the pop-up select “Quick Edit”. You can also adjust the intensity of blur to the video by clicking on the button “Add new blur”.

6. LinkedIn profile added to the video background

Do you send out prospecting videos? This feature is essential if you are. Use your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, or their company website, as your background to grab instant attention. Do you have 100 prospects? It’s no problem. Upload the prospect’s profile and URL, and you will see the magic happen.

An image showing how you can use LinkedIn profile as a video background.

To do is:

Log in to Hippo Video and choose HV Studio from the left navigation bar. Click on “Video Flows”, then “Custom Tags,” to locate the “Create Prospecting Video flow.” After you’ve uploaded or recorded a video, click on “Video Flows” to see the tab “Add Virtual Background.” Click “LinkedIn Screenshot” to copy and paste the URL.

7. Make your own GIFs

GIFs are no longer embarrassing! Hippo Video allows you to take control over your thumbnails and create customized GIFs with just a few clicks. You can choose a frame from the video that captures the best moment and conveys your message in an engaging way.

An image showing how you can create GIF from videos in Hippo Video.

Your personalized GIF can be ordered by:

Open the video you want to convert to GIF by going to your Hippo Video account. Click on the three horizontally dotted lines in the upper right corner of your video and choose “Create GIF”.

8. Your video can have voice-overs

Do you want to add a voiceover? It’s easy with our pro-editing tool. You can simply open the tool and record your voice by clicking a button. This tool is useful when you need to add audio to a particular frame, but don’t want it to be reshot to add the audio.

An image showing how you can add voice over to your video using Hippo Video.

9. Text to speech

Are you too busy to record your audio? Our pro-editing tool will do all the hard work. This amazing feature allows you to easily enter any text and transform it into a customized speech in just a few clicks. You can also choose the speed and pitch of your voice output, as well as preview it before you save it.

An image showing how you can add text to speech using Hippo Video.

10. Privacy Protect your Videos

When you send sensitive or confidential video content, privacy protection is crucial. You can protect your videos by setting a date when the video will be automatically deleted to prevent unauthorized access. A password-protected video can be added to security. Only those who have access should see it.

An image showing how you can set password privacy for your videos in Hippo Video.

This is how you do it:

Save the video that you want to protect. You will see the tab “Video Settings” > Privacy. Click “Apply” to set the expiration time and date for your video.

11. In the thumbnail, mention the length of the video

Did you know that if you inform your prospects about the length of your video, they will click on it. Hippo Video provides this smart hack as a default. Every time you send your video via email, a stamp will appear.

An image showing a video created in Hippo Video with the timeframe.

Productivity hacks

These features will help you scale your video efforts as a sales professional without getting bogged down or with maximum efficiency.

12. With AI Editor, edit videos

With the AI Editor, editing videos has never been easier. The AI Editor makes it easy to edit video frame by frame without having to spend hours editing. The AI Editor converts your footage into a transcript. You can then delete any unwanted dialogue or filler words, just as you would any other word document.


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13. Video Flows

Now it’s time to stop creating videos from scratch. Video Flows makes it easy to quickly and efficiently create high-impact videos in just a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of pre-made video templates and record your introduction. Next, you can upload a prerecorded video and add another outro. Or, create a new one. The three videos you have selected will merge into one video when you click “save”. Video Flows makes it easy and quick to create effective videos, without spending hours.


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14. AI can be humanized

This new feature is the stuff of dreams! This feature allows you to create hundreds of videos that are tailored to each recipient with a unique greeting and voice. You just need to send the Hippo Video team a campaign video and a CSV file with the names and email addresses of the recipients. Humanize AI will take care of the rest.


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15. You can replace an old video by a newer one, but the link will not be changed.

Are you looking to replace a video that was sent by mistake to a customer? Are you looking to replace a video that has been uploaded to multiple platforms? The replace feature is exactly what you need. Simply upload the updated version of your video to our replace feature. It will update all links and embeds where it has been posted without affecting any settings or manually updating each instance.

16. Integrate chatbot inside sales page

Chatbots can be a great tool to automate customer service. A chatbot can be integrated into your sales pages to reduce the number of emails you receive, decrease your bounce rate, and give customers self-service options and answers to common questions. Hippo Video allows you to integrate HubSpot and ZohoIQ chatbots into your sales pages. To learn more, you can consult the detailed help documents.

17. Just one click and you can send your video to be reviewed

You can have your video peer-reviewed before it is sent to your recipients. Enter the email address of the person who will be reviewing your video and click the “Send for Review” button. The best part? They can comment on the exact timestamp of your video, which makes it easier to see what is needed improvement. There is no need to exchange feedback.

18. Zoom integration allows you to download videos straight from Zoom

Ever had a Zoom conversation with a prospect? Would you like to include a few of those conversations in your sales video, or just download the Zoom meeting for later use? Hippo Video’s seamless integration with Zoom allows you to download a Zoom video straight into your Hippo Video collection.

19. Keep track of your most engaged viewers

Keep track of who is watching your videos the most. To be notified whenever the original recipient shares your video, enable the “Require Email to View” button. This is a great way for you to collect or capture the email addresses of potential prospects and then engage with them. This data is only accessible by you.

20. Siri shortcuts for iOS apps

Our newest feature, the Siri Shortcuts, is exclusive to the Hippo Video iOS app. Now you can unlock five of our star features–teleprompter, record a video, screen record, video flows, and import–with just one voice command. This cool addition allows you to record stunning videos on the move!


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