26 Insta Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

It is easier than ever for an Instagram business to be started. There are many options for Instagram business ideas, so it can be difficult to pick the right one.

There are many reasons to use Instagram for your business. There are many reasons to use Instagram for business.

Expand your existing business, add an additional source of income, or start a new career.

Instagram can help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. About 60% of Instagram users fall within the 18-to 34 age group. They are almost equally split between men (unlike other platforms)

profile of Instagram's advertising audience

This article will give you 26 ideas for Instagram businesses to get your creative juices pumping.

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What is an Instagram Business?

Let’s first look at some general Instagram business ideas before we get into the specifics.

When you are trying to create an Instagram business idea, the first question to ask is “How will I make money with this idea?”

You can use Instagram to promote your product or service. This can be done by linking to your online shopfront in your posts. Instagram makes it easy to sell on the app. These Instagram business ideas make money selling to their followers.

You might use Instagram posts to promote a product. Sometimes, your Instagram posts can be the product. This second category covers any business that earns money through affiliate links or sponsored content. These Instagram business ideas don’t directly make money from their followers. They make their money selling themselves to advertisers who want reach their followers.

26 Ideas for Instagram businesses


Instagram has been adding new features to its app over the years. Instagram is still a photo-sharing platform at its core. It’s the perfect place to showcase your photography skills.

You’re not only selling photos. You are also selling the worth of buying a print, not just a photo on your phone. Show your work in an appealing context.

Visual artist

Instagram is the best place to post digital photography. However, all media types can take advantage of the platform’s visual interface.

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Illustrator (@fabiolitadraws)

Instagram can be used by artists, sculptors and “other” artists to promote their work.

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A post shared by Michelle Wen (@michelle_wen_artist)

Graphic designer

Graphic designers can be compared to other visual businesses. They can take advantage of Instagram’s emphasis on visuals. The added benefit is that they can draw attention to the brands they design for.

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your client when you post your designs to Instagram. Make sure to get permission from the brand before you post it.

Makeup artist

Perhaps the human body can be your canvas. Your business can also be promoted on Instagram. Your work as a makeup artist is a strong source of visual content that can be used to grow your Instagram following.

Before posting photos on social media, make sure you have their consent. Many people will model your work. But check first. This will prevent any customer-relations or ethical issues later on.

You could also post designs that you have created on your own.

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Tattoo artist

In the olden days, to get a tattoo you needed to visit a tattoo parlor to look at a book and see if the artist was right for you.

Instagram and other platforms have changed the way tattoo-lovers find artists who are able to make their ideas a reality. You can now browse the work of a tattoo artist from your smartphone.

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A post shared with MINUIT V MONTREAL by @minuitdix_tattoo

Minuit Dix showcases their work by taking close-up photographs. They show off their art while protecting their clients’ privacy.

Web designer

Websites are visual experiences for most people. Your Instagram account can be used to share the most beautiful designs.

You can also use other Instagram features to showcase your designs’ interactivity. The Carousel feature allows users to swipe through different sections of a website. Videos can be used to display animated interactions.

Interior designer

Pictures of beautiful interiors are a favorite among people. This makes Instagram an ideal platform for interior design businesses.

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No matter if the home is minimalistic or eclectic, it’s impossible to resist taking a look at someone else’s house.

Event planner

Instagram can help even businesses that focus more on providing a service rather than creating a product. To show people how much you enjoy your events, post photos of them on your Instagram feed.

Event promoter

Event promoters will likely already be using social media to promote their clients’ events. You can promote yourself on Instagram to reach new clients.

As of the writing of this article, it is still dangerous to pack large groups of people in enclosed spaces. People are hungry for social contact and more people want to be with them. Positive attention can be attained by posting photos of events that allow people to have fun and not put their health at risk.

Marketer for social media

You can market yourself on social media if your business is involved in social media marketing for brands.

You don’t need to wait for clients to find you. Instagram is another way to connect with brands you are interested in working with.

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Personal trainer

You can make your business a personal trainer on Instagram for a more passive source of income.

You can create a variety of content to promote your brand. You can create motivational content, exercise demonstrations, and diet advice. Instagram Live can be used to live broadcast your workouts.


When we were all stuck at home during the first days of the pandemic, we tried our hand at baking. Now, our starters of sourdough are dead and we’re willing to hire someone to make our bread. This person could be YOU!

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Macrina Bakery (@macrinabakery), shared this post.

Baked goods are great for Instagram content because of their visual appeal, from delicate macaroons to crusty bread.

Services for specialty repairs

You might be a watchmaker, a cobbler or a tailor. Instagram is a great place to connect with people looking for your expertise in making or repairing specialty products.

You can use Instagram to build an audience that isn’t necessarily looking for your services. This way, you can build a relationship with them when their soles start to wear down and they need help.

Instagram Live salesperson

Meta created Instagram Live to enable users to stream live video. Live Shopping was then created. The platform allows users the ability to purchase products from live broadcasts.

Live Shopping allows you to create almost unlimited content. Home Shopping Network-style product demos are possible, or you can show off your showmanship as the Ronco infomercials.

Marketer for ffiliate links

Affiliate links can be traceable links that you embed in Instagram posts that link to stores of other brands. You get a commission if someone uses your link and buys something.

You can join affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate or Pepperjam, ShareASale or Rakuten to start using affiliate links. Glossier and Mejuri have their own affiliate programs. Instagram even has its own native affiliate tool.

Fashion Instagrammers find this a great business idea, as they get a cut from sales when followers shop their outfits.

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Simple Style (@karinemilyblog)


Instagram’s influencer term covers many topics. This category includes everyone from X to Z. They all have one thing in common: they use their personal influence to market other brands.

Consider what your personal brand is if you are looking to influence your Instagram business. These are just a few examples of influential people.

Lifestyle influencer

Lifestyle influencers are known for their authentic personality. This means that they create a personal Instagram life that connects with followers. This connection can be monetized through partnering with brands via Instagram.

Influencers who portray a well-curated lifestyle are more likely to connect with their followers. Others focus on authenticity and monetize relatable suffering.

Influence of food

Food influencers are known for their appealing visuals and informative commentary. As a trusted source for information about the best places to eat, you’ll gain trust.

Advertisers looking for discerning consumers will find your content appealing to them if they are interested in the audience you have built around it.

Influencer chef

You have an Instagram business that focuses on making food and not reviewing others’. You will be an influencer chef and share recipes and cooking demonstrations to draw followers who are interested in learning how to cook or just watching someone else cook.

Cooking can be visually exciting. Instagram’s video sharing options allow you to diversify your reach. Reels and Stories allow you to share short videos. You can stream longer cooking demonstrations on Instagram with Live.

Marketing food-related brands can help you monetize your Instagram chef influence. You can also use it to launch your own cookbooks or other products.

Influencer in the travel industry

Travel influencers are the ones who know where and what to do. You’ll gain followers and be able sell your influence to marketers who target a travel audience.

Your influence can be used to market accommodations and other attractions you are interested in. But you can also promote brands that make things travelers need like suitcases, backpacks, and comfortable-but-stylish shoes.

Source: Instagram

To share your content, you can tap into hashtags like #vanlife to get it shared with others who are interested.

Influencer expert

Are you an expert in a particular area? Can you communicate that expertise to a wider audience? Instagram can be used to share informative content and increase your following.

Perhaps you are an expert in architecture. To build a following, you don’t need to only post photos of houses you have designed. Advertisers in this field will be more receptive to your knowledge and the audience you create.

Influencer nimal

Images of pets have been online for as long as image transfer protocols have existed (the I Can Haz Cheezburder meme is old enough to be eligible for a learner permit in many locations this year). With the advent of Instagram, it is now easier than ever to make your pet’s picture a success.

Global pet care sales grew 28% in 2020. Affiliate links or sponsored content for pet products can be as lucrative as human products.

Source: @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Influencers aren’t limited to cats and dogs. You can be the master of a niche by focusing your content on a unique animal like a squirrel.

Product reviewer

Instagram is used by half of Instagram users to find new brands. Your business can earn money as a product reviewer by partnering up with brands to review products and introduce customers to the products they love.

Be open about the relationship you have with brands that you review. Your audience trusts you and makes you an influential. Your bottom line will suffer if your audience believes you are giving positive reviews to anyone who pays you.

Instagram poet

You can make money with Instagram poetry if you are a writer. When people think about Instagram businesses, poetry might not be what they first think of. It has been a viable business model thanks to the pioneers.

It is not difficult to run other types of businesses through Instagram as an Instagram poet. A strong personal brand, encouraging audience engagement and consistent content flow are key to building a following that you can monetize.

Reels dancer

To combat TikTok’s rise, Meta created Instagram Reels in 2020. Reels are not yet a Snapchat clone, but it is possible that they will be as successful as Stories (Instagram’s Snapchat clone) or as successful and popularized by IGTV (the YouTube competitor that has had less success).

Both platforms are similar so content that works well on one platform will also work well on the other. Take the TikTok dance to Reels to increase your audience and value as an influencer.

Ambassador for your brand

It is difficult to distinguish between brand ambassador and influencer. Brand ambassadors are usually focused on one brand. This is the main difference. In their promotions, influencers are more varied.

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