6 Practical Tips for Making TikTok Famous

Ahh, TikTok! TikTok is home to viral challenges and mega-stunts, as well as some of the most hilarious memes online. In just five years, the world’s 7th largest social media app has made a lot of progress.

TikTok boasts over 1 billion users, and some of the most successful social media stars in the world. Users are making every effort to be the next big thing on TikTok.

How do you make TikTik a household name? And why bother? Continue reading to learn more.

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TikTok is a great way to make yourself famous

TikTok has 1 billion active users at the moment, making it the 7th most popular social media network worldwide.

It has more than 73 million users in the United States alone, which is roughly 22% of the country’s population who use TikTok.

While users younger than 19 years old are the largest on the platform, TikTok has not become a “lip-syncing application for children”. All age groups will be represented on the platform by 2021.

Distribution of TikTok users in the United States as of March 2021, by age group

Distribution of TikTok users, United States, March 2021, according to age (Source: Statista).

This, combined with TikTok’s highly engaging algorithm, makes it clear that the platform has many benefits for marketing and personal fame. No matter who you are trying to reach online, there will be a high-engaged slice on TikTok.

Is it possible to become TikTok’s most famous user in a matter of hours?

It’s not difficult to become famous on TikTok, you’ve likely heard. It’s true. However, this is only in comparison with older social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

This is because TikTok doesn’t recommend content based upon follower count. It makes it easier for new users and their followers to gain views and grow their accounts.

TikTok will recommend clips to the For You page (the main feed page of the app) if they are similar to what your audience is watching and engaging with.

However, it is unlikely that a million followers will fall in your lap overnight.

You won’t find your viral clip on TikTok and the local newspaper wanting to write a story about you one day. Real fame is more than one viral TikTok clip.

You need to make sure you have viral success and more TikTok videos.

You may be asking, “How can you do that?” Let’s look at some strategies to help you get closer to TikTok fame.

Six strategies to make TikTok famous

1. Create a brand that is easily identifiable

TikTok isn’t the place for you to be a Jack of all trades. Famous TikTok influencers choose a niche and create their own brand around it. You’ll find video after video of similar content on any of the major hitters’ profiles.

Let’s look at some examples.

Zach King, who is unironically one the TikTok kings, has amassed 66.4 millions followers by posting clips after clips of mind-bending special effects. He says that his videos bring “a little more wonder into this world, 15 seconds at time.”

This 19 million-views (and counting!) video shows Zach reverse into what appears to be an average car… until it isn’t!


How to #parallel park

Original sound – Zach King

Another example: A Clothes horse, #CottageCore queen. Her whimsical and elegantly dressed outings have won her over 1.2 million followers.




#cottagecore #irishwolfhound

Original – User4794180159202

Get specific. Take a topic that you are familiar with and get to work. Consistently!

2. Find your niche

TikTok users spend more time engaging in suggested content and accounts that they don’t follow on social media than other platforms.

This is because TikTok’s home screen, the For You Page, displays a personalized feed with content the algorithm believes you’ll like. Based on the rigorous testing of our team, a.k.a.. The algorithm is usually correct after many hours spent browsing TikTok.

The algorithm for the For You page bases its recommendations on previous engagements and likes.

Beyonce on TikTok For You Page

Also, in other words, to be famous on TikTok you must:

You should be familiar with the most popular hashtags in your niche. Follow them to keep up with the latest trends.

This is PlayStation showing you exactly how it looks.

The global gaming company #gamingontiktok uses the hashtag #gamingontiktok in this ThanksGiving-themed post to connect with its gaming culture.


Whew, we’re stuffed. We’re stuffed. #fyp #Sackboy #thanksgiving #turkeyday #gamingontiktok

Original sound – PlayStation

Playstation could have used their hashtag. They know that they will reach a wider audience by using the broad tags of their subculture.

By identifying the most prominent accounts within your niche, you can identify relevant hashtags. Next, check the non-branded tags that they use for their most-performing posts.

3. Get to know the TikTok trends

Although TikTok may not have invent memes or internet trends, it is where they live now. Or at least where they started.

If you want to be famous on TikTok you must first find, follow, and participate in the trends.

TikTok trends:

Follow #tiktokchallenge and #trendalert hashtags. It can be as simple as that. You can check out the top performing posts of your competitors’ profiles. ).

The Discover tab works in the same way as Instagram’s Explore but breaks down content according to trend type.

The Discover tab is located at the bottom right corner of the TikTok app.

Discover tab on TikTok

You’ll find the latest sounds (music and audio clips that you can add to your videos), effects, and hashtags under Discover.

trending sounds and hashtags on TikTok

Trending music, effects, and hashtags can help you reach a wider audience with your videos.

Don’t copy what others do. Add your own twist to it.

What does this mean? Let’s say that you want to join the #christmasbaking movement. You can only share original content that showcases ridiculous food challenges. You could challenge yourself to only eat Christmas-themed food for a whole day.

I’m giving you exhibit A:

@mattpeterson_Eating CHRISTMAS FOODS all day long!


@tobyramo #christmas#santa #holidays#christmasbaking #foryou#fyp #viral#buddytheelf #elfJingle Bell Rock Bobby Helms

Neat, right?

Remember that 61% of respondents say they find brands more relatable when they participate in TikTok trends.

4. Post frequently

TikTok isn’t like other social networks and won’t penalize you for posting too often. Each time you post to TikTok you open up a new chance to appear on other people’s For You pages. Many top TikTokers claim that their secret to TikTok success is posting quality content every day.

This strategy helped Netflix to attract 21.3 million followers. They’re prolific! Even by TikTok standards.

Netflix often posts between 5-6 videos per day.

Netflix account on TikTok

5. Engage your followers

TikTok may not be the same as other social networks in many ways but it is similar when it comes to engagement. TikTok’s algorithm, just like Instagram and Facebook, rewards creators and content that encourage engagement through posts.

On TikTok, engagement means:


Regularly responding to your followers is one of the best ways increase engagement with your posts. Ryanair has a great example to follow: Respond to every comment.

Ryanair comment response

Although it might seem like a tedious task, it has helped the airline reach 1.3 million followers.

This strategy might be a good way to save some energy.

6. Get to know other TikTok users

Brands can share user-generated content on TikTok just like other social networks. This tactic is used by American clothing brand Aerie because it aligns with their brand vision of authentic beauty.


One year ago, the OFFLINE Crossover Legging by Aerie Real Me had a MOMENT thanks to @hannahschlenker

Hype – Clutch

TikTok’s unique features allow users to respond and react to clips of other people in video form.

TikTok’s native tools allow you to Duet, Stitch, and video reply on a clip.

Duet creates a split screen clip which features the original video and your version, reply or reply on one side. It looks like this…


#duet with @thetimingwizard Sip on your Zo, now let’s get started



Original sound – The Rock

Stitch lets you incorporate a portion of another user’s video into your own video. TikTok says Stich is a tool that allows you to “reinterpret and enhance the content of another user.”

The Uber-famous TikToker Khaby.lame lives on Stitch content. He has 123 million followers and is known for creating videos that combine his common-sense versions with bizarre internet life hacks.


Simple bro


Now, I will read your dragonball book. Which is your favorite Anime.


#learnfromkhaby #learnontiktok #learnwithtiktok #anime

suono originale – Khabane lame

You can make these connections with TikTok users:

You might be featured on their page if you show them your content. Six Practical Tips to Make TikTok Famous.