A Marketer’s Guide to Dominating Black Friday – Video Ads [2019]

Black Friday sales will surpass 12 billion dollars in 2019, according to analysts.

This is more than twice the profit Walmart made last year!

You need to act now if you’re a business owner looking to get involved in the action!

Video advertising is the most effective and efficient way to achieve this.

What is the secret to this? Let’s find out why!

Video platforms are on the rise!

Videos have become the most popular way to communicate in the past 10 years. It’s very popular among Millennials and Gen Z. This is why platforms like TikTok are experiencing explosive growth.

This stat will blow your mind!

Yes! That’s right. TikTok is the most downloaded mobile application on both iOS and Android.

To keep users interested, most platforms today have to promote video content. This is why there will be more videos uploaded in a month than all of the television content over the past 30 years.

Let me now tell you why this is fantastic news for online marketers.

A marketer who is good at marketing knows that online marketing today is the most cost-effective way to promote a product. Online video ads have the highest ROI, and are a great marketing tool.

What now?

It’s easy to make a video advertisement and then wait for the money.

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But not exactly.

It takes a lot of research to run an online advertising campaign. It’s not enough to just get up and start a campaign that brings in a lot of money.

It is important to know:

What are the strengths of each online platform? What ad options can you use? Which videos perform well on each platform?

This Black Friday, we will show you how to effectively run video ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

These platforms are not enough.

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the best platforms to get users to take action.

Let’s start with YouTube


YouTube is the world’s largest platform for video hosting. YouTube attracts a huge 1.9 billion users each month, thanks to its strong community of creators and culture of encouraging video creation.

This is almost half of all internet users worldwide, to put it in perspective.

YouTube is the perfect platform for video advertising.

YouTube is the best platform to get a better understanding of a user’s intent. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and the best place to go if you want to learn how something works.

YouTube knows exactly which user will click on the ad, and then pushes the ads with laser focus to that user.

Damn impressive! Isn’t it?

YouTube advertising is an excellent tool for mass marketers.

Before you dive into YouTube video advertising, here are some things to remember.

There are many types of video ads you have at your disposal. Here are the recommended video specs.

Let’s first look at the types of video ads.

YouTube allows you to run 3 types of video ads.

True View Ads are those that appear in the middle or before the video. These ads cannot be skipped, and you will be charged per view. But here’s the catch: The maximum length of the ad is 6 seconds

Video specs

YouTube still prefers horizontal videos. YouTube still prefers horizontal videos, despite the fact that smart TVs are now consuming YouTube videos 250 million times per day. You should upload 4K quality videos. YouTube uses its own algorithm to reduce the file size of uploaded videos. It is better to upload videos in the highest quality possible, so that users have the best viewing experience. Add subtitles. Although it may seem insignificant, this is crucial because most people view videos with their speakers off. Even though this is a small percentage of the audience, it’s better to make sure your message reaches everyone.

The Audience

Let’s not forget about YouTube’s users.

It is most popular among users aged 18 to 35.

If you have a brand with the right audience, get started on YouTube advertising to reap the rewards. Don’t leave them there!

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Let’s now look at the actual video ad. What are the key points to remember when advertising here?

Let’s dive a little deeper!

Your ad’s goal is the most important and crucial thing.

Remember that every video ad format is different and Google asks you for your goal when you create your campaign.

Google will take care of the rest once you have set it up.

Google will help you choose the right type of video ads based on your goals.

We have listed all of the campaigns that we have mentioned previously along with their goals to make it even easier.

Sales – Drive sales online, by phone or in-storeLeads- Obtain leads and other conversions by encouraging customers take action.Website Traffic — Get the right people to your siteProduct and Brand Consideration – Incentivize people to look into your products and servicesBrand Awareness and Reach – Reach an extensive audience and increase awarenessApp Promotion – Increase app installs and interactions

Next, consider what content you include in your ad. Every ad is different and requires a different content type.

Let’s now take a look at each type of advertisement.

1. Tru View Ads

If you’re new to advertising, this is a great place to start!

Black Friday is a great opportunity to showcase your products, offer deals, and make a testimonial video.

True view ads can be used on both mobile and desktop computers.

The best part? Only pay for your ad if it is viewed fully or for 30 seconds.

Your hard-earned money is wasted if the audience doesn’t act after viewing the ad.

To make the most of the ad, ensure that there is a clear call to action message.

Pro Tip: Use language like “while stocks last” and “offer ends today” to make your point!

Here’s a great example to get your creative juices going

Dodge has created a sweet, Christmas-themed Black Friday Ad that you can use as a True View Ad or Pre Roll Ad. The ‘fun’ element can be later edited to make it a bumper ad.

2. Pre-Roll Ads

These ads work well if your message is clear and concise.

These ads should be no longer than 30 seconds long and communicate a message or story that resonates with your audience.

They shouldn’t be lost in the ad. A strong call to action, such as a coupon code or discount, is a good idea.

Pro Tip: Limit how many times these ads are shown to your viewers. These ads are not skippable so you don’t want your viewers annoyed.

Walmart’s ad above conveys a clear and powerful message. Black Friday doesn’t have to be a madness fest! Black Friday can be the most joyful time of the year to find the lowest prices. This powerful story is delivered in just 30 seconds. It ends with the date and time you can shop at Walmart on Black Friday.

3. Bumper Ads

Only 6 seconds!

It can be difficult to tell a story and promote your product in such short time. These are some of the best ways to use them.


Use your TrueView and Pre-Roll Ads to repurpose them. Only include the offer and CTA. This ad should only be shown to those who have seen the other two types.

Next, choose the ad type that best suits your goal. Then start the campaign.

Let’s now look at a platform that allows you to create the most effective video ads.


Although Facebook may have lost its glory days, it remains the most widely used online platform in the world. It would be quite strange to not target your audience through this platform.

The Facebook ad manager is a great tool for targeting users. It allows us to target specific segments of the market using a variety of options.

Don’t forget to mention! You can advertise on Facebook and Instagram with the Facebook ad manager.

Let’s get back to the basics. Before you dive into the world Facebook video advertising, here are some things to remember.

There are many types of video ads you have at your disposal. Here are the recommended video specs.

Different types of video ads

Facebook supports three types mainly of video ads

The In-stream Video Ads are shown in the middle of videos.The News Feed Ads appear like regular posts on your newsfeed.The Story Ads are displayed when you scroll through stories from people or pages you follow. Tip: Make sure to add subtitles for all ads that appear In-Stream or on the Newsfeed. Keep the story Ads’ content to a minimum. As you have only 15 seconds to convince the audience to take action, the CTA should be the main focus.

The following video specifications are recommended:

Specifics for Instream Ads: Instream Ads require videos with a horizontal aspect ratio. Videos can have a resolution of 1080p or more. Newsfeed Ads requires videos to be square. For Story Ads, the quality of videos can be any higher than 1080pSpecs: Story Ads require videos in vertical format because Facebook stories are primarily designed for smartphone consumption.

Here’s the Audience that you can target:

Facebook’s largest demographic is between 18 and 49 years old. A large number of this user base makes more than 75K USD annually.

Facebook, as I mentioned before, is still the best place to target people who are able to take immediate action on your CTA.

Source: Sprout Social

Let’s now see how Facebook allows us to target the nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users.

Facebook is similar to YouTube. You are asked to choose your objective.

Facebook’s Ad Manager offers 11 objectives you can choose:

To get started, choose the right goal!

Increase brand awareness: Make people aware of your company, brand, or service.Reach: Display your ad to as many people in your target audience as possible.Traffic: Direct people from Facebook to any URL that you choose. For example, your landing page, blog post, or app. Engagement: Reach people who are more likely to interact with your post. Engage can include likes, comments, shares and even offers claimed from your PageApp Installations: Direct people to your shop to download your app.Video Views: Share videos about your business with the people most likely to see them.Lead Generation : Collect leads for you business. You can create ads to collect information from people who are interested in your product.

Let’s take a closer look at the various Facebook Ads ads.

1. In Stream Ads

These ads are placed in the middle videos your viewers are viewing.

Keep your video short as people will be able to return to the video. Here are some 15-30 second ads that include a call to action.

Your viewer must be able to identify you. Your brand and CTA should be visible in the opening seconds of your ad.

Your viewer won’t take action when the ad plays.

Amazon’s Black Friday Facebook ad showed everyone’s favorite delivery box as it traveled through the warehouse to reach the buyer’s door. The ad is easy to comprehend and draws you in immediately. The ad ends with a clear CTA urging viewers to visit their Black Friday deals page.

2. Advertisements for In-Feed

These ads will appear in your Facebook Feed.

This will allow your viewers to consume your ads with an organic feel. They will see it as a very interesting video, and not realize that it is an ad.

This is where you can really make a difference! People will view your video first as a video, and not an advertisement. This will allow them to engage more with it. You will get likes, comments and shares, as well as clicks.

These ads are not like stream ads. The call to action button stays on the screen so that you don’t miss out on viewers who don’t respond immediately.

Pro Tip: Facebook video ads will autoplay when you bid CPM (cost for 1000 impressions) instead of CPC (cost per click). Consider the CPM option if you have a short, engaging video!

Its best selling point is the button sign up at the bottom of the ad. Although it looks similar to every other post on Facebook, the ad has its own CTA button.


It is short, easy to read and very light-hearted.

Facebook Story ads only last for 15 seconds! The only call to action is to “swipe up”.

Your brand should be seen as a light, and you should attract interest.

Stories are a great way to communicate your message with gentle visuals and bold text.

Facebook Stories is used daily by over half a million users. This is the perfect place to encourage them!


Instagram is the new social media giant. Facebook is slowly disappearing. Instagram has over 1 billion active users every month. With more than 10 billion dollars in ad revenue, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Every month, 130 million people visit shopping posts! This is a great place to save money online with the growing number of millenials who are willing to shop online.

Different types of ads

There are two types of Instagram video ads you can show. They are very similar to those you will find on Facebook. These are:

In-Feed Videos- These ads appear in your feed as regular posts. Stories – These ads are displayed when you scroll through the “stories” section of Instagram.

Target users you like

75% of Instagram users between 18-24 are aged. It is the perfect platform for targeting younger audiences. Instagram users are 10 times more likely than Facebook users to engage with brands on Instagram, making it the ideal platform to connect and grow your brand.

These are the recommended video specifications

Because Instagram is primarily used on mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your videos are vertical. Although square video ads work well on Instagram, they are not as effective as vertical videos. The optimal aspect ratio is either 4:5 or 9.16.

To get the best performance from your ads, it is recommended to upload videos at 1080p or higher.

Let’s now look at the two types:

1. In-Feed videos

These videos are displayed in the viewer’s feed. This is why they have the name “duh”! These videos work much like Facebook videos. Your ad might be shown to your viewers based on their interests.

Keep your “In-feed” videos relevant and entertaining. People use Instagram to relax, and they will not tolerate boring content.

In-Feed Videos is all about having fun and telling stories. You can also give them discounts and offers.

Pro Tip: Engage with your followers by using hashtags 11. is the magic number of #tags you should use

Source: Loius Vuitton Instagram

The ad is sleek and stylish, just like any other feed post. The watch is the focus of the ad and viewers can interact by liking, sharing or commenting.

2. Story Video Ads

Instagrammers use stories every day for 80%.

They are quick, easy to customize, and last for only 15 seconds.

Your ad should be concise to convey the message. Then ask them to swipe up. It is difficult to convey a large message in a short ad.

Stories are great because there is only one Call-to-Action. Swipe up. After the viewer swipes up they will be taken to your landing pages. This page can be a blog, product page or social media page.

The most important aspect of stories is sending your viewers to the right landing pages. Your customer won’t return to the landing page they were shown if it isn’t right.

Hello Fresh features soft videos of vegetables being harvested. The video is accompanied by bold text that quickly conveys the message. Finish with the logo and click’swipe up to shop now.

Pro tip: Stories can be viewed on Instagram with sound turned on. Make sure you have a voiceover or music track in your video.

All in One Solution

So, now!

How can you dominate video advertising across 3 platforms that have three different ad specifications.

This is even more so if you have a tight deadline, like just a few days before Black Friday

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