A Year in Review – 2021

As we close 2021 and look forward to 2022, I want to reflect on the learnings, opportunities, and growth team Hippo Video experienced over the past year.

Many of us have had a difficult time the last two years. For far too long, we were stuck in our living rooms or studies. The economy is now recovering and things are looking up since the introduction of the vaccines. The fight continues. Omicron is a new strain so we should not lose sight of the importance of staying vigilant. We must find ways to keep our business moving forward.

Since there were no in-person interaction, people began to look for other forms of communication. After the pandemic, videos that were already very popular became more sought-after. Video growth was accelerated by the lockdown. It led to widespread adoption of asynchronous video communications.

Hippo Video was an adventure-filled place. We faced many challenges and found new opportunities. Let me take you on a journey through 2021. !

Problems and solutions

Videos that connect

We were a video-first company and knew that our target audience needed to be able to maintain their business in an absence of social interaction. This was especially true for sales teams. Building relationships with prospects is the core of any business. Prospects and customers must meet to build trust.

Hippo Video was able to help prospects trust and feel confident. This was the challenge that we had to overcome. It took a lot of effort to convey the personal connection through async videos.

We found the solution: we increased the personalization element of our videos.

We made sales pages more customizable and included fields in videos that users could personalize. We offered merge fields and the flexibility to add brand elements. The platform was completely white-label to ensure prospects don’t feel the burden of missing human connections. This helped us communicate with our clients in a meaningful manner.

Simplified Video Creation

Videos were applauded for their ability to communicate clearly and effectively. But the big question was: How many teams were willing to begin making videos immediately?

Two different issues had to be addressed here.

Video creation was time-consuming

2. Video clips involved the speaker speaking in front of the camera for a significant amount of time, without hesitation.

We had to have another brainstorming session and came up with a practical, usable solution.

A template-builder was created that allowed teams to combine a series of images or clips into one video. This eliminated the need for teams to create new videos every time.

It was a time-saver for both team leaders as well as team members. The personalization of the videos was a key element in reducing camera shyness. Instead of speaking throughout the entire video, they recorded a few minutes of introduction.

It allowed you to easily trim and sew areas that can be reused, which made video creation very easy.

What were we doing this year?

We did what we love best: helped our users make many videos! 😀

No. No. of videos created by our users this year: 6,159.141 number of users:153,167

We created some amazing features for our product that were extremely helpful in improving the video experience for all of our users.

We were able to offer our clients a few hospitality and ecommerce giants (among 1176 other)!

We also added –

Single Sign-On (SSO for Web and Mobile Apps) – Log in once using your domain credentials.

Role-Based Access Controls, or RBAC, allow users to control the use of Hippo Video by their team. It was easier to assign permissions based upon user profiles.

Launched the MAC/Windows Desktop App, which allows you to record videos and customize screen sizes from anywhere – MacOS OS, Windows, iOS and Android – via the native desktop app.

Customizable Virtual Background that lets users set any image/video/screenshot as background for their videos. This was done to increase brand recall and personalization.

We have added integrations to popular sales tools like Salesloft and Klenty as well as Salesforce Advanced.

Highlights for 2021

G2 named Hippo Video ‘Leader’ in four categories in the Summer, Fall and Winter 2021 reports. It was even chosen as one of G2’s Best Indian Software Sellers lists for 2021!

We were able to have two amazing minds on our advisory board this year – Mr. Sidharth Malik (CEO of Clever Top, former CRO at Freshworks) and Guillaume Cabane (Co-Founder and Vice President @Hypergrowth). Their business acumen has been a great help throughout the year. They will continue to be a valuable asset to the business.

Vengreso, the largest digital sales training and technology organization in the world, was our partner. They harness the power of video sales to help B2B sales team exponentially engage with clients and have more conversations with prospects.

Events Galore

This year, we were a part of two great events!

The AA – The AA – ISP is a worldwide community that promotes the profession of Virtual Sales. What could be better than a virtual conference that doubles up as a platform to demonstrate the power of virtual communication? It was a joy to see so many enthusiastic sales professionals from all over the world join us for this event.

Learn more.

We took part in an event called Flip the Script (NA Tour). We spent five days at five famous music venues and had three intense pitch-offs. There was also lots of networking. The proof is in our winning pitch-off team.


The audience erupted in cheers!

A sweet end

We cannot forget about the tradition.

We have a variety of New Year and Christmas greeting templates that can be used to send videos to loved ones.

Take a look at our templates. It’s free!

A new way to wish you a happy New Year

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We’re looking forward to seeing you from the other side!

We wish you all a happy new year in 2022!

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