Adbeat vs. AdPlexity – Which Marketing Intelligence System Is Better?

Adbeat vs. AdPlexity: Which Marketing Intelligence Solution Is Better for You?

Adbeat and Adplexity Comparison Guide.

No matter if you are new to the industry or an established member of the ecosystem, the main goal of affiliate marketing is to always be ahead of your competition. This applies not only to affiliates, but also to publishers and advertisers.

Although each stakeholder has a different role, they all can benefit from detailed information about the competition. There are many options for accessing this information. You will need to select a tool that meets your specific requirements.

AdPlexity and Adbeat are two examples. These tools are powerful, but they don’t always make sense for all affiliates who need a marketing intelligence platform.

Lemonads has firsthand knowledge of a variety of marketing intelligence platforms including Adbeat, AdPlexity, and more. We get asked a lot by our partners which platform is best for them. So we have created a comparison of Adbeat and AdPlexity to help you decide which one is right for you.

Why should you monitor competitors?

Before we get into the details of each of these amazing platforms, let us briefly explain the advantages of monitoring the competition. There are two options when you start a campaign, program or network. These options allow you to jump in without doing any industry research or looking at what your competitors are doing. Let’s look at why this is the best option.

Shorter Turnaround

Monitoring your competitors will allow you to quickly identify and eliminate elements that aren’t working. You can track the top competitors and use similar strategies to achieve above-average results.

Superior overall results

A shorter time frame can lead to higher profitability and performance. Simply put, if you have a longer revenue-generation period than the industry norm, it is likely that you will make more money than your competitors, even if your budget is lower.

You can save a lot of effort

Learning from your leading competitors can help you save a lot of time and effort. Instead of setting up complicated A/B testing campaigns, learn from other industry professionals and concentrate your efforts on areas that will improve efficiency and profitability.

dbeat or AdPlexity? Which marketing intelligence solution is better for you?

Let’s now compare Adbeat to AdPlexity, after we have discussed the benefits of a marketing intelligence tool.


Adbeat vs. AdPlexity: Which Marketing Intelligence Solution Is Better for You?

Adbeat is an excellent marketing intelligence tool that lets you see how campaigns, affiliate ads and programs are organized. This platform is ideal for both affiliates who want to create better campaigns and advertisers who want valuable insights to help build better programs. Networks can reveal which publishers are selling more ads, and offer exclusive partnerships to attract them.

Adbeat relies on an enormous amount of information, and a variety of robust tools that enable them to use this data as efficiently as possible. It collects data from over 120 networks. This platform can reveal the best creatives and landing pages and help you choose the right buying strategy. You’ll also be able to access information on specific competitors regarding estimated ad spending, giving you an insider’s view of your industry.

Adbeat’s top features include the following:

Research Features

Adbeat offers a great list of research tools that will allow you to find out what the leaders are doing in your industry. Media buyers and affiliates can view the campaigns of their competitors, the creatives used, the keywords being targeted and even the URL where the ads appear.

You can also run searches by entering URLs or blogs of pages you are interested in advertising on. This will allow you to see who is running ads and determine if they are a good match for your campaign. You can also set up domain tracking so you can keep an eye on your competitors’ performance or set it up for yourself to receive alerts when there is a major change.

Analytical and Filtering Options

Adbeat offers a wide range of analysis and filtering options. There are also additional features that enhance the platform’s functionality. As long as users have a standard plan, they can filter by date range, traffic type (mobile and desktop), ad network or other basic variables.

You will need to sign up for an advanced plan if you wish to filter your options by more advanced variables such as supported countries, device types, or similar variants. The differences in pricing between the two will be discussed later in the post. But for now, think about the features that you need to make the right choice.

Traffic Types and Countries Supported

Adbeat’s ability to support more than 20 countries is one of its best features. This marketing intelligence tool supports more than 20 countries at the time of writing. It is one of the best solutions for reach and coverage. This list contains some of the most important GEOs in affiliates, including those in North America, South America and Asia.

Adbeat has a huge reach and is also able to cover some of the most lucrative ad formats. The platform collects data from all over the web to determine pre-roll, desktop and mobile ads.


Adbeat’s pricing plans are also among the most competitive in the industry. There is no free version of Adbeat, but three plan tiers are available to suit all users. These plans include the enterprise, advanced, or standard plans.

Standard plans include data on native, programmatic and display ads. Users can also search for other elements by keywords. You can also access data from 26 countries, and it provides 1000 results per search query.

The advanced plan also includes all the features of the standard plan plus the ability to add filters. You can also use the dedicated reporting tool to help you compare advertisers. Additionally, unlimited results are available per query.

The enterprise plan also provides detailed data such as estimated ad spending for each advertiser and dedicated campaign analysis reports. It can even provide up to two years of information.


Adbeat vs. AdPlexity: Which Marketing Intelligence Solution Is Better for You?

AdPlexity has been a leader in market competitor intelligence and is widely regarded as one of the best. The AdPlexity juggernaut offers dedicated analysis platforms that can be used to analyze traffic from all types of devices, including mobile, desktop, native and push. Stakeholders who are located in areas with additional features have an alternative.

Let’s compare Adbeat’s features to AdPlexity.

Research Features

AdPlexity is a simple tool that allows you to make detailed inquiries and uncover all there is about competitor campaigns. This includes keywords, domains, and ad creativity. You can see which devices, browsers, and landing pages are producing the best results.

Remember that research features can vary depending on the AdPlexity platform. The mobile intelligence tool allows you to view results based on OS or connection type. Despite this, the dashboards for the various platforms are intuitive and simple to use, reducing the learning curve.

Analytical and Filter Options

AdPlexity allows users to filter and analyze their searches by ad type and device. They can also refine their searches according to language and country. It also shows what connection was used to load landing page, such as Wi-Fi or 3G. Users can filter the results by the type of connection used to load the landing page, such as Wi-Fi or 4G. You can search for campaigns that were part of a particular network and lasted a certain amount of time during holidays.

Languages and Countries Supported

AdPlexity boasts more than 75 countries on mobile as a list of supported countries. The 32-country list for native advertising is rapidly growing. This gives the platform the best reach among native intelligence platforms.


AdPlexity’s pricing structure has both advantages and disadvantages. You can only purchase each analysis platform separately. This means you won’t have to pay extra for features or benefits you don’t need. However, each platform’s price can quickly rise so you might end up paying a high monthly fee if you want to fully enjoy AdPlexity. The platform is a great alternative for affiliate marketing competitor analysis and it’s well worth every penny.

Decide which one you prefer.

Affiliates, networks, and advertisers are all different. This means they require unique resources to succeed.

AdPlexity and Adbeat are excellent platforms. However, they are designed for different users. Adbeat is an intelligence tool that offers detailed analysis and data-rich sets which can reveal competitor patterns.

AdPlexity is, however, more healthy in terms of its support regions, making it more appropriate for large-scale stakeholders who run multilingual platforms.

Instead of making a decision on the platform’s features alone, consider what goals you are trying to achieve and which elements will help you reach them. Next, choose the platform that best suits your needs. Contact our team to learn more about selecting the right tool.

Have you found the perfect marketing intelligence tool? Make the next step by partnering with lemonads

AdPlexity and Adbeat are powerful platforms, but they are each suitable for different situations. You should therefore carefully review the features of each option and choose the one that best suits your needs.

We hope you find our comparison of head-to-head helpful in making the right decision for your case. Lemonads is here to assist you if you are an affiliate searching for the best programs, or if your agency needs assistance finding the best marketers.

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