Advertiser spotlight: Ooni

Ooni Pizza Ovens was founded by Darina Garland and Kristian Tapaninaho in 2012. They revolutionized outdoor cooking and introduced a new category with the launch of the first portable pellet pizza oven.

Ooni allows users to make authentic flame-cooked pizza in 60 seconds. Ooni ovens can be ready for use in as little as 25 minutes. Ooni ovens heat up to 500°C/950°F, which is twice the temperature of traditional ovens. This gives you incredible Neapolitan-style pizza. Ooni is passionate about helping others and building businesses that are sustainable. As a member of 1% For the Planet, they donate 1% from every sale to selected social and environmental causes.

Complete the blank – What does affiliate marketing mean to you?

Partnership that benefits both parties, driven by passion for the products.

What is your elevator pitch for potential partners?

Our portable pizza ovens are well-known for their ability to bring great pizza to backyards around the globe. We are looking for passionate affiliates who share our passion for pizza and want to help us achieve this goal. We need you.

What makes your affiliate channel and company stand out from other companies in your niche?

Affiliates are more than numbers. They are people. It is important to treat them as part of our mission, and to value them. This is the foundation of all practices.

What are the advantages of working with you through the affiliate channel?

We offer personal commissions as well as a dedicated Ooni Affiliate Marketing Coordinator who is available to help and support affiliates. Our affiliate program offers many benefits:

Commission rates for content publishers/influencers start at 10%. Additional assets and banners are available as needed. You can earn commissions up to 30 days following your first visit. Dedicated publisher support Newsletter updates on everything you need for your affiliate activities

What is it that makes a great partner? And what type of partners would you like to work with?

Great partners are passionate about food, pizza, and Ooni. We are looking to find quality content sites. The ideal partner would review our products and write articles about Ooni, highlighting why Ooni is the #1 pizza oven company worldwide. A great partner must be honest and proactive when promoting Ooni’s brand.

What do you consider a great partner? How do you measure the success of that great partnership?

Building strong relationships with publishers and supporting them in their journey to becoming successful publishers is the key to a great affiliate partnership. Success is measured in both qualitative and quantitative terms. The affiliate’s web promotion (content, reviews, etc.) or social media promotion, posts, stories, etc., is what defines quality. Being able to drive sales is about having a lot of people. No paid activity is allowed.

Are you able to offer any guidance for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing?

Ask questions, clarify your doubts and be curious about the possibilities.

What’s your favorite thing about working at ShareASale Is there a tool or feature you love the most?

We love the ShareASale interface. We love that we can adjust the commission rates to reward affiliates.

How can I become an Ooni affiliate

Register here to learn more about the Ooni affiliate programme on ShareASale.

Advertiser spotlight: Ooni .

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