Advertiser spotlight: Pura Vida

Each Pura Vida bracelet is unique because it has its own color combination. These gorgeous accessories help artisans around the world to support their full-time work as well as charities.

In Spanish, Pura Vida is “pure living”. Pura Vida is an attitude that encourages living a full and happy life, without regrets, and never taking anything for granted. Pura Vida’s affiliate program is a great way to make a profit on socially conscious lifestyle products.

Complete the blank – What does affiliate marketing mean to you?

Ability to grow and change as a brand as well as earning consumer trust through various partnership avenues.

What is your elevator pitch for potential partners?

Pura Vida was founded in Costa Rica and provides employment opportunities to more than 800 artisans around the world. It has raised more than $3.5 million for charity through beautifully crafted jewelry, apparel, and accessories that give back.

What makes your affiliate channel and company stand out from other companies in your niche?

Pura Vida is a company that focuses on quality products and a mission. Our customers know that Pura Vida products are part of a charitable cause. They also know that their purchases help others.

What are the advantages of working with you through the affiliate channel?

We are always open for new ways to optimize! We are always open to hearing about new opportunities for placement, cash back events, or new ways to be part of upcoming content on different websites.

What is it that makes a great partner? And what type of partners would you like to work with?

Partner who believes in Pura Vida and offers opportunities that are consistent with our core values is a great partner. Partner opportunities that align with our values include those where they suggest a way to promote our charity bracelets collection, or any other collection that gives back to charity.

What do you consider a great partner? How do you measure the success of that great partnership?

Not only are we able to achieve our brand goals, but it is also measured by the willingness of a partner to provide advice and solutions during a campaign we jointly run. A partner will always be open to new ideas, even if the campaign does not reach its revenue targets. They will also be able to include our brand in other placements on their site to promote it more.

Are you able to offer any guidance for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing?

You should be open to trying every option at least once. Participating in double cashback events, investing during holidays in key paid placements, and participating in exciting opportunities in the affiliate space are all examples.

What’s your favorite thing about working at ShareASale Is there a tool or feature you love the most?

ShareASale’s best feature is its ability to quickly find new publishers and create tags for them. We can create tags for publishers to make sure that our program is well-organized and that each person has a unique experience.

What is your favourite product on your website?

Any of our products that are part of a charity pack or charity item are our favorite. Being a part of our culture, giving back is a natural part of who and what we do. These items are linked to different charities which makes it easier to give back. Customers can pick a bracelet or charity that aligns to their values, as we donate to many charities.

Are you interested in becoming a partner with Pura Vida Get in touch with their affiliate team to learn more or apply for their program.

Advertiser spotlight: Pura Vida .

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