Advertiser spotlight: Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates is one the largest wine companies in the world.

Unmatched in quality, character and scale is the Treasury Wine Estates global brand portfolio.

Complete the blank – What does affiliate marketing mean to you?

Affiliate Marketing is a dynamic channel that evolves to meet consumer needs. This allows Treasury Wine Estates the opportunity to present our 8 brands in multiple formats, such as product reviews that allow customers to discover what we have to say with top-tier publishers. We also have loyalty sites that encourage customers to buy again by offering cashback and other incentives.

What is your elevator pitch for potential partners?

Our brands are internationally recognized and highly regarded. We source grapes from the most highly acclaimed vineyards in the world. As a result, we are leaders in modern winemaking. Our innovative techniques are rooted in centuries-old winemaking tradition.

What makes your affiliate channel and company stand out from other companies in your niche?

Treasury Wine Estates boasts a unique portfolio of trusted premium wine brands that are well-known and respected. Each brand has a rich history. This history can be experienced by our customers by visiting the vineyards and having their favorite wine delivered directly to their door. Our 8 brands are promoted as a complete package. We highlight the vineyards and offer monthly promotions. Additionally, we encourage the consumer to make their first wine purchase with a rich deal. We have many ways to get consumers excited about shopping.

What are the advantages of working with you through the affiliate channel?

Our commission rates are competitive and the same for all 8 brands. The average order value is over $300.00. We offer monthly promotions on bottles and cases and we are open to discussing special offers.

What is it that makes a great partner? And what type of partners would you like to work with?

Partnering with great brands will help you win and provide the best deals for your consumer. We have 8 brands to promote so we are looking to partner who can not only highlight them but also make it easy to find each one through the partner’s website. Continuous communication about brand opportunities and offers, as well as active optimization efforts are essential.

What do you consider a great partner? How do you measure the success of that great partnership?

Affiliate programs are a revenue-generating channel. Our partners are expected to not only drive traffic to our brands but also to drive sales.

Are you able to offer any guidance for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing?

Enjoy the process. It takes time to establish an affiliate channel. It takes time to establish your brand in the space. The industry is also changing constantly, so you need to adapt as your program evolves.

What’s your favorite thing about working at ShareASale Is there a tool or feature you love the most?

ShareASale allows us to have eight active brands in our affiliate program. We can pull the total program performance and also view performance by brand using the Summary by Store report. We can pull reports seamlessly, which allows us to save time and help you review performance.

How do I join Treasury?

Treasury Wine Estates offers 8 brands as an affiliate program. These brands cater to a variety of budgets and palettes. These include Sterling Vineyards Winery, Beringer and Beaulieu Vineyards. Provenance Vineyards, Chateau Saint. Jean, Etude Wines, and The Wine Shop. Partner can promote any brand and we encourage them to do so. If a partner doesn’t have all brands on their site and would like to, they can email to requests assets and brand information.

Advertiser spotlight: Treasury Wine Estates

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