Advertiser spotlight: VitalSleep

VitalSleep believes every person is unique. VitalSleep is committed to providing the best snore-deterrents and other sleep aids available on the market.

VitalSleep is a top-rated anti-snoring device in the world. The Snore Reliever Company LLC has been providing a tailored, affordable solution to better sleep for snorers. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for both snorers as well as their loved ones through simple and effective snoring solutions. VitalSleep is committed to providing the best quality sleep solution and has been FDA cleared. VitalSleep is also manufactured, assembled and packaged in the USA. This allows them to meet all standards for manufacturing oral appliances.

Complete the blank – What does affiliate marketing mean to you?

The joint effort of marketers and publishers to generate traffic from their audience results in mutual benefits for all parties.

What is your elevator pitch for potential partners?

VitalSleep is a top-rated anti-snoring device. It improves sleep quality and reduces snoring. The patented design and adjustment mechanism of the device targets the cause of snoring. Their sleep is more peaceful and restful and they feel happier during the day.

What makes your affiliate channel and company stand out from other companies in your niche?

VitalSleep’s Affiliate Program is unique because it solves a problem that affects 1 in 3 people. Our affiliate partners are educated and offered unlimited creatives and offers in order to convert visitors into customers.

What are the advantages of working with you through the affiliate channel?

VitalSleep’s Affiliate Program is professionally managed. This ensures that our affiliates have easy access to support and offers that are interesting to their visitors. It also increases conversion rates. We are focused on testing and implementing marketing strategies to reach as many users as possible with solutions to their problems.

What is it that makes a great partner? And what type of partners would you like to work with?

Great partners are eager to communicate with us in order to provide their readers with the content and offers they desire. Great partners will also share a common mission to reach as many people possible using their marketing strategies. We are looking to partner with companies that target the same audiences as our solutions.

What do you consider a great partner? How do you measure the success of that great partnership?

A great partnership will be measured by the publisher’s satisfaction with our work, profitable campaigns, and offers that convert website visitors. We also need to be able to meet our partners’ needs in order to both achieve success in different marketplaces.

Are you able to offer any guidance for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing?

To help others succeed in affiliate marketing, we recommend that you focus on your strengths so that you can grow and reach as many people possible. You should choose a field you are passionate about learning and applying new ideas. You should target the areas where your ideal customers are and provide them with practical information in many formats. Use existing content and submit it to other platforms.

What’s your favorite thing about working at ShareASale Is there a tool or feature you love the most?

ShareASale’s simple-to-use platform is a great benefit to me. They have been a part of our business for many years. We can accurately collect data through the platform, which allows us to develop new marketing strategies. It is easy to communicate with affiliates and reach out to them when there are areas that need improvement.

What sets ShareASale apart from other affiliate platforms?

ShareASale’s publisher base is diverse and high quality based on our experience with other platforms. This partnership has helped us to grow and become one of the most respected companies in the industry. We also appreciated the ease of use and navigation on ShareASale’s platform.

Are you interested in becoming a partner with VitalSleep Register for their ShareASale program here.

Advertiser spotlight: VitalSleep .

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