Affiliate marketing conferences 2022

Are you looking to meet top affiliate marketers and advertisers? We’ve compiled this article to help you navigate the large-scale conferences in affiliate marketing that will be held in 2022.

Ffiliate marketing conferences: a waste of time or a necessity?

Many affiliate conferences, online and offline aren’t free. The question is, are they worth it? It’s up the attendees to decide what it is worth to attend these events. Let’s discuss why even top affiliate marketers should attend conferences every now and again.


Conferences can provide valuable information about affiliate marketing and useful advice for companies to help them open new revenue streams using affiliate marketing. This information is not shared online by most experts unless it’s presented at a forum or conference. We know that knowledge acquisition is a never-ending process.

Even if it’s just a little bit of knowledge, it’s still a great start. This knowledge will one day pay off.


People attend forums and conferences primarily because they are looking for networking opportunities. What is networking? Networking is the exchange of ideas and information between people who are specialists in a particular field or have a common interest. Networking takes place in informal settings, such as during breaks between performances or at an afterparty.

Affiliate marketing conferences can be a great way to meet with experts, local specialists and startups. Ask any questions you may have about affiliate marketing. It won’t be frustrating, but it will be enjoyable because everyone at the conference shared a common goal: to exchange ideas. Conferences don’t have to be boring. Make it an unforgettable experience.

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We have listed the top conferences in affiliate marketing that you should attend in 2022.

ffiliate Summit Europe

When: July, 2022

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Affiliate Summit Europe is one the most important conferences for affiliate marketing. The conference, which had been delayed for several years, will now take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This year, the conference will feature a 100 percent female speaker lineup.

This summit is appropriate for all levels of affiliate marketing, including beginners and experts, as well as educators and advertisers. Expert sessions will cover a variety of topics and are sure to help you take the next step in your business. There will also be networking events and an Exhibit Hall where advertisers can display their products and companies. What can you expect? It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet more than 2,000 affiliate marketers from around the globe. The conference promotes networking and arranges many activities to allow you to meet as many experts in affiliate marketing as possible. Networking activities.

We attended Affiliate Summit Europe in 2020 and wrote an article about how it was run and what was covered. Read more about our experience.

ffiliate World Global

When: February, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Keynote speakers: Mark Joyner and Jason Akatiff, Aline Coupeto, John Hefter, John Hefter, among others

Affiliate World Global is an international conference that brings together the top affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs around the globe. You’ll find mastermind-level content from top ecommerce and performance marketers at the event.

The conference agenda features keynote speakers from some the most prominent and fastest-growing companies in the world. The conference will cover topics such as affiliate tracking, lead generation and ecommerce strategies.

Affiliate World Global offers a variety of networking opportunities that allow attendees to make new connections and gain key insights for their business. This conference is a great way to meet other affiliate marketers and to learn from the best strategies.

ffiliate Europe

When: Summer, 2022

Barcelona, Spain


Keynote speakers: Moiz Ali and Aleyda Solis; Chris Erthel, Emanuela Mtta, and many more

You can attend the Affiliate World Global conference this February 2022 in Miami, but you may miss another one in Europe. Affiliate World Europe, a conference that takes place in Barcelona and brings together professionals in affiliate marketing and ecommerce marketing.

Sessions will provide you with the opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the European affiliate marketing industry and the direction of ecommerce marketing. The conference also features a lot of networking opportunities. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests because the events are niche-focused.

ffiliate Conference

When: 7th November 2022

Munich, Germany


Keynote speakers: Philipp Westermeyer and Dr. Meike Gebhard. Rolf Schmiel and Daniel Enders.

Germany is one the most established affiliate marketing markets around the globe. For all German readers who are interested in this topic, we suggest you check out the Affiliate Conference in Munich in November.

Affiliate Conference brings together 500 people from different industries and companies. Conference topics include customer psychology, boosting performance of affiliate programs, hybrid partner marketing, and what the future holds after third-party cookie. The event will also include workshops and networking breaks.

ffiliate Huddle

When: 6th April 2022

Brighton, UK


Keynote speakers: Parth Suba and Beth Barnham, Michael Van Den Reym and Claire Carlile.

Participate in the discussion about the most recent trends and practices within the affiliate marketing industry. BrightonSEO organizes Affiliate Huddle. This one-day conference is completely dedicated to affiliate marketing. You’ll be able to share your knowledge with other affiliate experts around the globe in a casual setting.

You can also become a speaker! The event speaker submissions for this year are now open if you feel your experience is worth sharing, or if you simply want to gain some visibility. Do not miss this opportunity!


When: 13-14 November, 2022

Tel-Aviv (Israel)


Keynote speakers: Haran Rosenzweig and Haran Peters, Mike Peters, Matt Bacak, Anna Gita and Haran Rosenzweig.

Since 1991, the DMIEXPO conference has brought together top affiliates and advertisers. DMIEXPO is where the best speakers and experts from around the globe share their insights into the future of affiliate marketing.

Keynote sessions, workshops, and networking sessions will be part of the conference. Although the 2022 event has been confirmed, there is no official schedule. Stay tuned for updates in the coming year.

filiados Brasil

When: 26-28 May, 2022

Where: Convention Center Frei Mug, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Keynote speakers: Marcos Moura and Andre Cia, Joao Portugal Motta, Joao Pedro Motta.

Afiliados Brasil, the annual conference, is one of the most important affiliate marketing events in Latin America. This event brings together bloggers, affiliates, companies, as well as advertisers.

Afiliados Brasil wants to share all the secrets of monetization via affiliate programs. It does this through a three-day conference. Participants will be able to hear from the top affiliate marketing professionals in Brazil during the event. You can still register for the event, but it has not been published yet.

You might also be interested in other affiliate marketing conferences

TactixX Deutschland

When: 12th July 2022

Munich, Germany


Performance and marketing conference for PI LIVE partners

When: 18-19 October, 2022

London, United Kingdom


PI LIVE Advanced

Date: 26 April 2022

Where: New York, USA


TES Affiliate Conference

When: 23-26 February, 2022

Hotel Calipolis (Barcelona), Spain


International Conference on Affiliate Marketing and Online Advertising

When: May 23-24 2022

Where: Vancouver, Canada


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