Agorapulse Takes First Place at 13 G2 Awards

Agorapulse was awarded eight G2 first-place awards last year, and was ranked by G2 reviewers among the 2022’s top software products.

As we enter 2023, we’re continuing this winning streak. G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports are now available! We are thrilled to announce that Agorapulse won 13 first-place prizes.

G2 Winter Grid Reports evaluate the products, features, and overall performance from over 14,090 software businesses around the world. The top spots are reserved for those who score the highest G2 scores, and have the highest #1 rankings.

What Agorapulse won in the G2 Winter Grid Reports

Agorapulse won 13 first-place awards and was nominated in over 21 categories.

The 13 first-place awards Agorapulse received were the most significant and important for us.

Software for social media analysisSoftware for social media managementSoftwareHashtag monitoringBest estimate ROI

We won first place in 13 categories. What makes us different from other social media management platforms such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social?

Why Agorapulse won 13 First Place G2 Awards

When developing social media management products, we have always taken a continuous improvement approach.

G2 reviewers are our eyes and ears. They tell us what’s working well and what could be improved. This approach has clearly paid off. We feel we have earned the 13 first-place awards in these four categories, with an average score of 4.

G2 Award #1: Best social media analytics software

Every social media platform that is worth its salt must have analytics that enable you to measure, track, and report on your social media campaigns’ performance.

You would expect your social media platforms analytics to measure these metrics as a minimum:

ReachImpressionsEngagement rate

Agorapulse’s social analytics allow customers to measure and report on more than just those three metrics.

You can measure and get to the bottom of things with our intelligent reporting and analytic features.

The clicks and engagement of your content. How many times your content is viewed. Team member average response timeSocial Media ROI

This is why our social media analytics software won the first place award.

Don’t take our word for this.

Agorapulse G2 reviews – What users have to say

Agorapulse is a great tool that allows you to dig deeper into data, particularly at the post level. To find out which posts are most popular, metrics such as engagement, storytellers and CTR can be helpful. It also has a user-friendly interface.” (Francesco C. Social Media Analyst).

This app elevates fan page management to a new level. This app is amazing in terms of functionality and analytics. I receive a lot more interesting stats than I would with other services. This kind of social media integration helps my company compete at the top business level. The free data we get about our performance and customer response is extremely valuable.” (Lee D., General Manager).

G2 Award #2: Best social media management software

The best social media management software should make these tasks easier, quicker, and less stressful.

Creating, scheduling, and publishing content across multiple social media networksGetting content approval from both internal and external stakeholdersMonitoring and replying to messages, comments, and interactionsTracking, measuring, and reporting on performance

Additionally, social media management software must be easy to use and affordable.

G2 reviewers deem us the best social media management tool on the market.

Agorapulse G2 reviews – What users have to say

“Agorapulse helped me save time & effort in managing my social media accounts.” This program has the best support I’ve ever seen. The application solves problems effectively. I would highly recommend it to any business looking to accelerate its marketing growth.” (Sam C. Senior Art Director).

Agorapulse is my favorite social media management tool after searching for other options. Agorapulse provides a complete suite of social media management tools, including publishing content, monitoring comments/messages across all major platforms. I have tried other similar software, but Agorapulse is the best.” (Vert H, Executive Assistant).

G2 Award #3: Best hashtag monitoring

Agorapulse’s hashtag tracking feature allows you to set up regular searches that will allow you monitor what hashtags are in the news and how they perform. The platform allows you to listen to and respond instantly to comments, tweets and DMs from other users.

Agorapulse G2 reviewers highly rate Agorapusle’s hashtag monitoring because it allows them keep customer relationships strong and establish what content works, what their audiences like and dislikes, as well as what they should do to win over their competitors.

You can see it for yourself…

Agorapulse G2 reviews – What users have to say

The social listening tools are a time saver, especially for event organizers. The app allows me to be in control of my social listening and respond quickly to customers no matter where I’m located.” (Fiona L., Online Event Facilitator).

“The integrated listening feature is an enormous bonus. It keeps me on my toes, keeps conversations fresh, and keeps them on track. “I am really getting all I need in one service.” Kelly H, Social Brand Building Strategist

G2 Award #4: The best way to estimate ROI

Key stakeholders will be able to see how your social media marketing activities are raising brand awareness by monitoring metrics such as reach and engagement rates.

These metrics do not prove that your activity converts people into hard, cold sales.

Reach and engagement are great for brand awareness but not for proving ROI.

Agorapulse, the only social media management platform, allows you to measure and prove Social Media ROI.

You can connect your Agorapulse to your Google Analytics account and auto-add UTMs. This will allow you to track the journey of your audience with every piece of content that you publish.

It is clear that the Agorapulse G2 reviewers love this product.

Agorapulse G2 reviews – What users have to say

“As a social-media manager, it is crucial to provide ROI for my clients. Agorapulse makes my job 100x simpler.” (Nikki B., Business Founder).

This software does it all. “I’ve been working in social media for many years and this software is the best I have ever used.” (Katherine G., Business Director).


We are looking forward to 2023 with 13 G2 first-place reviews awards and many new features in the pipeline. These features all aim to make managing social media as simple and stress-free and easy as possible.

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