Animaker 2.0: The Future of Video Making begins here!

Today! Animaker 2.0 has been launched!

Since September 2014, when Animaker was launched in its first version, building Animaker 2.0 has been the most difficult task.

We have worked hard to keep our vision of providing every business and creative person with a video making studio that is both affordable and functional throughout our journey.

We believe we have helped only a fraction of the market, even though we have achieved incredible success in helping over 4 million people create awesome videos. We decided to go one step further and build Animaker 2.0.

What is Animaker 2.0?

This is the most simple and powerful DIY video-making tool that HTML5 has ever seen. This application is unlike any other. You can use it for any purpose, depending on your time. Animaker 2.0 is a quick tool that can quickly create short videos and social media GIFs in under 5 minutes. It can also help you edit full-length videos if you have more than one hour.

Animaker 2.0 is the new Swiss army knife of creativity for all video makers around the globe. Animaker 2.0 offers cutting-edge features that allow anyone to create anything, from animated explainer videos to 4K YouTube intros.

What is Animaker 2.0?

Animaker 2.0 was created to assist non-professional video producers like you and me in creating professional-quality videos. Three new smart products are included in the new platform that allow anyone to create stunning videos for any purpose.

Let me take you through all the applications. I will start with one that is entirely new to Animaker.

1. Video Editor

2.0 has allowed us to expand our reach beyond the animation industry to allow creators to create Live videos. You now have all the tools you need to create and edit Live Videos of the highest quality.

There is so much creative potential out there that should not be limited by any platform. Animaker 2.0 is an online DIY application that will allow you to unleash your creativity.

Innovation and new features

Make 4K videos

It is one of the most popular online video editing apps that allows users to create and edit 4K-quality videos.

4K Video

There are 100s of moments

Sometimes you have only a few hours to make your video. We have created hundreds of ready-to-go video templates called Moments that will help you get through these difficult times. Simply pick a moment and edit the text and assets to suit your case. Then click on export.

100 Million Stock Assets

Animaker 2.0 comes with 100 million stock images and videos. This stock library allows anyone to instantly create videos on any topic.

Million Stock Assets

This is a sample video that we made with our new Video Editor

Let’s now take a look at the second application on Animaker 2.0.

2. Animaker Lite

Animaker 2.0 includes Animaker Lite, a lightweight and sleek video creation tool. It’s the easiest GIF maker and short-video maker in the world. This app is perfect for those who have just 5 minutes to create a social media GIF.

Animaker Lite

Innovation and new features

Giphy Integration

Animaker 2.0 is available with GIPHY integration. This means any creator can now have access to the entire GIPHY library, making their videos even more enjoyable.

GIPHY Integration Gif

GIF exports

After you’re done, your videos can be exported into many formats including the GIF format. Yes! GIF exports are now a standard feature in all plans.

Animaker 2.0’s third smart product is the Animation Maker.

3. Animation Maker

Our Flash-based Animation platform has been a success over the past four years. It has enabled millions of users to create animated videos for personal and professional use. Because of the high quality of its animated characters and assets, it quickly became a favorite among DIY users. We are now taking this to the next level by introducing Animaker 2.0.

Innovation and new features

Business Character Builder[Bitmoji to Businesses] ]>

Animaker’s character creator will fulfill all the customization requirements of business videos in a world dominated by Bitmojis and Animoji.

Character vs Real Life

This character builder is revolutionary! It has 15 facial parts! You can modify everything, including the nose, eyes, and face structure to create the perfect face. You can also create a unique character with the help of more than 10 accessories. You can combine and match these accessories to create literally billions of characters.

Auto Lip-Sync

If you’re a truly impressive person, it is possible to have an impressive lip sync. Animaker’s Auto Lip-Sync feature has done exactly that.

20+ Facial Expressions

New facial expressions are available for the new characters. This new collection of over 20 expressions will bring life to your videos.

Character Facial Expression

Gradient Background

We are constantly changing backgrounds. We have used solid colors for backgrounds in scenes that we create from scratch for a while. This is no longer the case! You can now mix and match colors to create cool gradient backgrounds.

Gradient Background

Smart Move

Animation professionals spend around 80% of their time moving and animating objects in videos. It will be much more difficult for someone who is not an animator to spend that amount of time. Smart Move was born. With just one click, you can quickly and intelligently animated your assets.

Smart Move

Additional Highlights

Multi-User Collaboration

We understand that time is precious and how easy it can be to manage it when working in a team. Animaker 2.0 features seamless real-time collaboration which completely eliminates time leakage during project iteration and review.

Multi User Collaboration

One-click Video Resizer

It’s now much easier to repurpose than ever before. You can quickly switch between video types by clicking on the resizing button.

Security of the highest quality

All of your data is now protected at multiple levels. Animaker 2.0 is ready for the online world with security features like 2 Factor authentication and Single Sign-on.

The Best Part?

Your video can be exported in premium quality for just $1 Premium Business plans available for $59 and $99.

The premium video plan for $1 is well-designed to create videos for students, personal use and small businesses that want to reap the benefits of video.

We don’t believe that Premium videos should be more expensive than Big Macs. Creativity is what matters most and video creation shouldn’t be a barrier to aspiring creators.

How do you get Animaker 2.0 Beta?

Animaker 2.0 is currently in closed beta. Register with your email to test this version. We will contact you as soon you get to the top of the queue if you already registered for Beta version. You can email with any questions.

Request Beta Access

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