Animaker’s YouTube Channel surpasses 100K subscribers. He also wins the 1st YouTube Artist award!

YouTube is the best resource for anyone who wants to learn, teach, tutor, educate and market their products or services.

We launched Animaker in 2014. In order to encourage new video creators, we created an YouTube channel with one goal.

We have created a series informative and engaging videos over the years to help users get the most from Animaker. Also, to educate budding content creators with useful tips, strategies, and best practices in order to make a name for themselves in the content creation space, we share valuable tips, strategies, and best practices.

We are happy to announce today that our YouTube community has reached 100k subscribers!

Get ready for the Confetti!


YouTube presented us the “Silver YouTube Creator” award as a token for our appreciation. We have more than 100K subscribers to the Animaker YouTube Channel.

We are truly honored to have been awarded this award, even though we weren’t full-time content creators for YouTube. We have achieved new heights from what started out as an effort to help aspiring content creators.

Content creation – A necessity of the hour

Online authority is becoming increasingly important. Every company must be a media company and everyone who creates content must be media companies.

This was something we anticipated and began creating high quality content on our YouTube channel before the creator economy took off.

The content helped content creators understand the Do’s and Don’ts of the internet world and connect with their audience.

We also had an important role to play in helping content creators.

To create a product that is both simple and powerful enough to address big problems in video marketing.

Our team began building Animaker 3.0 as a tool for creativity in today’s content-driven world.

Animaker 3.0 offers 20+ new features, 250+ minor and major updates, and content creators have the ability to create high-quality video content right from their browsers.

Check out this article to learn more about Animaker 3.0’s groundbreaking features!

How can we help YouTube subscribers?

A creator must be publishing high-quality video content across all platforms due to the exponential increase in digital content.

We have a variety of videos that we post on our YouTube Channel to improve their content quality.

Let me give you a few examples:

How-to Videos:

Consider how many times you have searched the internet for “How to”?

Tutorials can be a great way for users to learn more about the product, and help them with different video creation problems.

Our team has made numerous tutorials that cover a multitude of topics on our YouTube channel. There are tutorials on everything from How to make animated characters to an in-depth tutorial of How to make animated videos. We are proud to say that some of our videos have been viewed millions of times, so we can boast of helping millions of people solve their video-making problems.

Take a look at this video, which has helped nearly 3 million people create animated videos.

nimaker Shorts

With the introduction of smaller video formats such as Reels, TikToks and YouTube Shorts, the average viewing time of videos has dropped dramatically. We introduced Animaker Shorts to make it easier for users to get the most from the videos they see. These short videos are less than 60 seconds long to allow them to create videos that match the current trend.

nimaker Genius Talk:

Animaker Genius Talk is a conversation with industry leaders like Rand Fishkin and Guy Kawasaki. They share their knowledge and offer advice. These interviews will allow you to hear their expertise and share useful tips, strategies, and best practices regarding video marketing.

You will find Guy Kawasaki’s wisdom on Social Media & Life Lessons and Rand Fishkin’s SEO strategy in the videos below.

We also have videos of our Product launches and Keynote speeches, as well as many other topics!

The complete playlist can be viewed here.

We will keep updating our playlists throughout this year, so users can learn more about Animaker as well as the best content creation hacks!

Our users are always our best!

We are happy to have inspired 100,000 creators worldwide with our YouTube Channel. But, one thing kept us motivated to create content for all these years.

We are grateful for the love and support of all our users


Here’s a quick look at the YouTube comments section populated by our users who love and appreciate each other.

It is an honor to receive all of your support and appreciation for the videos on our YouTube channel. We are glad to see that so many of your videos created with Animaker using the tutorials and hacks we posted.

We are eternally grateful for all the support and love that our YouTube community has shown us.

You are responsible for this growth and this award!

We are grateful for your support and love.

Now… Onto 1 Million Subscribers:

Our YouTube channel has reached its first milestone. Next, we want to go further and reach 1,000,000 subscribers for our YouTube Channel.

Get ready to get your feet wet!

Our users will find the journey to 1,000,000 subscribers even more exciting and rewarding!

There are always new ideas and a whole new team working to localize the content for our YouTube channel.

Yes, you’ll see videos in other languages as well!

Woo Hoo…

The non-native English speakers can be heard letting out a sigh.

To bring you the stories of successful creators from around the globe, we are creating a new series called the ‘Creator’s Series.

We can’t tell you more right now!

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming posts.

Keep watching!