Bitly can help you optimize your way to better-performing holiday campaigns

The holiday season has the potential to change the retail experience for many years to come, as more shoppers are returning to the holiday fold after the pandemic. This year, however, the holiday frenzy is taking a different path. We see that businesses are working hard to make sales available to customers before traditional “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”.

Consumer spending between November and December is expected to increase by 10% since 2020. Businesses should adopt a digital-first mindset to prepare for the holiday season. However, they must also be agile in order to keep up with changing consumer preferences.

Brands should optimize their multichannel customer experience by providing both online and offline touch points for customers to help them shop where and how they like. It doesn’t matter if they shop online, on their mobile devices or in person at their favorite retailer. It can be difficult to track all these touch points and channels. Bitly Campaigns is a tool that helps marketers organize multi-channel initiatives and respond quickly to changing consumer behavior.

Organize Your Multichannel Campaigns

Digital marketers understand that the holidays require multiple campaigns to organize and manage. Digital marketers can manage multiple campaigns during the busy holiday season, including holiday commercials and influencer partnerships, product rollouts and end-of-year bundles. Bitly Campaigns allows you to compare cross-channel performance in one streamlined view. It makes it easy to organize campaigns according to your goals.

Your main goal may be to identify which channels drive the most consumer engagement for you brand. You might arrange your campaign channels as follows:

Campaigns page in a Bitly account with a Fall Promo campaign that has four traffic source channels

But, what type of offer performs best? This might look like the campaign you would create for each of your offline and online offers.

Campaigns page in a Bitly account with a Fall Promo campaign four offer type channels

Once your campaigns are set up, you can add Bitly links to your channels.

Find “Hotspots” in your area and areas to improve.

You’ll be able to see which marketing initiatives are generating the most value for your company as shoppers click your links or scan your QR codes. Bitly tracks click metrics in real-time, so you always have the most up-to-date information about your holiday campaign performance.

Campaigns page in a Bitly account that shows click metrics of a campaign

You will be able see important data points like:

How many times a hyperlink has been clicked (city/country) Referrer information (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Google)

You can be proactive in your marketing efforts throughout the holiday season by having a clear understanding of what is working.

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Get involved

Bitly allows you to make instant changes to your marketing strategy, such as where and how to allocate resources, test new messaging, and what marketing efforts to pull the plug.

Let’s say, for example, that you discover that your QR Code campaign is really taking off in direct mail fliers. People are scanning the fliers like mad! The codes printed on subway ads are not getting as much attention.

This insight might lead you to decide to spend more on direct mail during the holiday season than in subway promotions. You can learn from what is working well how to best allocate your resources so that you maximize profits during the holiday season.

You might consider relocating resources to promotions that are not performing well. You could also test new messaging to see whether it draws more attention.

Bitly makes it simple to see where to iterate, and when to change direction. You’ll need to be able to do both well this holiday season.

Retail marketers need to be flexible and plan ahead in order to succeed during the holidays. Bitly offers powerful data and tools that can help you optimize every customer touchpoint and maximize your revenue. Visit our pricing page to find the best plan for you.


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