Google Ads has new features: Five tips and tricks for your Google Ads campaigns

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Google is adding more complexity and automation to their ads products every year. This can have a negative impact on campaign performance and can make it more difficult for marketers to save money. SEISO’s Martin Romerio outlines five key actions that you need to focus on to create successful Google Ads campaigns.

It is becoming harder to find new opportunities in your SEM campaigns’ management as the PPC business matures. This makes it more difficult to keep up with the latest trends that will assist you in achieving a higher ROAS. Google Ads gets more complex and automated every year. It can be helpful in managing your day-to-day campaigns, but it comes at the cost of being able to read and manage your campaigns.

Marketers need to have control over their campaigns and strategies. Google’s optimizations may not be in your best interests and they might not know your brand’s context. A campaign optimization tool such as SEISO could be a solution. You can gain insights into your campaigns and still make the final decision.

You must be able do new things in order to succeed in 2021. This includes being able to integrate more data, maintain control over Google optimization and fight against increased competition. However, you won’t have more time. Let’s take a look at five key actions that you need to focus your efforts on.

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1. SKAGs out, Intent inside

Google values consistency in campaigns. Google favors consistency in campaigns. The better your keywords perform, the better the campaign will do overall. This is the reason why the infamous single keyword ad group strategy (SKAGs), was so popular a few decades back. It was a chaotic mess. Google recently introduced a few updates to make SKAGs obsolete: match type update and close variants.

What can we do if consistency is important but SKAGs are too much? Marketing is all about common sense. This is where the North Star that you use to group your keywords should be the user’s intent.

Searches for your brand name are more likely to result in conversions and purchase once they land on your website. As they have the highest ROAS, it is important to group all search terms that are related to your brand together. You should also bundle keywords like “price” and “discount”, which are strong signals that you intend to buy. Although phrases such as “specifications”, “size” and “warranty” can be valuable to you, your CTR or CR will be lower so you should offer a lower bid. To improve results and find new clients, visualize and quantify what you can do to improve the situation. It is important to keep your account structure separate.

This can be time-consuming and confusing. To help you understand your campaigns, it is a good idea to use insight tools like the SEISO Google Ads Analyzer report.

2. No more wasted advertising dollars!

It can be difficult to keep an eye on all of the campaigns and hundreds of ad copy, as well as thousands of keywords. It is crucial to your success. Your Google Ads investment with low quality score or not converting enough is called underperforming spend. It becomes more difficult to keep track of things as you add news terms and copy every day. It can become overwhelming after a while.

Tips to use Google Ads' new features - Declutter your campaigns

You can reduce wasted spending by drilling down to two reports: the Quality Score Report and the Search Query Report. These reports will allow you to analyze search terms that trigger your ads.

The SEISO cleaning tool is free and can help you save time as well as quantify the savings potential. With over 8000 accounts being audited monthly, we found that marketers can reduce their spend by trimming the right branches. This has no effect on performance.

3. Double your strengths

Advertisers often believe that new keywords are necessary to increase sales.

It is true that you should have the highest market share for the keywords you are most profitable.

You can monitor your ‘Impression Shares’ on Google Ads SERPs to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Tips to use Google Ads' new features - Buy keywords with impression shares that work for your brand

Loss of impressions are missed opportunities in searches for keywords you bid on. Focus on the top 10 campaigns, and then check the market shares of competitors. Monitor closely when you aren’t shown.

On average, 94 percent of SEISO users notice that their top search terms SERP are not always available when they conduct their first audit.

Tips to use Google Ads' new features - Identify high performing campaigns

4. Let it shine

Campaigns have become more important because of the importance of visuals and copy. You must stand out in order to grab attention as users are exposed to over 6000 ads per day.

In the performance of Facebook Ads campaigns the quality of the creation can be as high as 80 percent. We observe a similar trend with Google Ads.

Google Ads is increasing the importance of visuals.

Optimizing your creatives and ads is as simple as allowing statistics to guide you. Although you cannot predict which creative will be most successful, it is possible to make educated guesses. Between three and five is the magic number. Test at least three ads per group and not more than five.

Consider the benchmark: SEISO can also make recommendations to improve your priority areas: optimization of ads, use ad extensions.

5. Spend less and spend smarter

Google is increasingly catching up to Facebook in terms of the user-centric approach. It is important to allocate your spend not just on keywords and placement levels, but also taking into consideration the user profiles.

The data is collected from the users’ declarative information. This includes when and where they were online as well as Google Analytics shared and inferred data. For example, if a user searches to find the score of a baseball game, it is likely that he is a fan. Bid adjustments can be made to the most valuable users and criteria in order to take user profiles into account.

It is important to include a dimension for audience for your campaigns: sociodemographics.

Focus on more dimensions and granular tareting

It is great to start the year with positive resolutions, but that is just the beginning. The key to maintaining a steady job is the key to a high-quality Google Ads account throughout the year.

The SEISO analysis report has more to offer than just expert tips and Google Ads best practice, account activity analysis and budget management recommendations. There are also more than 75 criteria that can be sifted.

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