Here are some ways to make the most out your Google Adwords PPC strategy

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PPC advertising can be a very effective way to drive targeted prospects towards websites, sales pages or blogs.

Online marketing is incomplete without Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). Advertisers can use specific strategies to maximize their PPC marketing return. PPC advertising can be a powerful way to drive targeted prospects towards websites, sales pages, and blogs. You have the option to choose from Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Most online marketers prefer Google AdWords to implement their PPC strategy, as it displays their ads in the Google SERPs.

. Google Ads PPC Advertising Benefits

PPC marketing is expensive, but it offers five key benefits.

1. Convenience and speed

Advertisers have the ability to quickly and easily set up PPC ads campaigns. PPC ads can be used to target prospects precisely and achieve results in a matter of minutes. Neil Patel, SEO expert who co-founded Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, said:

“With PPC you can drive traffic to your site in just hours, not months.”

2. Adaptability

To optimize and maximize the effectiveness of PPC ads, you can tweak text and keywords.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Google Adwords only charges advertisers for clicks and not when ads are displayed.

4. Budget flexibility

Google Adwords doesn’t have any minimum spending caps so advertisers can set their budget. They can, for example, set a daily budget of $20 and a cost per click of 20 cents. This can be changed at any time.

5. Predictability

Digital marketers can predict how many visitors they will get based on their spending habits by using a PPC campaign. Search engine algorithms are less important. Neil Patel, in one of his PPC-related articles, stated that:

Spend more to get more visitors You can get exactly 10,000 visitors if you have exactly 10,000 visitors.

Even though Google Ads PPC advertising has many benefits, digital marketers who are just starting out should be careful. They could lose a lot of their money if they fail to set up their PPC campaigns properly.

B. B.

New marketers should first read the Google Adwords Getting Started Guide. It contains a lot of helpful information. The next step is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion tool and compile a list of keywords that are relevant to their products or services.

Long-tail keyword phrases can be used

The price per click for PPC ads is determined based on competitive bidding for search terms. Popular search terms like “insurance”, stop smoking, and “weight loss” can cost several hundred dollars to rank in the top three search results. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand are phrases not commonly searched but more likely to be searched by people willing to purchase.

Ahrefs reports that 92% get at least 10 searches per month for keywords. This means that 92% of keywords people enter into search engines are long tail keywords.

PPC strategy - Chart showing search volume distribution

C. Elements for effective and attractive PPC ads

A Google Ads PPC strategy is only as good as the ads it contains. So that potential clients click them, they should highlight the main benefit of the product/service.

These elements should be included in ads by marketers as well.

1. The product’s price

People who can see the product’s price and click on the ad, are more likely to purchase the product. They may decide not to click the ad if they feel the price is too high.

2. A strong call-to-action

Specific call-to action phrases like “purchase”, buy”, “call today”, and “order assures” will help prospects to understand what they should do once they click the ad.

3. Preferably, the best performing keyword should be in the title of your ad

When users type a keyword, the Google search page displays the ad in bold font. This will attract their attention to the advertisement.

4. The URL of the page on the website which contains the product

People who click on the ad are not able to find the product they want on the page, then they will likely exit the site and click another ad.

D. Fine-tuning PPC management in order to increase its profitability

Advertisers have the option to test different call-to-action words and offers, and can even create multiple ads. Google Adwords automatically rotates ads within an ad group. The better performing ads are displayed more often. They can also remove keywords that don’t get enough clicks and substitute them with other keywords. They can also decrease or increase their maximum cost per click and monitor the impact on the performance of the ads.

E. Other strategies to increase your Google Ads PPC marketing’s cost-effectiveness

Submit negative keywords

Advertisers need to make a list if keywords are relevant to their product but cause them to be displayed. They should then submit the negative keywords to Google by adding a negative sign to those keywords. This will prevent anyone who uses those keywords from seeing their ads. Advertisers should not include any references to smoking chimneys or other sources of smoke if their product is about stopping smoking.

“Some keywords may have a different intent than the user and might bring in clicks that are immediate but will not convert into a sale.”

Explained SEO expert Rinko de Jong, in an email interview.

This could lead to impressions of ads that do not result in clicks. Both of these can impact the quality score and cost per click of your ad, he said.

Allow ads to not be displayed on Google’s partner sites in the content network

These clicks are often of lower quality than those originating from search results. This is because they are not from active users searching for the product. These clicks may result in fewer sales, but they will still cost the same.

If properly managed and monitored, Pay-Per-Click advertising can drive steady traffic to your sales pages or affiliate websites. This can lead to increased sales and profits.

Jacob M. is a copywriter and marketing blogger. He also serves as an inbound marketing consultant.

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