Here’s how to become an Instagram influencer.

It was a foreign idea to think of Instagram being monetized as an influencer a few years back.

Despite this, Instagram influencers have become our modern-day gurus. They are open to new and innovative content, a desire for connections with people who share your passions, and a willingness to create content that is unique and interesting.

Are your friends always looking for fashion tips, travel hacks, and date ideas? Do you love to capture beautiful moments on camera and want to share them with others?

If so, then you might be able to make something amazing on Instagram. This guide will show you how to become an Instagram influencer. With a little dedication, you can be the star of everyone’s newsfeed.

This article will show you:

How do you become an Instagram Influencer?

What does it mean to be an Instagram influencer

You’ve probably heard of the term “Insta Influencer”, and you likely follow some. But what exactly does that mean?

Instagram influencers have built trust and credibility with their followers through the Instagram platform. They are authentic and trustworthy in their niche. This allows them to inspire their followers and establish themselves as an authority figure. Instagram marketing is used by brands to tap into the influencers’ established communities to increase brand awareness and sales.

Influencers don’t need to be paid. All you have to do is influence others. Many have turned their influence into an income by forming paid partnerships with companies.

Research has shown that Millennials are more likely than other generations to purchase based on the brand experiences and influencers they have followed.

How to be an Instagram influencer

Find your niche and focus on your content pillars

This is the most important step in becoming an Instagram influencer. This is the most important step in becoming an Instagram influencer. Ask yourself: “What am I passionate about that no one else does better?” Passion fuels your purpose. If you are passionate about travel and love to find the best hacks, your passion will be shared with others and they will also feel excited about it.

Once you have identified your niche, you should narrow down on a few key content pillars. These are broad categories you believe you can divide your main niche into. If you’re interested in travel hacks, your content could be focused on locations, transport, packing products, and local recommendations.

Once you’ve established your content pillars and your inspiration, it is time to find your inspiration. Your brain might be already bursting with ideas. You might be able to find other influencers working in the same niche. How can you stand out? To spark your creativity, you can also search on Pinterest.

Be you

No longer are users content with photoshopped images or celebrities pouting on screens. People want to get to know real people.

Be authentic. Be authentic with your followers. People on the internet can easily spot fake and misleading content. Your audience will be more likely to trust you if you are passionate and honest about it.

This is also true for buying followers. Instagram can notice and even block your account. Other followers can also see this information. Smart brands won’t work with someone who has a large following, but isn’t engaging in your posts. You can grow your following quickly and authentically if you are dedicated to your brand.

Your best face forward

Your profile picture is one of the first things potential users will see. It draws them in. We recommend that you avoid using a logo, and instead use your face. People use Instagram to connect with other people. They want to see their faces. Your followers will feel closer to you if you include photos of yourself in your stories and feeds, even if this isn’t your primary content style. This helps to build trust.

Your bio is the second thing that your followers will see. Make sure it contains a clear statement about what your page is all about. Keep it unique. Are you working on a new recipe or collaboration? Tell people what you are planning to do. This will enable Instagram users to determine if your content is interesting.

Use relevant hashtags, link-in bios and emojis in your bio to make it searchable, engaging, and fresh.

Professional tip: Offer a freebie. A link to a PDF or infographic that has valuable information will attract followers and give them the impression that there is value in it.

The ultimate Instagram grid

After you have narrowed your niche, identified your inspiration, and created a profile, it is time to create amazing content. Planning is your best friend. Your newsfeed should be well-planned and flow consistently. Use the same fonts and colors throughout your posts to stick to a content style guide.

To tie the grid together, it is also a good idea to think about the color schemes you use in your photos. This could be done by using similar filters or presets in your photos to create a cohesive theme.

To plan ahead, you can use planning tools like Later, Buffer and Hootsuite. You can use grid planning tools to see how your posts will look together. You can make sure your posts are planned out in advance so you know what your niche is and how they will look together.

Stand out

Instagram is a visual platform. You don’t want your photos to be like the rest, but you do want to stand out.

It’s important that you do your research. However, it is also important to be inspired by other creators. But don’t try to copy their work. This will not make your followers connect with you in a saturated market. Some may even unfollow you, which is something we want to avoid. You’ll be different from the rest if you are authentic in your creations, as we have said.

Your community is your best asset

A strong support network is essential for any Instagram influencer. It takes time and care, just like any relationship. Use ‘calls to actions’ on Instagram Stories and in your posts. Ask your followers to take polls. Encourage them to leave comments. It is important to increase engagement on your Facebook page.

Maybe you’re posting about your favorite sustainable makeup brand. Ask your followers to share their favorite products or leave comments letting them know. This helps the Instagram algorithm determine if your content is worthy to be pushed to top of the feed. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know your followers better.

This should not be a one-sided effort. You must be involved in the community and engage with Instagram. You must reply to all comments, like all comments, and reply to DMs. Comment on the content of other influencers. Your profile and name should be as visible as possible.


This article is about how to become the next Instagram influencer in 2020. However, diversifying your followers is important as you can also bring in new ones from other platforms.

Your profile should be set up as a company profile. This will link to your Facebook page. You can diversify depending on your niche on many platforms, including Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook, TikTok. Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn.

While each platform may be better suited for a particular type of content, there are still ways to make these platforms stand out. It is important to take into account the audience and the different formats offered by each network. Do not copy and paste the same content as before. This can cause irritation and even create barriers to genuine connection.

Diversifying your profile can help you connect with a wider audience and build your network. This is essential if you want to earn an income as an influential.

Brand connections

While it’s great to share your passion with others, we believe that your ultimate goal is to monetize your passion. After you have built up an Instagram community, you will be able to create a ShareASale account and start reaching out to brands.

Pro tip: Be as detailed and thorough as possible when creating your profile. Also, be prepared to provide a’media kit’ in case a brand requests one. It should contain the following:

Your expected rates and social handles

ShareASale helps brands connect with influencers and manages their influencer marketing campaigns. We can help you get paid promotions with many global advertisers by putting your name on our radar.

It is important to work with brands that are relevant to your niche, and not just apply for every campaign that comes along your way. While it is important to be paid, authenticity and working with brands that you trust and believe in will pay off for your audience.

Know your limits

While we encourage you to be as transparent with your audience as possible, it does not mean that you have to share every aspect of your daily life. Posting anything that is not in line with your core values should be avoided.

It is crucial to decide what information you will share with the rest of the world. You can communicate with brands and people while respecting your core values by setting boundaries.

Measuring your metrics is key to adjusting

A business account allows you to measure your metrics. These insights will help you to understand your audience. Find out about them. What are they most drawn to?

Analyzing this data will allow you to adjust your content plan as needed. This will enable you to offer content that your audience will love. Flexibility and the ability to change is key to staying relevant. Do not allow your content stagnate.

What does it take to make an Instagram influencer a millionaire?

We have now covered how to be an Instagram influencer. It is important to address the question of “How does an Instagram influencer get compensated?”

The higher your following count, the greater your earning potential. High follower counts may be desirable for some brands, but this is a vanity metric that can’t be supported by quality engagement.

Micro-influencers with less than 10,000 followers will likely begin by using GAP (gift as payment). In exchange for posting one or more posts, brands will give you a gift card of their product. This is a great way for you to get your foot in front, learn how to promote content, and evaluate your audience’s reaction to brand partnerships. This allows you to work with brands you have a long-term relationship.

Once your audience grows, you will be able to start monetizing those posts.

Brands might reach out directly to you, but it is better to work with an affiliate channel or network that will help both of you in managing your entire Instagram influencer marketing campaign. ShareASale, a network that protects you and provides a framework for negotiating the rates as well as providing support and security. The engagement, reach, and impressions will determine the influencer budget.

ShareASale is able to help both partners accurately track data so that they can forge the best possible path to success.

You can set your price and keep it fair by creating a price list for brands. You should also consider your production costs. Your costs for creating the perfect post should be included: travel expenses, props and location fees. When putting together your price lists, remember that your Instagram account is your business.

Apart from promotional Instagram content that is paid, you can also partner up with other people to create partnerships such as:

Travel partnerships – In exchange for sharing your story, brands might offer you hotel stays, flights and/or other expenses.
Final note

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. It’s also home to many creators. This shouldn’t deter you. However, it’s not likely that you will find instant success on Instagram. It takes time and consistency to build an engaged audience.

Instagram is a great way to engage with people and can be very fun. You can also express your creativity and be creative on Instagram.

It is rewarding to build a global community. If you have a solid strategy, it can also be financially rewarding.

This is the complete guide to becoming an Instagram Influencer.

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