Hippo Video 2022 vs. Hippo Video 2023: How have the products changed?

Hippo Video was founded in 2016 and has been working tirelessly to transform the way businesses and teams use video during sales. The all-in-one platform for video has revolutionized the way companies use video. It offers user-enabling features like sales pages, video analytics and the teleprompter. These unique features made us a favorite among users and helped us stand out in the crowd.

Our quest did not end there. Hippo Video, like every customer-focused business, is committed to providing the best possible video experience and continually strives for improvement. We went further than ever in 2022 by listening to our customers and collecting valuable feedback.

This blog will show you the exciting evolution of Hippo Video between 2022 and 2023. We’ll also share the lessons learned as a company. You can expect to get some real and brutal insights. Let’s get started.

Hippo Video will be a 2022 product

The number of people who believe in video for sales has increased over the past few years. It’s great news for products like ours. However, our team spent time talking with users about their experiences with video. The key findings were quite eye-opening.

These are seven important observations that we have made:

1. Video creation is difficult because of hesitance

We found that while businesses are well aware of the potential of video (which is why they bought the platform), sales teams are often hesitant about incorporating it into the sales process. Many of these sales teams are unsure about video or have limited screen-sharing and webcam capabilities, which could lead to less engagement. These factors can cause teams to lose heart and be less motivated to create more videos in future.

2. Productivity is on the rise

Most sales professionals we spoke to recognized the value of video to close deals. However, they only use them to close high-value deals and specific touchpoints in their sales cycle. This is likely due to the fact that creating videos requires significant time and effort.

3. Video efforts can only be scaled and personalized in a limited way

Our users believed that we should improve our video scaling capabilities. Users felt that personalizing videos for each prospect and recording them was time-consuming and a burden on their sales teams. Although they created one video and personalized it for multiple users using merge fields, the video lacked the visual element of personalization.

4. Prospects were more familiarized with our competitors than they were with us.

Sometimes, familiarity breeds business. Our prospects were not aware of us, despite having superior video capabilities and lower price points. This was a problem for us as well as our competitors. We also realized that our website was outdated and needed to be updated to properly showcase all of our capabilities and the benefits it can offer, as well as those of our competitors.

5. Editing was difficult

Although our Pro Edit tool remains popular, there have been mixed reviews. It was difficult to make precise trimmings between frames or add titles, lower thirds, or transitions between frames. For those who wanted to add a little flair to their videos, this lack of customization was particularly troubling. Users were not able to refine their videos with the robust editing tools we offer.

6. A basic Hippo Video iOS app

Our iOS app did not have key features that are available in the desktop version. This was a problem for a long time. It didn’t have a user-friendly homepage so users had to tap multiple tabs in order to access the video recording function. This was a much more tedious experience than the desktop version. Screen recording, which was a popular feature requested by iOS app users, is not yet available. The user experience was impacted as they were forced to accept basic functionality.

7. Video clips not being contextually tracked

The ease of tracking analytics for videos that have been sent previously needs to be improved. Because there was no central hub to provide video analytics, users had to remember campaign names and manually search emails for them. This was a poor way to track videos, especially if they were trying to track multiple videos. They were unable to quickly and easily see the full picture of their video performance because it took too much time and resource.

Self-reflection can be quite deep, huh? We feel you! Let’s get down to the good stuff. We will show you all the incredible features that keep us awake at night.

It’s showtime!

New and improved Hippo Video 2023

We are a customer-first platform for video, so the next step after collecting feedback was to get to work on addressing all gaps. We no longer wanted to focus on each feature individually, but rather to build the platform from scratch, including the repositioning and enhancing of our messaging.

Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Start with the basics: Core messaging

Our messaging has remained consistent from 2016 to 2022: A video platform that allows users to easily create, host and share videos. We have expanded our capabilities with new and improved features so it was time for us to reflect these changes in our messaging. This new messaging shows how Hippo Video empowers sales team to create engaging, highly personalized videos at scale (for different scenarios)

What is the current message?

Hippo Video is an interactive video CX platform that allows sales reps to create and share customized videos at large scale in order to increase engagement.

An image showing Hippo Video website in 2023

We’ve added features and enhancements in 2023

Now, you can broadly divide our features into two types:

Productivity improvement and product usability

Let’s take a closer look at them:

To improve productivity

These features are designed to bridge the gap sales teams feel is needed to scale their video production. These features allow them to create videos in record time and scale their video production quickly and efficiently. Sales teams can also use the videos at any stage of their sales process. They can personalize them with great ease and without having to select them.

Let’s look into these productivity-enhancing features:

1. Video Flows

Our Video Flows are the perfect solution for our video-savvy sales reps, who get tired of recording the same video content over a number of times. They simply need to choose a template that suits their needs, record an introduction and upload a video. Next, they can add another pre-recorded intro or create a new one. After they are done, they can click “Save” to save the videos. The three videos will then be seamlessly merged into one video.

A video showing Hippo Video's video flow feature.

You can watch the video

Account admins have the option to create their own template flows that are tailored to their business requirements and standards. This will ensure consistency in your videos. Administrators and their staff don’t need to start over every time.

Video flows have key standout features
A wide range of pre-built templates

Sales reps have access to templates and use cases for each stage of the sales process. We have everything you need, including templates for prospecting, closing deals, follow-up, close, account management, marketing and greeting.

b. Customize background for each video, instantly

A personalized background video for each conversation is a great way for sales teams impress their prospects. Sales teams can create video backgrounds for hundreds prospects using AI. All it takes is one click. Just copy and paste the URL from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, or company website, and hit “Save.” Voila! You can now create a video with a personalized background.

An image showing Hippo Video's feature on adding LinkedIn profile to videos for personalization.

2. AI can be humanized

We heard the concerns of sales teams who are looking for scalability, but don’t want to exert any effort. Humanize AI is an innovative new tool that automates the creation of personalized video campaigns. They simply need to send the Hippo Video team a video campaign with their recipients’ names and emails. Humanize AI will then create hundreds of voice-personalized video greetings and combine them with the main campaign video. This will give each recipient the feeling that the message was made just for them. This AI technology will allow you to keep prospects engaged and your business thriving.

A video demonstrating Hippo Video'slatest Humanize AI feature.

You can watch the video

3. AI Editor

Most sales reps find video editing difficult. But not anymore! The AI Editor is ready to transform the video editing process. After recording or uploading your video, click on the “AI Editor” tab. The AI Editor will then transcribe it as text. This allows them to remove filler words, lines and gaps just like when they edit a word file. They don’t need to edit every frame individually to make sure everything is perfect. They can also add titles, lower thirds and transitions to their videos by simply entering the text required in the provided column. Voila! You have a professionally edited video.

A video showing Hippo Video's AI Editor feature.

You can watch the video

Version 2.0 of the iOS app

Many of our customers record videos on the go so it was important that we offer them the best experience possible, even on our mobile app. We made a major upgrade to our home screen so that customers can now access all five features of Hippo video: screen recording, screen recording and import. They no longer need to navigate through multiple screens and taps. Two taps is all that’s required to launch any feature. This makes video-recording easier and more efficient than ever.

Siri Shortcuts allows them to control Hippo Video with just one voice command. This means they don’t have to waste time scrolling through menus and can be more productive.

This groundbreaking update of our iOS app version 2.0 brings together convenience and productivity-enhancing features such as screen recording, a new home screen, and Siri shortcuts.

For enhancing product usability

We have put great effort into making our product more user-friendly. This ensures that customers have an enjoyable experience using it. We have added some new features, such as tracking and sharing, and the ability tag items.

5. Establishment of a central hub – Shares & Tracking

Our users can view a complete overview of all previously shared assets via shares & tracking. So it is easy to track video performance in real time, we have added clever filters like context name, last activity, medium of shares and pages viewed. If they have used videos on a sales page they can access detailed analytics almost immediately to see how it performed.

Our users have such detailed information that they can quickly identify the most popular content with their target audience and tailor future campaigns.

An image showing Hippo Video's new feature - shares and tracking.

6. New tag implementation

It is crucial to organize a large digital content repository. The tag is here to save the day! Our users now have the ability to manage all their assets easily by creating a unique tag for each asset. Instead of having to search through subfolders trying to find the file name, users can now locate every asset with tags. They can save tags as images, videos, documents, pdfs, and sales page templates. All corresponding assets will appear instantly. Administrators can create tags specific to each team so that all assets are easily accessible.

An image showing Hippo Video's tag feature added in 2023.

Our users are speaking!

We have achieved incredible success thanks to our customers in 2023. Our customers are delighted with the new features and appreciate their honest feedback. Today, we want to highlight two customer reviews.

Jay D Miller, Faultline Sales

Jay D Miller, who took to social media to show his appreciation for Humanize AI before it was officially released, makes this review special. His LinkedIn post quickly gained attention, igniting excitement among many, even competitors in the field.

An image showing customer appreciation post on Hippo Video's Humanize AI feature.

trium Hospitality

Atrium hospitality used videos in their various hotel chains. They saw a 60% increase in video creation due to our intuitive flow video flows. This has led them even further to use it.


Hippo Video consistently exceeds customer expectations by listening to customers first. Together, Hippo Video will strive to revolutionize the way businesses use videos in 2023. We will keep innovating and developing new features to help our users make the most of their video strategies. Hippo Video is available for free today.