Hippo Video is natively integrated with Klenty

Many firms have made sales engagement tools a key part of their sales tech stack. Buyers today struggle with overloading information. Despite this, buyers are highly educated, well-informed and driven by research. They also have high expectations. Salespeople need to be equipped with accurate, timely, relevant and current information based on buyer needs and the stages of their sales cycle.

Klenty, a sales engagement platform, helps sales teams personalize and automate repetitive tasks, and create a repeatable, intelligent sales strategy.

Humanizing customer journey

Gartner states that it takes 18 to 20 dials to reach a prospect over the telephone and call-back rates below 1%. This also applies to email. On average, an individual receives 129 emails each day. Although email is a powerful tool to reach prospects, 90% of them are ignored or sent in spam.

To build trust and a genuine relationship with prospects, it is important to make each interaction memorable. Personalizing communications using videos and using elements specific for prospects in these videos can make sales outreach a success. This is exactly what Hippo Video integration and Klenty integration are trying to do.

Hippo Video integration with Klenty

Hippo Video’s native integration to Klenty will enable Klenty users create, edit, and share video email right within its platform. It will allow salespeople to communicate face-to-face using asynchronous video with prospects all over the globe.

The integration will be beneficial to both small and large sales teams. It will improve the selling experience and present prospects with more compelling sales pitches.

How does integration work?

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Integrating Hippo Video & Klenty

Native integration is a great way for Klenty users to personalize their outreach with prospects, unlike other integrations. Hippo Video’s convenience and benefits mean that sales reps don’t have to leave Klenty to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Hippo Video.

The automatic account creation is a noteworthy feature. For the user who first accesses Hippo Video within Klenty, an account is automatically created.

This allows users to sync all their videos with Hippo Video’s cloud server. They can also be accessed via Klenty’s Hippo Video library.

Video emails sent to prospects

Klenty users now have the ability to instantly click and record videos in their email editor. This includes sales pitches or welcome onboard messages. The dynamic video teleprompter feature on the recording screen is available to first-time video users. It displays the pitch as scrolling text while sales reps record videos to make the process seem natural and less self-conscious.

This integration lets users perform basic editing functions such as cropping and texting, as well blurring sensitive areas. They can also hyper-personalize these emails by using merge fields such as prospect’s name or company name. This allows them to stand out amongst the inbox clutter.


Send video emails to your prospects

This is just a partial list. After a video has been recorded and edited, it can be sent to users. They can also add CTAs or calendar links within the video. Prospects can book a meeting directly from the video, without having to return to their email tab.

Sales teams depend heavily on personalization and other tactics to win prospects. Hippo Video makes it possible at scale.

Klenty users have the ability to embed videos and sales pitches on video sales pages that can be completely customized. This allows them to white-label their page with their company logo and other non-video assets such as a carousel. They can also personalize names on the video and add contact details.

This is all possible in minutes and without the need for any coding. Users can also access this page by clicking a button. They can create as many pages as they wish and then customize them according to their needs and the stage of their sales cycle.

Once that’s done, the rep can choose a page to embed their video and hit send.

Videos of sex to cadences

Automation is an integral part of sales engagement. However, it can sometimes take away the warmth and personal connection sales professionals want to create.


Add videos to cadences

Klenty users have the ability to embed videos into sequences thanks to Hippo Video’s native integration. Hippo Videos’ hyper-personalization capabilities allow sales teams to reach multiple prospects at scale, engage with them like never before, secure more responses & meetings, boost productivity while adding a human element to automation.

Reports & video activity in real-time

With real-time video activity, sales reps can plan and execute next steps for prospects. This includes qualifying them or moving them to a new sales sequence. Hippo Video informs sales reps immediately when prospects open, view, and interact with video emails. It also shows the percentage of video viewed, so it is clear how to gauge whether a prospect is interested.


You can quickly measure your results

Sales reps can also access detailed reports about overall video performance to help them measure which videos are performing well and which ones are not. This helps them to understand the buyer personas and optimize videos for better sales campaigns.


Sales professionals are increasingly using personalized videos to increase their sales. These platforms also have a tendency to make customer experiences seamless.

Video can be a powerful way to communicate with prospects, especially in a world where virtual selling dominates. They connect buyers and salespeople, and can help to reduce the potential disconnect caused by a lack of face-to-face interaction.

This integration will allow salespeople to communicate with prospects through multiple channels while still being able to track engagement from one interface.

Click here to install the Hippo video in Klenty.