Hippo Video launches revolutionary AI Editor and Humanize AI

Video is an extremely popular medium, and their demand has increased exponentially in the last few years. Video creators often find it difficult to perfect each video and can take a lot of time. Hippo Video recognized the problem and came up with an innovative solution: AI Editor and Humanize AI. These features will make editing video faster and more efficient than ever, helping Hippo Video fulfill its mission of making videos accessible to all.

Let’s break down each feature and show how they can save you tons of time.

I Editor: The Next Generation Of Video Editing
This video shows Hippo Video's AI Editor and how it's functions.

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The AI Editor is an innovative editing tool that’s specifically made for busy people who want to quickly create amazing videos with minimal effort. The AI Editor is a simple and efficient way for users to edit videos. It works much like a document.

After using our AI Editor, no one will say that editing is difficult. Users can transform audio into text and remove unwanted parts by simply deleting the relevant text from the transcript. Editing is now easier than ever, no matter how complicated or detailed the video.

It has a lot of features that make it easy to enhance your videos. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to add custom video titles or speaker names to the lower thirds. You can also create beautiful transitions with no prior experience in video editing.

The key features

Instead of manually going through footage, edit directly from the transcript. Produce more videos quickly with incredible accuracy. You can produce videos at unprecedented speeds without compromising quality.

Humanize AI: The Next Generation Of Video Personalization

This videos shows how Hippo Video's Humanize AI works.

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This new offering leverages the power and potential of AI to allow businesses to create personalized videos tailored to each customer’s needs. It also allows them to increase productivity and engagement. Hippo Video’s launch of Humanize AI is a major milestone in a category that’s both innovative and exciting. Hippo Video is proud and excited to be a leader in this segment.

A common complaint among businesses is that sellers aren’t as productive as they should. This grievance has been resolved. Humanize AI converts text into video in just a few clicks, which relieves the pressure for teams to create customized videos at scale. Humanize AI is the perfect tool to enhance your campaigns. It leverages the power and convenience of voice personalization to delight your prospects by speaking to them directly by name.

Our goal is to empower sales reps and customer-facing staff with a life-saving feature such as Humanize AI. Humanize AI allows anyone, regardless of their skill level, to create highly engaging campaigns that increase conversions and customer retention.

The key features

You can create personalized videos from text in just minutes.

These transforming video features are a powerful tool for transformation

These features allow video producers to focus on their creativity, and not get bogged down by manual work. Hippo Video offers a suite of tools that can help users save time, increase productivity, and produce results that are truly exceptional.