How Much a YouTube Channel Can Earn at 1K, 10K, and 100K Views

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Learn How Much a YouTube Channel Can Earn at 1K, 10K, and 100K Views  Can Get.

Check out the video to be amazed about the income a YouTube Channel can generate.

How much money can a youtube channel earn getting a thousand views a month ten thousand views a month and a hundred thousand views a month and I’m even going to show you how much a youtube channel can potentially earn getting over a million views a month.

Before we get into exactly how to do this we first need to understand how much money that youtube channels make per thousand views now this depends on a lot of factors, are you promoting affiliate products with your channel? are you relying solely on ad revenue?

For the purpose of this test let’s say that you’re taking some of my best recommendations and you’re getting income from both ad revenue from the youtube partner program and from affiliate product sales.

Now when it comes to youtube ad income it entirely depends on how many advertisers are spending and how much money investing in advertising on particular terms for example there’s way more advertisers advertising on keywords like technology finance and health than there would be on keywords like scary videos or prank videos.

And that’s why channels that produce content on these type of topics that lots of advertisers want to advertise on are making a lot more money as a result and that’s not to say that other subjects like scary videos or pranks can’t be huge on youtube.

Oftentimes even though they’re not making as much money per thousand views on their channel a lot of these scary videos or pranks channels can still be making a lot of money due to the fact of how many views that these channels are getting

So how much money can you expect to make per thousand views on your channel well like i said it really does depend but let me give you some numbers and before Ii do let’s first separate low cpm niches from higher cpm niches

Now cpm stands for cost per milli and this is basically an advertising term which is how much advertisers pay per thousand impressions or views on their ad now this is also given to you in your youtube analytics as a metric of measuring how much money you make per thousand views on your channel.

In low cpm niches like prank channels or scary videos or stuff like that I’ve noticed that you can make around one to three dollars per thousand views in those niches whereas in higher cpm niches you can potentially make 30 to 50 per thousand views in a high cpm niche but for the purpose of this example let’s just be super conservative and let’s say that you make around six dollars per thousand views from ad revenue on your channel. 

Check out the video for full details.

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