How to get maximum out of your social media accounts

If you don’t have the right tools, managing social media comments and messages can become a nightmare.

First, notifications are coming from various platforms. To reply to them, you will need to log in to each account. Switching accounts from your mobile device to resolve complaints. You will need to send internal emails to other account managers. There are also the notifications about ad messages that do not get through, but are discovered one week later.

You’re likely to be in control of one page if you manage it. It can be a major headache if you have multiple pages or are a social media marketing agency that has multiple clients.

This article will focus on Agorapulse’s social media inbox. Is it possible to eliminate chaos for social media managers with this feature?

Here are some ways to get the most out of your social media feed.

What is Agorapulse’s Social Media Inbox and How Does It Work?

After you have connected your social media profiles and pages to Agorapulse the social media inbox will automatically collect all your messages. This includes comments, messages, and, wait for it… Instagram and Facebook Ad comments!

Agorapulse’s social media inbox syncs comments to dynamic Facebook ads. These were historically notoriously difficult to track. Agorapulse is the only tool that can collect 100% of your comments on ads, native Facebook.

Your messages will be consolidated and reduced in clutter by the inbox’s automatic moderation rules that you can adjust. You can reply to all messages and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in one place with the inbox.

You could be wasting money if you pay money for ads, but don’t check comments. Agorapulse’s inbox for social media will collect all comments on your ads so that you can respond quickly, just like Smarter Nutrition did. This means that you won’t have to go through Facebook Ads Manager, which lets be real, we don’t want to!

example of moderating a facebook comment with a social media inbox

It sounds great, right? The social media inbox has tons of great features.

Here are some of our favorite ones at Contentworks Agency.

1. Automatic Moderation

You can set up automatic moderation rules to take specific actions when messages or posts containing keywords or phrases appear on your pages. This feature is easy to customize to suit the specific needs of each page.

If you receive spam offering Bitcoin or magic love potion, you can choose to immediately delete them.

You can also flag a comment to be reviewed, assign it to another member of the team, or send an email to yourself. This allows you to quickly sort through all your comments and messages. You don’t miss important notifications that you need to respond to.

Automated rules can be used to quickly identify angry customers and help them resolve their problems.

Tip for social media inbox

It is very easy to set up automatic moderation. Each profile can have its own rules. You can set up separate rules for each profile. For instance, I don’t want Bitcoin posts to be visible on my health and wellness pages. But, I do want them to appear on my finance pages.

Check out these case studies from social media marketing agencies that used Agorapulse Social Media Inbox.

2. Ask questions to another member of the team

Agorapulse’s social media inbox allows you to assign YouTube messages and LinkedIn messages, Instagram messages as well as messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business to other team members. This could be a member or client of your social media agency who needs to approve replies. This can be done by either setting up an automated rule or manually assigning them.

use your social media inbox to assign messages to other team members

These are some examples of times that we ask questions or comment:

The marketing team should receive a great Google My Business review or message. You might thank the customer for their review or post it on your social media channels. Negative reviews should also be addressed. The message can be assigned to a member the team to address. YouTube messages often contain advanced questions about your product. It is important that they are answered by the right person. You can help by assigning the conversation. We often get questions and complaints from investors or traders in the finance industry. To ensure compliance and avoid putting the brand in trouble, replies must be well-crafted. This can be done by assigning comments or drafted responses to a compliance officer or legal officer. Questions about order problems, delivery times, and purchase procedures should all be answered quickly to avoid an abandoned cart. The social media marketing agency can assign a message to ensure that the customer gets a response in record time.

3. You can add notes and categorize users

Agorapulse’s Social Inbox allows you to view the sender’s profile and name for each comment and mention. This is a great feature because you can follow them and interact with them later.

To give context to your team before contacting them, you can add labels to help categorize users. This is especially helpful if:

You want to grow your influencer or follower base. You can view the profile, followers, location, and messages like this one on Twitter. You can reply, retweet, and follow from this page.

tag and label in your social media inbox

Commentators are an affiliate or partner of your brand. They receive special support and conditions.

label users and followers in your social media inbox

You should see the engagement of your fans on your page so that you can reward them and call them on to be an influencer.

label users in your social media inbox

You recently solved a major complaint or problem for the fan and would like other admins to see the background.

header image for conquer social media inbox

Tip for social media inbox

Keep an eye out to find ambassadors! These are people who mention you in a post. They may be great partners in the future. These people can be added to the ambassadors list by using Agorapulse labels.

4. Save Replies

Do you ever get bored of answering the same question over and over? Maybe it’s about delivery times or creating an account. This is a great hack for Social Media Inbox: Save replies.

Social media managers and agencies can greatly benefit from saving replies.

You can quickly get through your inbox by saving replies to commonly asked questions. These can be customized by adding the name of a fan, details about their question and your name as a sign-off.

Tip for social media inbox

If you want to be super-helpful, add relevant links to your fans. You can add a PS to any promotion you are running – don’t forget to get 10% off your checkout

These are some great ideas for creating friendly saved replies

5. Reply in PM/DM or Public

This is a neat little feature in Agorapulse’s social media inbox. You can choose whether you wish to respond publicly, privately or in a PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter.

The following example is an appreciation for an article that we shared on our Facebook page. You can answer this publicly by saying “Hey, thanks for liking it” or “Thanks for the feedback, guys!”

reply in pm or dm via your social inbox

If it was a complaint, then we may do both. First, publicly acknowledge the complaint and then send a private message to follow up. This shows other thread members that you are listening to them and taking action. This helps to calm down fan situations that are flaming. You can resolve the situation calmly by sending a direct message.

Clients who need help with login issues or sensitive matters can use private messaging. Do not ask clients for login details. Instead, tell them that you will DM/PM to resolve. Below, Tesco Bank perfectly illustrates this. You could instead proactively message the customer with AgoraPulse’s social media inbox.

negative comment thread via social inbox

Tip for social media inbox

If you have privately messaged a fan then please mention it on the public thread. This not only lets them know you are listening, but it also alerts them that they need to review their messages.


Agorapulse’s Social Inbox can be accessed via mobile or desktop. This makes it a great addition to your social media arsenal. All Agorapulse features, including publishing, listening, scheduling, reporting, and publishing, are all accessible from the same dashboard. This makes it simple to switch between clients or navigate between tasks.

Start now with Agorapulse’s Social Media Inbox. This will allow you to save time and energy for your social media management. Get a free trial of Agorapulse.