How to Grow Your Social Media Presence–Organically!

Do you want to increase your social media presence? These tips will help you transform your social media presence without spending a fortune.

Have you ever wondered why top brands have such strong social media presences? They are easily identifiable, often mentioned, and appear to be everywhere you turn.

However, a strong social media presence is not just possible with a large budget.

This article will show you how to create a strong social media presence without spending any money.

1. Be consistent with images

Your brand style guidelines are one of the best ways to establish a strong social media presence. These guidelines should guide how your logo will be displayed, the color palette used by your brand, and the type of text and images you use.

This is a priority for large corporations such as McDonald’s, which makes it a priority online and offline. No matter where you are located, the logos and colors will be the same regardless. They can even flip the iconic “M”, arches into a “W” for International Women’s Day.

Display ads that do not include a logo can be simply listed with ingredients in the brand colors.

brand colors of mcdonald's

McDonald’s image is strong on social media. Franchises must adhere to the brand’s style guide and values.

If you want to establish a strong social media presence, consistency is key.

Infusing confusion with mismatched logos, off-color images and blurry images can cause confusion in your impression and make you appear unprofessional, or even fake.

You don’t have to hire a team of photographers and designers to keep your brand on track.

These are some of the key takeaways.

How to keep images consistent

One round of high-quality group photos. You will need to hire a photographer to capture the team photos. These images can be used for many years and will remain consistent. Canva Teams are great for aligning everyone with brand colors, styles and sizes. You can create social media images quickly and stay on-brand. Stick to the filter that you love on Instagram. You should use the same fonts, letters, and overlays. This is crucial if you are looking to establish a strong social media presence. To avoid images looking blurred or improperly cropped, ensure that your designs are correctly sized for each channel. Provide a collection of images that are on brand and correctly sized for franchises, partners and affiliates if you work with them. They will create their own if you don’t. This is what I can assure you! You should also provide them with ongoing resources and up-to-date images that they can use throughout each year. You can think of Halloween, Black Friday Sales and Independence Day.

header image for social media management solution agorapulse

2. Create a Multichannel Social Media Strategy

It can appear that big brands are everywhere.

A multi-channel strategy for social media is an important step to building a strong online presence. We’re not talking here about copying your Facebook posts and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

There are many platforms today, each with a different audience. This means that you must tailor your content to each channel, while still maintaining a consistent brand voice.

This is an example of the channel layout for a brand.

Facebook: Tips, competitions and special offers.LinkedIn: Professional, employee-oriented, and job openings. Meet the team, company updates, thought leadership, and PR announcements.Instagram: Behind the scenes, event and expo photos, collaborations with partners or local businessesTwitter: GIFs and memes on breaking news, links to articles published on your blog

Multichannel strategies will increase brand awareness if your brand voice is consistent and your imagery is consistent. Because you tailor content to each audience, it will increase the quality and quantity of conversions.

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ASOS is a great example of a brand that has won the multi-channel social networking game. ASOS, an online clothing retailer, has perfected its brand voice and uses it across all social media channels.

This means that LinkedIn fans can see posts about corporate responsibility, ethical supply chains and recruitment.

ASOS fans can get GIFs and polls on Twitter. Their flash sales and tag a friend contests are a highlight that keeps fans interested.

They are all about UGC (user generated content) on Facebook. This includes sharing funny fan tweets and popular memes as well as Instagram posts. They don’t often discuss beauty or fashion trends, nor do they promote their products.

They are fashion-focused on Instagram, with a wide range of beauty and fashion bloggers. This reflects the popularity and nature of Instagram. It is photo-based and fashion-focused and offers shopping via Instagram Checkout.

How to make your multichannel social media presence perfect

Find out the demographics of your target audience for each channel. It will take time to research the types of posts that work best on each social media channel. You can create some guidelines for your social media strategy once you have a good idea of where your followers hang out and what they expect on each channel. Choose your customer service channel. 86% of customers expect a brand to respond within six hours. Multichannels are great but you need to address complaints and questions on each one. You might also decide to link to each social media channel’s live chat support. You should not only choose the right size images for each channel but also determine what type of images you will be using. You can use photos and videos on Instagram and memes and images on Facebook. This doesn’t mean you have to be strict, but it is important to set a direction for each channel. Schedule your posts. To plan content for multiple channels, you will need an advanced social media calendar such as the Agorapulse one. You can repeat posts on LinkedIn channels with a calendar. You can time your posts to maximize engagement on each channel, and avoid repetition across channels. This tool is crucial for planning a busy marketing agency such as Contentworks.

If they don’t work, you can remove channels. Many businesses mistakenly believe they have to be everywhere. To protect brands, I recommend that brands obtain their usernames and handles on all social media channels. However, I do not advise them to be everywhere. Fashion brands that target Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z will, for example, be on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. They don’t need to be on Twitter or Pinterest, Clubhouse and Tumblr. You will need many resources if you are on multiple channels. Don’t be afraid to reject channels that aren’t working for you. Take a look at Apple on Twitter. There are 7.3 million followers, and not one tweet or reply.

apple on social media

3.Build community, not followers

Many brands focus too much on following metrics. However, having 100K followers doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t engaging with you.

A strong social media presence is built by building a global community. This means that your brand name will be mentioned on social media.

How to create community through social media

To draw attention to your social media channels and create conversation, you can use a branded hashtag. Hashtags work well on Instagram and Twitter. They can be broken down into three types: community hashtag, brand hashtagproduct hashtag, or community hashtag. GoPro has been focused on creating strong communities, which leads to jaw-dropping UGC. The brand uses #mygopro throughout its channels to build a strong community that stands out. You can see how powerful this is. You can see the sheer number of posts that use this hashtag on Instagram.

The Complete Guide to Instagram Hashtags

In your blog posts and social media posts, always @mention the people you refer to. If you have a podcast that featured UGC, or if you host great guests on your Instagram feed, tag them and thank them. This is a great example of UGC from Boohoo.


Be positive and not pushy. Instead, focus on your customers, their well-being, their likes and dislikes. 73% of customers consider customer experience an important factor in making their buying decisions. 79% believe that UGC has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. You can increase your sales by building community and having a strong social media presence.

To show that you are listening and able, answer questions from social media users. Share it if it’s a good question. 82% of Instagram users use Instagram to search for information about a business or product. It is even more surprising that 78% prefer businesses that are active on Instagram to businesses that are not.

Make a group for your friends to chat, share tips, and make new friends. This is a great way to create community, keep a strong social presence, and build brand advocates. Brands can also nominate admins to manage these groups for free, taking the burden off their social media managers.

You can see how busy social media managers manage their accounts and still keep up with them without going crazy by checking out Oh So Social’s shared calendar.

4. Piggyback on the Latest Trending

Brands have a lot of potential to grow their social media presence organically, by following trending news. There are tons of opportunities for brands to create buzz through breaking news, trending memes and hashtag campaigns.

However, you must exercise caution.

If you are able to contribute something positive, avoid serious campaign hashtags, tragedies and disasters as well as off-brand hashtags.

How to piggyback upon what’s hot

Ask your followers to share relevant news and invite them to comment. If the topic is relevant for your group or page, this is a great way to create a strong community. A good topic for discussion on parenting groups would be the new legislation regarding paternal leave. This is a great way to keep up-to-date and grow your social media presence. Find out more about TikTok Marketing. Follow Twitter to see daily trends you can use in your content. Before you use a hashtag, make sure that you understand its meaning. If I look at the current trends, #Dogetothemoon could be used for a finance brand because it refers to cryptocurrency DogeCoin. They are irrelevant, so I wouldn’t use them.

If the hashtag is relevant, it means you mean it and can back it up. This is a great way of piggybacking on a trend. Be careful. It’s possible to backfire by using a hashtag that is sensitive or emotive. Kenneth Cole used #Cairo as a trending hashtag during the Egyptian Revolution along with a promotion message about the brand’s new stock. No. No.

Bonus Tips to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

What can you do to ensure your brand is strong and searchable on social media?

These are just a few more tips.

Post often. Stick to a set schedule for each social channel. You can lose followers if you post too many times or not enough. This will make your brand less searchable. By using brand and product keywords in social media posts, you can increase your SEO (search engine optimization). You can use keywords in your profile bio and posts, but don’t overuse them. Team up with micro-influencers. It’s a great way for you to increase your social media presence by teaming up with micro-influencers or your top followers. Engaging questions will help you reach new and relevant fans. Engaging questions and starting discussions are great ways of building a strong presence. Your fans will comment on your posts, which will help you grow your community. PRs can link to social media. Press releases usually link to landing pages or blogs, but you also have the option of linking to social media. Link to the product launch post on Instagram if your article is about. Using listening tools like Agorapulse, you can listen for brand mentions and insert yourself into conversations.Incentivize engagement. A contest, caption competition or tag a friend can be used to incentivize social media engagement. You could give away products, discounts or free services. Users could be granted exclusive access to a brand new product.

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