How to hide Instagram Likes and Why it’s Possible

Does it really matter if you like Instagram photos?

Instagram users now have the ability to hide or unhide their like count in posts. This means that Instagram now allows users to hide or unhide the like count on posts. Instead of showing you the default numerical value under a photo it names some users and adds “and other”:

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It’s easy to hide your like count on Instagram. In some cases, it might even have a positive effect on how you use the app. Here are the steps.

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How to hide Instagram likes

Instagram allows you to hide like counts from other posts. This will ensure that you don’t see similar numbers while you scroll through the app. You can also hide likes from your own posts.

How to hide likes in other people’s Instagram photos

1. Click on the hamburger icon at the top right of your screen. You can then click Settings at the top.

Instagram Settings

2. Click Privacy in the Settings menu. Then, hit Posts.

Instagram Account Privacy and Posts

3. You’ll find a toggle that says Hide Like and View Counters at the top of your Posts menu. You can toggle the toggle to “on” (it should change blue), and your Instagram like count will be hidden.

Option to turn on Hide Like and View Counts under Posts

How to hide likes in your Instagram posts

You can hide likes from individual Instagram posts in one of two ways. You can hide the like count from Instagram posts before they go live if you are posting a new image or video.

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You can continue creating your post the same way you would normally. But, when you reach the screen where you are able to add a caption click the Advanced Settings option. You can then turn on the Hide Like and View Counts on this Post toggle.

Advanced Settings option Hide Likes and View Counts on individual post

After you have posted, click on your post to turn off the like count. Tap the three dots at the top of your screen to hide the like count. This is the same way you would tap to archive or delete the photo or video. Select Hide like count from there. Voila!

Hide Like Count after posting on Instagram

Instagram allows users to hide likes.

Perhaps you are wondering why hiding likes is possible.

It’s all for our good. A statement said that the company began hiding like counts from certain countries in order to “depressurize people’s experience” on Instagram.

Research has shown that teens tend to associate their online success (followers, comments, likes) with their self-worth. A study of 513 Brazilian teenage girls found that 78% had attempted to cover up or alter a part they didn’t like before uploading a photo. Another study found that 43% teens who have low social-emotional well-being deleted their social media posts due to not getting enough likes. Notable is also the fact that 25% of teens have admitted to being victims of cyberbullying in 2019.

The internet can be very hostile. Many people have made a career out of Instagram. But, whether you are an influencer with millions of followers or a ghost who posts very little, Instagram can be a drain on your mental health.

Instagram tried hiding likes and found that it was both beneficial for some users and irritating for others. In March 2021 Meta, the parent company, announced the best of both: the ability to hide or reveal your own likes.

How will hiding your likes on Instagram impact the performance of your posts

It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to hide. Is it really worth the effort?

Instagram doesn’t really know. While you can hide likes from other users and yourself, the app will still track them and use them to rank the algorithm. (For more information, see this deep dive into the current Instagram algorithm).

The algorithm determines which content you see first (on Stories and posts, as well as the Explore page). The order of content is determined by the user. It depends on what you watch, comment on and like.

That one superfan who keeps promoting your brand in his comments will probably see all of your posts regardless of whether you hide your likes. Your Instagram crush’s uncool, but strangely captivating cup-stacking videos will still show up on your feed.

On a social/emotional/mental health level, hiding likes might be–as Instagram says– “beneficial” or “annoying” for you. You might consider hiding likes for one week if you are becoming obsessed with your like count and it is affecting your ability post authentic content. Keep that toggle on if it has a positive impact on your experience.

Like counts can be used as social proof on a business level. Your like counts can give people a sense of the size and location of your business. Quality content, consistency in aesthetics, thoughtful interactions with your audience in comments are more important than the number of likes you get on your posts.

How to track Instagram likes, even if they are hidden

Instagram Insights

Instagram’s in app analytics gives you an overview of your account’s metrics. This includes information about how many people have reached you, your demographics, how your followers are growing, and how many likes your posts have received.

You must have an Instagram account to view Insights.

How to switch to Instagram Business or Creator

Go to your Instagram account and click the Insights link located under your bio. Scroll down to the Content you Shared section. This shows how many posts you’ve made within the past 7 days. Click the arrow symbol to the right. You can still press the button if you haven’t posted within the last 7 days.

Insights Overview over past 7 days

The Instagram gallery will show you photos that can be filtered by specific metrics such as reach, comments and likes.

You can also choose what kind of posts you want to show (photos or videos, or carousel posts), and when they should be shown (last week, month, three or six months, year, or two years).

Instagram Post gallery with select business metrics

You can choose to like by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of your screen. It will default to showing Reach first.


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Best time to post on Instagram to boost engagement

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