How to Make an Outstanding Agency Pitch Deck, That Attracts Clients and Grabs Attention [Free Template]

Are you able to present your pitch deck to potential clients of your social media agency? Are there missing key components? Before you present your agency pitch deck, make sure it is complete.

Potential clients often find that social media agencies offer highly-valued, detailed services that can significantly impact their business. Clients will often shop around for different agencies before choosing one.

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Your website, list of services and testimonials must stand out.

With a compelling pitch, you must effectively court clients. It should explain how your digital agency can benefit their specific business.

It is important to have a pitch deck for your marketing agency.

Your pitch could be the decisive moment in deciding whether or not your social media agency wins the contract.

We want to help you land the high-value, strong clients you are looking for.

This post will show you how to create a compelling agency pitch deck that will allow you to demonstrate what you have to offer clients and convert them.

What is a Agency Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck for an agency is a presentation that explains what your agency can offer to potential clients.

The pitch deck explains what your services are and what benefits you know. Your services and the benefits that you believe (or know!) they can provide. This is your direct sales pitch to the potential client.

It is better to focus on specific data and information than simply saying “We are the best.”

It is important to show that your social media agency is right for the client.

Agency pitch decks are usually created in PowerPoint (or another PowerPoint competitor).

The pitch deck can almost always be shared via a live video conference with a screen sharing. This gives you ample opportunity to answer all questions from clients. You can also elaborate further if necessary while customizing your pitch for each client’s specific needs during the call.

The majority of agencies use a common pitch deck for all pitches. However, they can adapt it or personalize it to suit each client.

They’ll most likely create a pitch deck for each client if they offer highly-specialized boutique services that can vary greatly from one client to the next (which is not common).

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What to include in your pitch deck

Ironically, many marketers and agencies find themselves in an awkward situation: While they are great at selling the products and services of their clients, they may have trouble selling their own brand’s products or services because it is a different selling style than what they are used to.

The right pitch deck can make all the difference.

Let’s now take a look at what you should include using SlideShare examples.

header image for conquer social media inbox

“About Us” with Your USP

Your brand name and logo will be the opening slide.

You want to begin strong on your second slide with a short sentence about yourself and your unique selling proposition (or your “USP”), but you should always start strong.

You could use phrases like these:

“Oliver Twist Agency” was established to provide high-quality organic marketing services to small businesses on a limited budget.

Name your business, and list your mission statement and USP. The business serves a specific purpose and offers great services to businesses that are on a tight budget. Your target audience is also defined.

You want your customer to know that you are able to address their particular pain points and fully understand them.


This is an example of how a USP should look in a presentation.

Tamsen Webster offers some tips on how to find your USP in a Social Pulse Weekly Episode.

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Your team’s experience (and faces).

The experience of your team will be a strong selling point.

Are there dedicated account managers that have worked with major brands such as Amazon and Shopify? Before you started your social media marketing agency, have any of your team members been on the staff at tech giants such as Google or Facebook?

Even if you are all relatively young, the phrase “a combined fifteen year of experience” sounds impressive, even though it is spread among five people.

You can also highlight courses you have taken as a “dedicated attempt to continue education”.

This slide can be used to share photos of the team or individual members.

It is possible to build trust and rapport by adding faces to the pitch deck. We love to see the faces behind emails and phone calls.

Social proof on your pitch deck

You can use social proof to show your clients and list the companies with which you have worked.

This can be used to demonstrate industry experience. If you are trying to get a contract with “superfood powder”, you could feature several small-business names from the health sector.

This is the place to mention any notable, well-known companies you have worked for.

Example of social proof

This is a great example.

social proof for a pitch deck

Slide your social proof to your agency pitch deck.

If you have been prominently featured at a major conference, or contributed to a news story, an “As Seen On” slide can be included.

Transparent view of Services Offered

Each agency is unique. Your agency may offer slightly different services to yours than other agencies.

For example, a social media marketing agency might offer engagement management. This involves responding to questions and comments.

Another definition of “full-service” social media marketing may exist, but it doesn’t include engagement management.

Do you manage social media ads for clients if you are a social media marketing agency?

Do you have the skills to create client profiles, strategies and images?

You have probably worked out all details. If your client talks to several agencies, it’s possible for them to be confused about which plan is included.

example of transparency of services in an agency pitch deck

Image source

A few slides should be prepared that clearly explain what benefits are available under the agency’s various plans. This can provide exceptional clarity.

One slide can be dedicated to each service, while one slide can be used for all others.

It is also to your advantage.

If a client wants you to reply to every client message, you won’t sign a contract.

Get the most exact pricing information

It can be challenging to price marketing agencies.

Some agencies provide flat-rate pricing for social media services, such as publication and analytics for $2,000.

Other social media marketing agencies may create customized pitches based upon the client’s ad spending, number of channels and overall volume.

How to make money in an agency

It may be difficult to determine the exact needs of the client before you can lay out the pricing. Keep this in mind and give your clients as much information possible.

Is there a minimum amount of ad spend you require clients to pay or a minimum retainer? Please explain what minimums are and their implications.

example of transparent pricing in a social media agency

Image source

Transparency regarding what is and is not included in pricing is essential.

The software that you use is likely included in your package. Clients won’t have to pay extra for it. It’s possible that you won’t pay for advertising spend or additional costs such as the prize money for a social contest. This is something that clients may not always be able to grasp.

example of ad spend in a social media agency deck

Image source

Describe How You Can Help Customers

Clients often spend too much time researching agencies to decide if they are ready to invest in their marketing budget.

Your pitch deck should not only explain how you can benefit the client, but also why the services are so valuable.

Let the client know that you are sensitive to their pain points and fully understand what they need. Clear, statist-rich data will back up what you say.

Next, explain to them how you will help them achieve specific goals.

If your agency’s goal are to scale clients’ Facebook Ad campaigns to high volumes, you might use the following:

After an in-depth analysis of your business and audience, we will quickly split test 100 different ad sets. This data will be used to create niched campaigns that are more appealing to your audience and to scale up campaigns with the highest ROAS.

This is a clear and direct plan of action.

What should you include in your pitch deck regarding benefits

This is how you explain it:

How it will work

These points will calm any doubts that the client might have, especially as many agencies don’t have solid plans.

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Case Study

Are there any case studies that are directly applicable to the client with whom you will be speaking? This can help show how your agency is capable.

Your case study should be highlighted in the pitch deck.

The case study will briefly cover the following:

Describe what you did. Why it worked. How you can share this solution with another client facing the same challenges.

Multiple case studies can be created, one for each slide.

Visuals of ads or reports with stunning graphs are a plus.

Your process

You will need to explain your strategy and tell potential clients what it will be like to work together moving forward.

What should you include?

Let’s share our process. Give us a few slides to explain the setup process and how we will work together moving forward.

It could include:

Monthly reportsRegular callsScheduled editorial calendar reviewsAnd many more!

This is a great example, describing what’s next and breaking it down in an easy way.

what to mention about the process in an agency pitch deck

An example of a process described in a pitch deck for an agency.

Agorapulse has the most recent case studies to help you with the writing of your case study.

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Allow for questions and to share information

Your contact information should be included on the last slide.

Your business’s email addressPhone numberWebsite. CTA encouraging your leads consider your services

Ask your potential clients any questions.

If the presentation was live, they will have likely asked questions. However, this is an excellent opportunity to allow them to think about any questions that may not have been answered yet.

Are you nervous about speaking in front potential clients?

Are you looking for a template for a pitch deck for agencies?

Our free template can help you streamline the process of creating pitch decks. This template was created by Kass Birrowes, director of social media at Boathouse Group.

Download your free agency pitch deck.

In conclusion

The agency pitch deck is what will decide if leads turn into clients. You’ll need to give it a lot of thought.

Include plenty of visuals and leave space for information as necessary. Don’t overwhelm potential clients by sharing a cluttered slide.

It is important to be thorough but concise. It is important to consider the needs of your clients and their concerns.

If you can, tailor your pitch deck to different clients. If necessary, switch out case studies. You’re more likely than not to be hired if you highlight strategies and services that are in line with their brand and needs.

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