How to Manage Your Social Media Content from One Place

Social media managers are responsible for more than posting on Facebook and Twitter. You are responsible for everything, from social media scheduling and analysis to brainstorming content.

This means that you will need a powerful publishing tool for social media. It will allow you to manage the entire process, from concept to completion. Your platform of choice must also allow for collaboration, regardless of whether you are working with an agency or internal team.

This is a huge task. What’s the best choice for social media managers with high standards?

Agorapulse allows you to organize and schedule social media posts, work seamlessly with others, and create insightful reports. Agorapulse allows you to manage all of your social media content from one place.

Schedule Social Media

Agorapulse allows you to publish immediately, save for later or reshare on multiple days when you use it for social media scheduling. Each option has its advantages.

Publish social media content

Your boss or client asked you to make a last-minute blog post. Are you looking to share news and timely information with your followers or boss? Agorapulse allows you to publish content immediately.

Open Agorapulse. Click the Publish icon at the upper left corner. Choose the profiles you wish to have the post displayed. Next, add a caption or creative asset to the post.

publish social media content with Agorapulse

Take a quick look at the previews for each channel. Select Publish Now and then click the orange Next button. Next, you can add campaign or publishing labels to organize your content. You can then publish the content immediately or give it approval.

Schedule social media content

You can schedule and batch content creation to make it easier to work efficiently, no matter how complex your campaign is.

Start creating posts using the same workflow that was used above to plan content ahead of time.

schedule social media content with Agorapulse

Select Schedule, then click the orange Next button. Next, you can add any campaign or publishing labels. You can also choose the date and time for the post’s live. Click the orange Schedule button and then approve the process.

Posts to be rescheduled for multiple dates

It is usually better to post completely different social media posts. Your followers will get bored of the same messages over and over again.

There are many great reasons to schedule more than one post.

Evergreen content is a great example. Sharing great posts every few weeks or even months can help you continue to offer value to your followers.

header image for conquer social media inbox

Agorapulse makes it easy for you to publish content multiple times. Instead of scheduling content on a single date and choosing Republish frequently, Next, choose how often and how frequently you want to republish.

social media scheduling publish

You can choose Schedule again to have more control over when you republish. You may choose to republish every Monday or at random intervals. Click the orange Schedule button to choose how many times you wish to republish.

schedule social media content again with Agorapulse

You can edit or delete any scheduled posts at any time. Click on the post you wish to edit. Next, make any necessary changes to the content and timing. Click the orange Save Changes button.

To remove it from your calendar, you can also click the red delete button.

Collaboration with social media teams

Your social media scheduling process is likely to be very simple if you have a small team. If you have colleagues, clients from an agency, or both, you will need a social media publishing tool that allows you to collaborate.

Agorapulse offers both.

Assign content to colleagues

First, ensure that your coworkers are granted access to the correct profiles. Select a team member from your Agorapulse organization settings.

Make any updates and review their profiles.

team permissions in Agorapulse in social media scheduling

Create a post to be published immediately or later in order to get your colleagues involved in discussing social media content. Instead of pressing the orange Schedule button or Publish button click the gray Assign button.

assign a post for approval in Agorapulse for social media scheduling

Next, use the dropdown menu for team members. Click the orange Assign button to add a message. The post can be edited by your colleague, approved or rejected, and returned to you for further edits.

Clients should approve

You don’t need to add clients as Agorapulse user if you require their input on social media posts. Instead, create a Shared calendar by going to your organization settings. Enter the email addresses of your clients and choose the profiles that you wish to link to the calendar.

How to create a social media calendar that works

Clients will be notified by email that they have been invited to complete the setup. You can access the Shared Calendar link from any time to view any published or scheduled content. Your clients can approve, review, comment and approve any post you have assigned to approval from the Shared Calendar.

Create a new post with your Agorapulse publishing schedule to get client feedback. Use the dropdown menu for clients who have access to the Shared Calendar to assign the post to client approval.

assign a post for client approval in Agorapulse

You can also add a message to the post and decide whether you want to notify your client via email. Your client can then approve or deny the post. Your client or another member of your team must approve the content before it goes live.

Brainstorming and Planning Social Media Content

Social media content should appear out of thin air in an ideal world. You could then schedule it or publish it instantly. However, it takes a lot planning and brainstorming to create great social media posts.

Agorapulse makes it much easier to plan social media marketing campaigns either alone or with a group. You can organize and draft content with a simple workflow.

Brainstorm campaign ideas

Perhaps you are preparing for a major product launch. Perhaps you are planning for a big holiday season. You’ll be able to create campaign ideas at different stages.

If you are ready to schedule content and create assets, you can skip to the organization portion of the process. Here’s what to do if you are still in brainstorming.

Select the profile where you wish to add campaign ideas in your Agorapulse publishing schedule. Click on the plus sign to hover over a tentative date. It’s possible to change the date at any time, so don’t be too rigid about it.

create a social media post with Agorapulse

Next, enter your idea.

How to be more creative

You are free to be as specific or vague as you like. Attach a link, image, or video. This is only for internal use. Select Schedule and then press the orange Next button.

draft a social media post with Agorapulse

Add a label to your post to make it easier to track your ideas. You can add a campaign label to your posts in the settings of each social profile. Then tag your drafts retroactively.

Instead of scheduling your brainstorming post for later, click the gray Assign button. Click the dropdown menu and you will see a complete list of team members as well as people who have access your Shared Calendar.

assign a post to yourself in Agorapulse

Give the draft to someone. You can assign the draft to yourself if you are just taking notes. You can assign it to someone else if you need input from clients or coworkers. Next, click on the orange Send for approval button.

Collaborate on Post Drafts

Are you ready for the final step in your social media campaign planning? All draft posts that you’ve created can be found on your Publishing Calendar. They are highlighted in orange.

find a draft in Agorapulse

You can edit a draft post by finding it in your Publishing Calendar. You can edit the caption, attach images and videos, change hashtags, or upload photos and videos. You can also modify the publication date, time and add or remove labels.

Want to see comments from clients or teammates on your draft? To review comments, click the blue Show History link.

read post comments in Agorapulse 1

Click the arrow beside the orange Reassign To button if you are ready to schedule the posting. Next, click Save and Approve to finish the process.

If you prefer to keep the post in draft mode instead, click Send for approval. You can also click the orange Reassign button to send the post on to another member of the team. You can also add another comment to the conversation when you reassign.

Organise social media assets

It can be difficult to keep track of social media assets when you are working with a group. It can be difficult to keep track of what is final and approved for social media usage unless your team is extremely diligent.

Agorapulse’s Asset Library makes it so easy to organize images and videos. Navigate to the Library in Agorapulse to access your asset collection.

Upload and store your assets

Click the orange Create New button to add assets to your library. You can then create a folder with subfolders! You can either create a campaign for your campaign, or drag and drop assets onto the window.

Agorapulse Asset Library - create a new folder

Agorapulse’s Canva integration can also help you streamline your team’s creativity. Click Design with Canva to create a new item and select the dimensions.

Next, you can design a new post or choose an existing design. To add it to Agorapulse’s asset library, click the Publish button.

Agorapulse Asset Library - design with Canva

You can edit assets after they have been uploaded to your library. To edit an asset’s name, campaign label, internal note or alt text, click on it. Click the red “Delete File” link if you don’t want the asset to be stored in your library.

Are you looking to add an additional level of organization to your library’s structure? Select multiple assets, then move them to a folder or add labels.

Locate and attach assets

You can publish assets created in the library directly after they are published. Click on an asset to publish it. Or edit the asset and select Publish this asset from a dropdown menu.

If you have already created drafts, then you should go back to them. You can go back to your publishing calendar and choose a draft you want to edit.

edit a draft in Agorapulse

Click the grey Open Library button to select the asset you wish to attach. To update your draft, tap the orange Add Files button.

add an asset to a post in Agorapulse 1

After editing, you have the option to approve, send it for approval or assign it. You can then go back to your asset library and finish the remainder of your campaign drafts.

Create Cross-Channel Campaigns

Your work is done if you are creating a simple social media campaign that uses one channel. You can then move on to the reporting stage.

If your campaign involves multiple social media channels, then you will need to create and customize posts on each platform. After creating the initial posts, cross-channel campaigns can be set up in just minutes.

Duplicate posts on social media

Navigate to your publishing calendar. You will need to find the post that you wish to publish across all channels.

find a post in Agorapulse

Select the profiles you wish to publish the content by clicking the gray Duplicate Post link. Click the orange Next button to publish the posts as is.

You can add labels to each channel and schedule a time. Next, schedule the posts and assign them to a team member.

Customize content per channel

You can customize the content for each channel to avoid cross-posting. Click the icon to customize the channel.

Click the Edit button to edit the caption. You may also want to add hashtags or emojis for Instagram posts. You might also wish to modify the tone or messaging, tag other channels, and tag them.

cross-post with Agorapulse

You may be able to use Agorapulse channel-specific options in certain cases. If you plan to create Instagram Stories, or do any last-minute filtering on Instagram, toggle Send to Mobile. To optimize for each platform, you may also need to adjust social media image sizes.

Once you’re done editing, click on the Preview button to view the post. To preview the post on each channel, you can click the Preview button. Once you are done, click on the orange Next button and complete the scheduling process.

Prepare and schedule social media reports

Publishing labels can help you and your team stay organized. You can create campaign reports by labeling content.

Review social media profile reports

Agorapulse automatically includes publishing labels in all profile reports.

Go to the reports tab, scroll down to the bottom to see yours. To see the number published posts for any campaign within the reporting period, hover over any section of this graph.

Agorapulse content report

You can find more information in the global content report on any profile. You can see which campaigns have generated the most engagement at the bottom of this page. This data can be used to plan future content, particularly if you are looking for more engaging campaigns.

Create campaign reports

A profile report gives you a comprehensive overview of all your published content. A campaign report allows you to take a closer look at your results.

Click the report icon at the upper left corner to create Power Reports. Select Label Report to choose the profiles and labels you wish to add.

create a campaign report in Agorapulse 1

You can select the sections you wish to include in your report. You can also select the criteria that will determine which profiles have the best content.

You can view the campaign report and download it at any time after you have created it. Schedule the report to be used for ongoing campaigns. To ensure that everyone receives a copy, you can add clients and employees to the report.

create a campaign report in Agorapulse 3

You can also schedule an automatic copy to arrive in your inbox each week or month. You can then write up the analysis and send it to colleagues or clients.

In conclusion

It can seem overwhelming to manage every aspect of a social campaign. Agorapulse is a fully-featured social media platform that allows you to manage all aspects of a campaign and still stay organized.

Start saving time and energy with your social media management. Get a free trial of Agorapulse, which will help you plan, track, measure, and measure your social media efforts.