How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn calls itself “the largest professional network in the world,” which is a right. LinkedIn has over 740 million members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn Company Pages enable brands to win business and hire staff.

LinkedIn Company Pages is another channel that social media managers can post to, but they are easy to forget.

This article will show you how to schedule LinkedIn posts for your company page. You’ll also find some content hacks and ideas to spice it up. Let’s go!

What can you post on a LinkedIn Company Page page?

Let’s first look at some content ideas before we get into how to schedule LinkedIn posts. You should set up social media KPIs so that you know your goals.

1. Post job opportunities and get the latest

It is a proven method to find top talent by posting job vacancies on your LinkedIn Company Page. To increase traffic, you can boost posts.

scheduled linkedin posts via boost

You can also post information about employment vacancies and partnerships.

Employee advocacy is also hugely popular. Videos, welcome packets, and the “life at” series “Meet The Team” are all very popular.

2. News from Share Company

Your company news is at the top of LinkedIn’s company page content.

LinkedIn is a social media network that’s more corporate-oriented. Your followers will be expecting to see your news. This could include:

New officesCompany recruitsPartnership dealsFinancial resultsAwardsEventsNew products

Your brand can decide how you communicate the news, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Unlimint’s video of their arrival in New York is available here.

how you schedule linkedin posts to your company page

You can also create interest in upcoming online events, as Agorapulse did.

scheduled linkedin posts and share live q and a

You can also reflect on your company’s values and goals, as Wendy’s CEO and President did.

share company goals via scheduled linkedin posts

3. Curation of content

You can share posts from other channels to your LinkedIn Company Page, but who said that you couldn’t? We disagree!

Share any tweets or posts that get lots of engagement, make everyone laugh or spark a discussion on LinkedIn.

You don’t even need to post it. For good social media etiquette, tag and credit the author.

These user-curated Reddit posts are our favorite:

4. You can work from home and have the opportunity to meet your pets.

It would be wrong to not acknowledge our furry coworkers, as so many people work from home. It is possible to add pets to your company’s page. This can be a great way of increasing engagement.

Do not worry, we’ve evolved from those days when they were considered unprofessional.

See the Monzo bank post.

5. Help in a meaningful manner

There is a hashtag for every month and most days. You don’t have to get involved.

Choose hashtags that are relevant to your organization and that align with charitable donations. New Look did a great job.

LinkedIn scheduling allows you to plan ahead for important events and causes, and create a great LinkedIn marketing campaign. Don’t forget to track the appropriate social media metrics.

Now that you know what you want to post, how do you schedule posts for your LinkedIn Company Page?

Agorapulse allows you to schedule social media posts and make campaign plans in advance. It also offers holiday and leave cover, better communication, and the possibility of scheduling campaigns.

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Let’s take a look at scheduling LinkedIn posts.

How to give LinkedIn Scheduling access to your team

You might give access to your scheduling platform for many reasons. This could be for your marketing team or the compliance/legal officer of a company whose social networks you manage.

Contentworks Agency works, for instance, with high-level finance firms that may require multiple approvals before a post can be published.

Agorapulse allows companies to add employees to their dashboard and approve LinkedIn posts before they go public. You can also add colleagues to your dashboard without having to use spreadsheets or lengthy email chains.

You must ensure that the person you wish to give access to your LinkedIn scheduling platform is Super Admin. If they are not Super Admins, you cannot grant them posting rights. Schedule rights will not be granted to the Analyst and Content Admin roles.

Your Agorapulse dashboard can be connected to your LinkedIn Company Page. Simply create a profile and choose the LinkedIn Company Page.

Agorapulse will then display any LinkedIn Company Pages that you are admin of. You can add the page and then you are done!

You should ensure that the profile is accessible to the correct members of your team. This can be done by checking the admin boxes next to each profile and confirming which members of your team are admins. Click the admin box next each profile to confirm your selection.

In 5 Easy Steps, Schedule LinkedIn Posts

Once you have your Agorapulse profile and the right team members linked to it, let us now look at how to schedule LinkedIn posts for your Company Page.

1. Check your publishing calendar to ensure you have the right LinkedIn profile.

You can then view all posts and upcoming content, and decide when you want to schedule. Select the month and day you wish to post, and then write the caption.

Canva allows you to add images or videos to your posts or create one by using Canva’s handy tab under your caption. Be sure to choose the correct image size. LinkedIn post image size should not exceed 1200×1200 (square), 1080×1350 (portrait), or 1200×627 for LinkedIn link posts.

LinkedIn videos can be sized from 256×144 (minimum) up to 4096×2304 (maximum). It is best to add the same post to multiple channels without an image or design for each channel.

GIFs can be added to LinkedIn. You can do this by saving the GIF to your computer from Giphy, and then upload it as a picture. GIFs work well on LinkedIn company pages. They can also be fun, if your brand is bold enough.

2. Click Next to move on to the scheduling portion of your post

You can schedule LinkedIn posts through Agorapulse to create posts in your target audience’s time zone. This is great news for social media managers who don’t want to stay up until midnight to post in Australia. If you’re not in Australia, the UK.

3. This screen will show you the options Schedule once, Republish Regularly or Schedule Again

Schedule once. This is where your content will go live. The content will not be repeated after it is published. This is ideal to use for news announcements and flash sales, employee welcomes, charity fundraisers, and other purposes.

You can republish frequently. This option allows you to republish your content as many times as you wish and as long as it is available. As an example, you could repeat your content 12 times every 30 days as shown below. This is best for evergreen content and unchanging offers. A blog explaining how your core product works is one example.

You can schedule again. This option allows you to schedule your content twice, and you can choose the dates and times. This option is great if you need to remind LinkedIn fans about upcoming events or promotions. You can also choose to display your post in two time zones.

As an example, Europe can be on post 1, and the USA on post 2. Choose your options and set a schedule. The content will be queued up on your LinkedIn company page.

4. Do you need to delete a posting?

Marketing is not immune to this. Maybe an event was cancelled or your caption needs to be modified.

Posts that have been scheduled in your calendar can be easily deleted. You can also edit the date to move them closer or further away. Remember that deleting one of the scheduled repeats will not erase the other.

You can change the date by editing your time and date. Make sure to hit Save at the bottom of the screen.

5. Queue categories work well for LinkedIn company pages

These can be used to create regular themes days or tips, and you can also use them for posting patterns. You can also view your schedule instantly. Agorapulse offers publishing categories, also known as “queue category” or “category queues”.

This is how to make queues.

Create a queue category name. Depending on the industry you work in and the content that you post, this could be “marketing tips”, “fun videos”, or “events”.

This feature is accessible by clicking Publishing Lists in the left-hand menu, then Queued at top.

This area allows you to easily create and modify guidelines regarding how often you want similar content posted. You can either manually add content to other categories or use a CSV file.

You can also bulk-upload from an RSS feed or add images. Find out more about the differences between schedule and queue.

LinkedIn Scheduling Hacks

Agorapulse allows you to save hashtags that can be used in LinkedIn Company posts. After you have written them, you can save them and insert them in your scheduled posts. This saves time for social media managers who are tired of having to copy and paste client hashtags from Word documents.

Scheduling and content planning go hand in hand.

You should be live at least a few weeks before major events to maximize your chances of capturing trends and maximizing shopping opportunities. Shoppers are often looking for Christmas and Halloween deals before the event actually happens.

You can easily duplicate popular content by simply pressing a button on your calendar. Simply visit any post and click on it to duplicate. You can then publish a duplicate immediately, schedule it, or add it to a queue.

This option has the best advantage of being able to edit the text. This post, which was originally written in 2021 for an end-of-year piece, can now be rewritten for 2022.


Agorapulse makes it easy to add or remove clients and team members. You can also schedule posts, add videos and plan your content months ahead of time!

Start saving time and energy with your social media management. Get a free trial of Agorapulse, which will help you plan, track, measure, and measure your social media efforts.