How to Search on Twitter Like James Bond

You are a lot like James Bond than what you might think. You are sophisticated and adventurous. You’re a pioneer in new media.

Digital marketers today have a higher level of security clearance than the CEO for company social media accounts and an interest in intrigue and adventure.

Access to the best tools like Twitter Search allows you to search Twitter like James Bond.

“What were you expecting, an exploding pen?” Q in Skyfall

What is the Twitter Search Tool?

Q would definitely have designed the Aston Martin to allow Twitter search-enabled if James Bond was a social media strategist.

Twitter is my favourite platform to get breaking news, hear from real people all over the globe, and follow trends or interests. It’s lightning fast and has powerful search capabilities that allow you to find exactly what your looking for.

While you might use the Twitter search box to search for a particular hashtag or word, Twitter’s search function offers much more if you know where to look.

The search tool can be found by clicking Advanced search located under Search filters at the top right of your results page.

search filters for twitter search

This is what you’ll find:

 twitter search advanced

If you want your Twitter to be sophisticated, shaken and not stirred, take a look at the Advanced Twitter Search options.

Twitter Word Search Features

Let’s begin by looking at different word combinations that can be used to search for something.

Advanced search allows you to refine your search results using any combination of these fields:

Tweets that contain all words in any position, “Twitter”, and “search” will show you everything about movies, characters and books. Filtering can be done by selecting “Top” to see the most popular and “Latest” to view the most recent.

Tweets that contain exact phrases So, for example, “Shaken, Not Stirred”, will pinpoint the exact phrase every time it is used. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is related to James Bond. This is just how Twitter users tweet. You might search for misspellings if your brand uses a complicated spelling.

 twitter search

Tweets that contain any of these words. Search or Twitter will search for tweets that contain any of these words, such as James OR Bond.

Tweets that exclude specific words (“Twitter”, but not “search”) This tool can be used to eliminate unwanted results from your search. This tool can be used in conjunction with what you want to search for, e.g. James Bond, but not Sean Connery. Sean, this is for demonstration purposes only!

Tweets that include a particular hashtag. This hashtag, for example #ShakenButNotStirred, will only show you tweets that use this hashtag. This is especially useful for following branded hashtags in your campaigns.

A search filter that allows you to find tweets in a particular language is very useful. You can monitor your brand’s international presence and campaign in French more precisely if you have it. If you only operate in English and are unable to translate tweets, add English as the filter.

Twitter Search Tip – You can search for tweets using one, two, or all of these filters. Similar to targeting, the more filters you use, the more precise your results will be.

How to do a simple Twitter search with filters

Advanced Twitter Search has some filters that have been pre-checked. These filters include all tweets, including replies and original plus tweets.

These options can be adjusted to suit your search preferences. You can choose to remove the Replies entirely if you are only interested in original tweets. All official accounts are “James Bond” except for the replies. This allows you to see the most important information and news, as well as brand news.

Twitter Search Tip – You can choose to see or not see links. Removing links can help you eliminate spam and save time when filtering for brand campaigns or monitoring sentiment for big brands.

More filters

Image or Video

Sometimes you may need an image or video to search for what you are looking for. Enter your keyword, phrase or hashtag in the search box. Press return to continue. To filter out text-only tweets, click on the “photos” and “videos” links once you see the results.

conquer social media inbox with agorapulse header image

Below are the results of the 1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (for James Bond fans “Spectre”)

“Top” vs. “Latest”

The default search setting will show you the “top” tweets when you search. This means you’ll only see tweets with the highest engagement. The results won’t always show the latest posts. To see the most recent tweets matching your search, click on “latest”.

Filter by people

Click on “People” to search for people or accounts. Twitter will show accounts with the same username. This will often give you the official channels.

People you follow

This allows you check tweets from any person or only those you follow. You’re most likely to have the “anyone” option enabled for a brand. You might prefer content only from the people you follow.

Tweets close to you

This filter is useful if your brand operates in a particular geographic area. You might want to know what Time Square is saying about Pizza, so that you can join in the conversation with your local pizzeria.

Filter by Accounts, Secret Agent

James Bond didn’t want to spy on every man in the city. He was only interested in spying on certain men.

You can reduce the noise and get the Twitter search results that you want.

These cool features are available under Twitter Advanced Search.

Tweets sent from @007Films (EON Produtions Limited, who are the studios behind James Bond movies) That’s a real Twitter handle. I’m amazed. Tweets sent as replies to specific accounts/ Tweets that refer to a particular account. This feature is useful for monitoring brand activity, such as contests or campaigns. This search filter can also be used to reduce noise and monitor brand complaints and questions.

Twitter Search Tip – Remember that you can use Agorapulse to monitor keywords and accounts on Twitter. You can also set rules and assign replies. A multi-channel professional dashboard is required if you have multiple accounts. You will have to log in to each Twitter account individually, which is not exactly James Bond.

Search by Date

You don’t have to be James Bond to scour through irrelevant tweets until finding what you are looking for.

Actually, it’s annoying. You only want the results of the current month if you have a monthly contest. You may have the same recurring contest hashtag, so you can filter on that to bring up all contests.

Twitter’s advanced search tools allow you to filter by date. You can use the calendar dropdown menu to choose a “from”, and “to” date. This will allow you to view old tweets without the need for a new one.

Now that you’re familiar with where to look for the tools, let us now tell you why to use them.

Here are the reasons we use Twitter Search to help our agency clients.

Look for conversations. What if there is a major storm in your local area? Search can be used to listen to conversations and assess the impact. You might even offer your services at a discounted price or for free. Spy on your competitors to bring out the Bond! Search can be used to monitor their responses, keywords, engagements, and other information. Monitor conversations between customers and competitors. Set up accurate filters on Twitter to uncover news and articles that you wouldn’t otherwise see. This allows you to cut through the noise and find what you are looking for. This will give you reliable sources of information. This allows you to quickly identify consumer sentiment and reputation flaws. Social media managers are often exposed to negative news throughout the day. This setting is crucial. Mute a topic or keyword that triggers. Muting a topic that doesn’t relate to your sector can make your daily scroll and monitoring much easier. Mute as many keywords you like!

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