How to unify two Facebook Pages

Perhaps you are a master at managing multiple Facebook Pages. Sometimes, however, you might want to combine two or more Facebook pages into one.

There are many reasons why you might want to combine two or more Facebook pages into one.

At some point, admin rights were lost to your Facebook page. You set up a new Facebook page only to lose admin rights on the previous one. This was a mistake that you realized, so you created a Facebook page for your business from your personal profile. You now have two profiles and one page. Now you have two pages and one business profile. (Arghhh! (Arghhh! You now have many pages. Facebook somehow created additional pages for your business by checking in. If someone tries to log in to your page but can’t find it, or if they are automatically generated from Wikipedia articles, this could happen. The old page remained there and people were engaged with it. You now have two Pages.

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Facebook states that if you have two Facebook pages for the same topic, you might be able merge them.

Administrator of both Pages.

How to merge two Facebook pages

It is important to prepare for this. Although the process of merging is quite straightforward, it can become complicated by many issues that you can resolve before merging.

This process should be started at least a week in advance.

All your pages are listed

You should ensure that you have found all pages related to your business. To be certain you have all the pages, do a Facebook search.

Tip: Sometimes the Facebook mobile app search will show you an additional Page that is not available on desktop. It is worth performing the search twice.

Keep track of the number of followers on each page and log-in to check in.

Change profile pictures

Make sure that each page has its own profile picture so you can identify them easily during the merging process. Also, take a note of each one.

Check out the Facebook page information.

Make sure that the address you have added to your business pages is identical on all of them.

You can do the same with your phone number, website links and About sections.

You should make sure that the names of the two Facebook pages you wish to merge are as similar as possible. In some cases, you might need to request a change in the name of one or more pages.

You can try incremental changes to your name if it is rejected.

You can request access to pages if you do not have the right to do so.

claim an unmanaged page

Tell your Facebook followers

Let both Pages’ audiences know that you are merging Pages. A photo could be created and posted to your Pages. This image can be pinned to both Pages to give current followers a chance of seeing it.

Consider running a Facebook Ad or Sponsored Story if you have a large following on both Pages. Notify your email list, and any other online followers.

How to strategically post to Facebook groups

Choose which Facebook page you want to keep.

You can choose which page you wish to keep. All content on a page that you merge will be lost. You can download any images or other information that you wish to keep.

You will most likely want to keep the page that has the most followers and merge it with the one with the fewest.

All content will be retained on the Page you choose to keep. The pages that you merge will combine all the Followers and Check ins. Remember that people may have liked both Pages. This will result in no new likes.

Business Manager

Both pages must be part of the same Business Manager/Business Suite account. To proceed, you will need to add the page in your Business Manager.

Now you can merge the two Facebook pages.

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What to do during the merging of two Facebook pages

Start the merging process whenever possible from the same computer you use to access Facebook.

Security issues will occur if you attempt to perform this action on a device that has never accessed the page before.

If we are unable to meet in person, I will usually travel to my clients’ workplace or use screen sharing to talk through the merger.

How to merge first

Place pages or Wikipedia pages can be combined to merge multiple pages. These Pages are often a nuisance because they have very little content or none at all, and also contain check-ins.

The next step of the process will allow you to merge them into one Page. There is no need to worry about losing any content, even if there isn’t any. Move on to the next step once you have all of these Pages merged together.

How to merge two Facebook Pages

Step 1. Go to

The password for your Facebook account will be asked.

password to merge facebook pages

Step 2. Step 2.

In the boxes, start typing the names of your Facebook pages. The page will be displayed in a drop-down menu as you type. Click on the page that you wish to merge.

Click “Continue”

merge duplicate pages on facebook

Facebook will inform you if there is a problem merging pages and offer a solution.

facebook pages cant be merged

Step 3. Step 3.

Facebook will ask you on the next page which page you wish to keep. Select the Keeper from the dropdown menu, and then click ‘Keep Page’.

Facebook will require you to confirm the merger. That’s it! You’ve merged your pages.

What happens if my Facebook page merge request is denied?

Check this:

Both pages have the same names or similar names.

If the Facebook page merge is rejected, you can unpublish the pages. This will prevent your audience from interfacing with them, or confusing multiple pages.

How to Successfully Combine Two Facebook Pages

A new Facebook merged Facebook Page is a great opportunity to focus on your Facebook marketing.

Redesign your Page’s look! Set a new cover image and profile picture. Use important keywords to add as much information as possible to the ‘about’ section.

Create a new content strategy to keep your audience interested.

If possible, verify your Facebook page.

Verifying your Facebook Page is important because Facebook will make your page more searchable (yay!). Your potential customers and friends will know that your Page really is real.

Readers’ Questions Answered

Many obstacles and hiccups can be encountered when merging two Facebook Pages. Many of our readers have asked very specific questions.

These are some additional tips that you should keep in mind when merging two Facebook pages into one.

You must have admin rights for both pages to merge them. You can’t merge two pages if you’re an editor or someone else. You can make sure it is safe to check the URL immediately after merging the pages. If your pages have the same number and fans, you shouldn’t expect that your fan base will double. The people you have will be the same as your fans. If you have pages with different fans, you will be able to merge them and gain more fans.

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