How to use PPC marketing SaaS products

Standing out from the crowd in digital product sales is becoming more difficult. There are many SaaS companies in the marketplace, so consumers may be confused about which one is best.

What if your digital product solves an extremely niche problem? Running PPC campaigns to promote SaaS products is a key strategy.

You need a strategy for increasing your organic traffic. To generate buzz and build brand awareness, you will likely also need to increase your social media presence.

Paid traffic is a great alternative, especially in the beginning stages.

Why should you consider PPC advertising for SaaS marketing and software products?

What is SaaS marketing?

SaaS marketing strategies focus on the promotion of a product that is software-as-a-service. Software products are often highly competitive. This presents unique challenges, such as offering a clear value proposition and building and maintaining brand visibility.

SaaS marketing presents a unique challenge to business marketers. It requires careful consideration.

Is PPC possible for B2B products

PPC ads can be a great tool for B2C businesses, but some may question their effectiveness when it comes to B2B products. PPC ads, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, can have a significant impact on B2B marketing.

PPC still accounts to between 40% and 50% of clicks on Google. This is probably the best way to quickly sign up.

Search engines are a common way for business and enterprise clients to find solutions. You can retarget potential customers by using social media ads like Instagram or Facebook.

PPC ads are in high demand. To get the best results, you need to be able to focus on best practices marketing tips (which will be shared shortly).

SaaS PPC products that are the best

Research your target audience is a key part of any SaaS marketing strategy. Your ideal customer profile is a crucial part of your business model. It will help you optimize and target your ads.

Also, we assume that your product is either ready for launch or has already been launched. A product that’s not fit for purpose is the fastest way to ruin a marketing campaign.

Before you spend your marketing budget, ensure that the software product you are selling is as tight as a drum.

These are the essential elements of a SaaS PPC marketing strategy.

1. Your ads will be seen by a specific audience

Building a custom audience is a great way to start your SaaS marketing. You can target similar audiences with Facebook Ads and Google Ads if you have an email list of potential customers or customers who are interested in your product.

Google will soon be changing how they target audiences with your data. This will take place in 2023.

Facebook Ads allows you to still create custom audiences. The Meta suite of tools is very helpful if you run image- or video-based ads campaigns.

These steps will help you if you don’t yet have a list potential customers.

To build a list with potential clients, use a CRM system to gather information about your customers. To build a list of potential clients, you can use a CRM system to collect information about your existing customers.

Learn how to identify and grow your audience using Google Ads.

2. Copy should be clear and concise

It is important to clearly define your SaaS product when marketing SaaS products. Keep your headlines and ad copy simple and easy-to-understand.

This means avoiding complex terminology or industry-specific jargon.

This might not be possible with some products. However, in these cases you are likely targeting a specific user who may be familiar with the problem you solve.

Your ads are your elevator pitch. You have 30 seconds. You probably have less than a second.

Make your platform count.

Pay attention to your headlines in paid search results. Simply state what your product is. Make your ad copy simple to read and clarify your product offer. Add extensions to specific categories, if necessary.

This is an excellent example of chatbot software Userlike keeping things simple.

Even if you have never heard of the product, the header clearly explains what it is. The ad copy is clear and easy to read, with all the features and benefits highlighted. There are extensions that will take you to the correct category.

This is compared to Zendesk, a popular tool.

Similar tool, but with a different approach. Although there are fewer benefits and distractions, it is clear what the product does. Zendesk is a well-known chatbot company, so their ads may rely less heavily on Zendesk’s copy.

3. Your ads should be visually appealing

SaaS products can make it difficult to convey your benefits and features in long text. Facebook Ads can help with this.

Your copy should be concise and optimized. Make use of the ad spaces to create ads or banners that highlight the benefits of your product.

This DiiB example is my favorite.

using multiple marketing channels such as Facebook is key to SaaS marketing success

They make it easy to see what the product is used for by using bright buttons. The copy is also easy to read to understand the details.

They also provide a clear CTA to encourage users to take a test and check out the site.

You can use video ads and carousels with Facebook and Instagram Ads. These are more engaging and can help you explain complicated product offers in seconds.

Our SaaS marketing expert offers pro advice on how to create high-converting Facebook Ads.

4. Create a stunning landing page

If your customers simply bounce off the landing page, all your advertising efforts will be in vain. This is why landing pages are so powerful. A landing page can help you streamline your message, keep customers’ attention and highlight other features.

Here are some tips to make a great SaaS landingpage

Clear title or header. Use images like screenshots, animated gifs and videos to show the power of your SaaS product. Include CTA buttons so that they know where they can sign up. Make your offer clear. You can get a free trial Offer a discount You could offer a discount by including this text in your CTA buttons

Our comprehensive guide to creating great landing pages is available here.

5. Social proof is a plus

Social proof is the key to gaining traction in today’s age of social media. This is especially important when you’re trying to sell a tool that your audience may not have even heard of. How can you convince them that your product is valuable?

Your audience may be more inclined to give you a try if they see highlights or testimonials.

It can be very powerful to embed links to your TrustPilot, Google Reviews or other review sites. If you don’t have this, or if your product is still in its early stages, you can display your certifications and any reviews that highlight your value.

The other side of this coin is that SaaS marketing also includes getting positive reviews. Your potential customers will be more comfortable if you display a badge on the site stating that your Capterra or G2 rating is 4.8 stars.

As part of your overall marketing strategy, you should encourage feedback as often and as often as possible.

6. Avoid Ad Fatigue

Your leads may continue to be exposed to PPC campaigns if you are running ads via Retargeting. Display ad campaigns can also be used to expose your leads to your banners all over the internet.

This can lead to ad overload. Prospects may become disengaged from your brand if they see the same copy and visuals over and over.

To reduce ad fatigue, you might consider cycling through several versions of your ads and changing up the imagery and copy. This will allow your prospects to see your offer in new ways and keeps you top of mind without irritating your leads.

Most people will feel ad fatigue when there is an aggressive advertising campaign. You can improve the perception of your ad copy, and overall PPC marketing campaign, by making it interesting and fresh.

To improve your marketing performance, A/B-test your ads

7. Keywords that are relevant to competitors

Businesses often bid on brand keywords when running paid search ads. If a tool that is similar to Hubspot were launched, businesses might bid on the term “Hubspot” and run ads saying something like:

“ProductX – The Best Alternative To Hubspot?”

A clever way to run this type of advertising campaign is to emphasize your advantage over the competition.

“10x faster than Product A”

“Trusted by more professionals that Product X”

“Biggest database vs Product Y”

Running ads against competitors exposes you to all sorts of problems. To avoid legal problems, you should be careful. Don’t criticize them for bad performance or in any other way.

You might even get a return on your investment if you place ads that target keywords of competitors. Be prepared!

8. Free content

Free guides and content are a classic content marketing strategy. In return for your contact information, you can give them away. Promote the benefits of your SaaS business by being a thought leader within your industry and giving this thought leadership away (sort of).

A lead magnet remains an effective tool for inbound marketing, even for SaaS marketing. People will often gladly give an email to receive a guide or to register for your webinar.

Some examples of lead magnets for SaaS marketing include:

Downloadable ebooks and guidesReports and white papersAccess to video coursesSignup for a webinar or free coursePre-launch trials or beta accessFree tickets to conferences/eventsFree merch!

8. Clear CTAs are important (and it should be easy to sign up).

A clear call to action is a key component of any PPC campaign. It could be found on your paid search result page, landing page, Facebook Ad or display banner on the GDN.

Your product or service will determine what your CTA says. We have also looked at power words as a way to increase conversions.

9. Avoid fraud in your funnels

Fraud can be committed in all forms of paid marketing. Click fraud and ad fraud are the biggest problems with PPC campaigns. These click frauds on paid links are a waste of on average 14% in Google Ads campaigns.

These invalid traffics can be caused by:

CompetitorsBots & Click farmsFraudulent Ad Placement (ad fraud).

SaaS companies face other challenges than clicking on paid links.

These frauds can cause serious damage to your business and customers. Stolen payment and data details are more than embarrassing. Stolen data and payment details can cause trust issues, legal action, or even the end of a company.

ClickCease, a SaaS fraud prevention tool, is the best way to avoid the most common forms such as click fraud and bot-based site fraud.

SaaS Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mistakes that can be made in marketing campaigns. These are the top mistakes that can impact SaaS marketing strategies, and ad campaigns.

Your message should not be divergent from your audience

Misinterpreting your brand message is perhaps the biggest mistake. SaaS companies make some obvious mistakes when they try to be too technical or don’t clearly communicate their benefits.

Failure to create a unique value proposition

What makes your product different? What makes your product different from the rest? What would your SaaS product do to improve the lives of your target audience? It should be obvious in all your content marketing and PPC ads.

Optimizing for conversions is not a good idea

SaaS products are defined by how well they convert customers. SaaS marketers must ensure that there is always a steady stream of new customers for their SaaS products. No matter what stage of the funnel your marketing is at, it is important to remember the CTAs and value propositions.

Your product should be easy to use.

SaaS customers may not always see the obvious benefits of their subscription. It’s a good idea, therefore, to provide ample opportunities to increase customer knowledge about your product and service. This can be done in the form of regular webinars, AMAs or free training courses. Customers who don’t see the value in their monthly (often high-priced), subscription are more likely to leave.

Prevention of fraud in SaaS products and marketing campaigns

Fraud prevention is an essential part of any marketing strategy. This holds true for SaaS companies as well. SaaS companies need to be vigilant about their ad traffic as well as their leads due to the high cost per click.

ClickCease offers a layer of protection that protects both organic and paid traffic. SaaS marketers can rest assured that click fraud is being blocked in real time, ensuring that they are only targeting their intended audience.

Bot Zapping by ClickCease also stops bot traffic from WordPress sites. No more spambots, account hacks, account takeovers, or other fraudulent payment information.

ClickCease offers a free trial to help you conduct a traffic audit of your ads as part of any SaaS marketing campaign.

Get your 7-day trial for free today.

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