How video improves sales conversion rates

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Video marketing can be a great investment. This content is very shareable. This content encourages information retention and engages your audience in ways that written content cannot.

It’s crucial to learn how video content can be used to increase your conversion rate as a video marketer.

Video marketing has many benefits. Learn more about the various types of videos that you can create for your audience.

What is the Video Sales Conversion Rate?

The percentage of viewers who take an action after viewing a video is your video sales conversion rate. This is similar to your conversion rate or click through rate for landing pages.

A video’s conversion rate is a measure of how effective it is in generating sales, or convincing viewers to take another action. It also shows how valuable the video is to viewers.

Promoting a video can help you get more views.

The conversion rate, however, is a better indicator of how well your video sells your products or services.

Engagement time is an important indicator of how long people spend watching videos. This should give you an idea of how many people abandon the video and if they continue to watch the entire video.

Video viewers can leave at any time, but they must watch enough video to understand the main message.

A high bounce rate or low completion rate could indicate that your video is too long for your audience. It might be difficult to engage viewers or explain the value of your video.

YouTube offers a tool to evaluate engagement time using the audience retention report.

What are the benefits of video marketing in sales?

Image Source: Grey Sky Films

Video marketing is a great way to increase your digital presence.

Improved Information Retention

We all know that attention spans are shorter than ever. It can be hard to get people to remember your brand or message after just reading a text.

According to a study, video is more effective at retaining information. People remember 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to 10% when they read a text.

Better Outcomes

Video marketing has higher conversion rates than other types of content. Visitors are 144% more likely than others to purchase a product after watching a video.

Videos can be a powerful tool to show what the product actually looks like. Demonstrating how the product works can convince viewers to buy it. This technique can increase sales by 73%.

Increased sales engagement

Video marketing is visual and increases engagement. It’s possible to create an interactive and personal experience. Telling a story about your brand can help viewers feel more connected.

Advance Auto Parts, for example, saw its visitor engagement increase by 200% when video viewers watched videos compared to people who didn’t.

n Omnichannel Experience

90% of visitors desire an omnichannel experience. Your brand should be available on multiple platforms.

Build Trust

You have heard the old saying, “Show, don’t Tell”.

You can show off your product or showcase the difference your services make by using video marketing.

Showing your products in action and the results of using your services can help build trust. Although compelling copy is important, it does not prove that your products and services are effective.

Statistics for Video Content Searches

YouTube is responsible for more than a third internet traffic, with over 2 billion users monthly. YouTube is a huge platform and search engine.

You can increase your reach by using video content to capture YouTube searches. You can also increase your visibility in search results by including videos.

Google and other search engines display video results for most searches. These videos may appear above the SERP. If your competitors don’t recognize the value of video content, you can compete for keywords that are popular in your niche.

Enter Video Sales Script (VSL)

A script is not necessary for shooting for a VSL. It sounds heroic. It’s possible for things to go wrong very quickly, it is certain.

It is therefore essential to prepare a script for your video. It not only ensures that information is delivered in a proper order, but it also covers all information you want to communicate.

You will need to adjust the script depending on the type of video that you are creating (a talk head, product demo, or virtual tour).

To make the story more appealing to individual customers, you can modify the script. Conversion will be easy with this.

Image Courtesy – Autoklose

Image courtesy of Idea Rocket

Instructional videos are the best way to demonstrate a product.

The best way to increase your video conversion rate is to create educational content that shows your product in action.

There are many types of instructional videos that you can choose from. It is important to choose the best type of instructional video for your audience as well as the product or service that you are promoting.

Real Estate Sales Videos

Virtual walkthroughs and zoom calls took over the real-estate market during COVID-19. Video marketing in realty is not a new trend.

Video has been used by realtors to create interactive tours of their properties. This video by Aerial Agents shows how drone footage can create a unique experience that showcases a property in a way that photos cannot.

This type of video requires that you pay attention to lighting, frame rate, and picture quality. The drone moves through the house, allowing the viewer to see the flow. In some spots, the video slows down to highlight features that make the property standout.

Explainer Video

An explainer video has the main advantage of making complex ideas accessible. If your customers go through a long buying process that requires them to do extensive research, this type of eCommerce video is for you.

This is a wonderful example of a short explanation video by the Small Business Administration. The video uses engaging graphics to explain the SBA’s role and provide information about the various services. This video illustrates abstract concepts using images that are simple to remember.

The white balance is important in the SBA video. The explainer video is very short and uses lots of white space in order to not overwhelm viewers with graphics. It also conveys its message clearly and concisely.

Social Videos

Social videos are designed to be shared and engaged on social media platforms. These videos should be able to grab the attention of users immediately and give them content that they want to share with friends.

Many social and viral videos entertain and inspire users.

Redbull is a brand that thrives on social media platforms. Scroll through Redbull’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and you’ll see that videos account for a large portion of their posts.

These videos often showcase athletic feats and stunts that will make you want to scroll down your newsfeed and just watch them. Redbull knows how to keep people interested. Redbull also knows how to keep viewers engaged. This trailer, for example, was shared on Twitter and hypes up the event.

There are only 4 remaining teams, and only one team can be crowned the best University @PlayVALORANT in the world. Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final Day is here! Canada (BRT), Egypt (Anubis), and others will be competing in the semi-finals. LIVE NOW –
Red Bull Gaming (@redbullgaming), July 18, 2021

Business videos

You can tell your brand’s story through business videos. These videos can be used to show viewers a glimpse behind the scenes. To give your brand a human face, you can create business videos.

Video marketing is a powerful tool.

Can you name more than one CEO of major communication companies? John Legere is the first name that comes to my mind, thanks to T-Mobile’s video marketing campaigns.

T-Mobile made John Legere a well-known public figure by producing business videos featuring him. This approach builds trust and establishes a closer connection with the audience.

John Legere has resigned as CEO of T-Mobile. However, the brand continues to produce videos featuring the new CEO and key figures. This video discusses the transition from 4G to 5G.

You have many options when it comes to business videos. There are personal videos, product videos and awareness videos about your brand.

To share important updates with your followers, you can also create video news. You can share excitement about a product by creating a news story. To announce a partnership or new project, you can also share a news update.

Video Testimonial

Did you know that 84% of people trust online recommendations as much as they trust referrals from friends?

Online reviews are not as effective as video testimonials. These videos will make customers feel more real to viewers.

Video testimonials should be sincere and relate to the benefits of your product or service. An interesting example is the #MyWhy campaign by American Hospital Association. These videos show people sharing their reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

These videos feature a variety of people sharing their reasons for getting vaccinated. The videos inspire viewers to get the vaccine. Because of the variety of people and reasons, everyone can relate to them.

Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live Events are interactive experiences where viewers can interact with you and make comments. To generate excitement, you can make your live stream public in advance. These live videos can be used to share exclusive information.

A Facebook Live video was created by Dunkin’ Donuts, where two entertaining hosts take us on a tour through the brand’s test kitchen. This video is unique because it features something special and contains interesting information about how the brand develops new products.

Video Landing Page for Attention

A landing page video that is well-done should grab users’ attention immediately. It must also provide value. It is important to avoid landing page videos which could be intrusive or get in way of the user’s goals on the landing pages.

Image Source: Kdan Mobile

Avoid videos that have loud audio and auto-play. It should be consistent with the landing page’s purpose. Mobile devices should also be able to load the video quickly.

Insomniac Games’ official website has a subpage that features their latest Ratchet & Clank game. It uses a landing page video.

Because it is short enough to provide value but not get in the way of the user’s goal, this full-screen video improves the user experience.

It is muted by default and tells users all they need to know by showing gameplay, review snippets and details about the exclusive PS5 game.

Your landing page video does not have to be the focal point. A background or cover video can be used to create something discreet.

Search Engines Love Video

Google video analytics can tell you how many people are watching a video and what parts they are most interested in. This data can help you to determine what video content is most valuable for your audience.

This also means Google can track video-watching habits with precision. You may have seen featured video snippets in some searches.

Source: Google

These analytical tools allow Google to identify the best video segments to answer a question, and then display them as a top search result. These featured snippets can help you get more visibility in SERPs with the right video content.

Videos can be used to promote your content, even though search engines may not feature it prominently in SERPs. Users will see more recommendations after they finish watching a YouTube video.

YouTube recommends videos that are longer.

With compelling YouTube video thumbnails, and videos that are part of popular content clusters, you can capture some traffic. You can keep up to date with the latest trends on YouTube and make it a regular part of your social media calendar by creating new videos.

Site engagement is another thing search engines consider. This is the amount of time that users spend on a website. Site engagement will increase if you add a video.

Google can tell if your site is providing value to users by seeing engagement rise. This is a signal that the page provides a great experience and meets users’ needs. This page will be ranked higher for similar queries.

Video increases click through rate (CTR).

Video is an effective medium to engage your audience and encourage users to take action. Include videos in your email marketing campaigns to increase click-through rates and keep recipients engaged.

According to a study, your CTR could increase up to 96% if your emails include videos. A segmentation of your audience can help you create a positive user experience and share personalized videos.

You can easily track clicks and views by incorporating videos in your email marketing strategy.

To track the CTR for each email or video that you share, you can create a unique code.

Split testing can be used to determine which video performs best or to identify emails and videos that are most likely result in clicks. This will allow you to determine what content converts best and then focus your efforts on creating similar videos.

Videos have a higher sharing value

Sixty-four percent of marketers believe word-of mouth is the best form of marketing. Video content can be used to increase outreach and information retention.

People retain 50% more information when they use visual and verbal cues to learn.

Your message will be shared by millions and will be remembered. People will remember your message better and be more inclined to share it with others.

Video is a better investment than other channels from a financial perspective. You should be aware that Facebook Ads are 75% more popular than other channels if they’re video-based.

You can also use images to grab users’ attention on Facebook, but videos will deliver better results.

Ads might be missed by viewers who don’t have the time to watch the whole video.

That’s fine.

You just need to place your main takeaway at the beginning. The first ten seconds of any video make up 74% of its ad value.

You can add pay-per-click ads to your digital marketing strategy. These ads can increase visibility in SERPs and help to get clicks.

Videos have a higher ROI because they are shareable and people retain the information better. You can also use video advertising networks such as Google Ads to show your videos on other websites and increase your outreach.

Video marketing has the disadvantage of having to pay more upfront for content creation than PPC ads.

You can still justify the cost if you have a large audience to generate a good return on investment.

Take a bow

You should make video marketing a priority to increase your online presence.

Although there are higher upfront costs for quality content production, the ROI and medium conversion rates you can achieve with this type content are well worth it.