Instagram makes affiliate advertising accessible to everyone

Instagram users can now share links in Stories. This will eliminate the need to have 10k followers to create actionable content.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for influencer campaign. It helps increase brand recognition, drive sales and leverage the engaged audiences of its creators.

It’s currently difficult for affiliates on Instagram to promote brands via trackable links. While accounts with more followers than 10,000 have access to more features and tools, smaller influencers face difficulties monetizing content. They can only link to their bio to direct their followers to buy recommendations.

This is set to change with the announcement this week.

All Instagram users can now add links to Stories with the link sticker feature. This allows users to easily link products, brands, or any other content they want to share to their followers and allow them to make purchases.

This is why affiliate marketers need it.

Instagram users can now embed affiliate links in their Stories, regardless of how many followers they have. This means that brands and creators will be able to open up new avenues. This will result in more partnerships, revenue, and commissions.

ShareASale creators can promote merchants in their Instagram Stories using the sticker. All you need is an affiliate URL for the product or page. After you have added content, select the tool from your top navigation bar and copy the ShareASale affiliate URL. Then you can add it to your Story.

There are several other options to include affiliate links in content, besides the link sticker functionality.

Link in bio: This place is great for adding an external ShareASale deeplink. It is permanent and will remain visible. Use this feature to save as a highlight. This allows users to click your links after the 24-hour Instagram Story duration. These can be created by merchants using ShareASale for their affiliate partners. Go to Creatives > Coupons. These coupons are given to affiliates so they can drive sales and earn commissions without the need for a link.

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Instagram makes affiliate marketing easy for everyone

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