Introducing shared connections in the Supermetrics add-in for Excel

You will see a new icon near your data source connections. This simple change will make it easier to share your marketing reports with others.

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One click to create a private or shared connection

You can turn on “sharing” mode and allow your team members to use your connection for creating or refreshing reports. To turn off’sharing mode’, click the same icon.


Although the icon comes with a tooltip, its color allows you to quickly see the state. If it is your private connection, the state will be gray. It’s blue if it’s a connection that you shared.

You can choose to opt in or out sharing when you add connections. This toggle is automatically enabled.

One connection that works for everyone on your team

You no longer need to give your credentials or authorize again — everyone in your team can use the same connections to create or refresh queries. Once your team starts sharing, you will see all connections conveniently grouped into your own connections and those shared with you.


“My connections” are connections that you have made and owned. You can make them private or share with your team.

“Shared with Me” refers to the connections that have been made and shared by members of your team. These connections can be used to build queries. These connections can’t be edited, but they won’t show up in your list if their owner stops sharing them.

It is easy to manage shared connections

You can also control the add-in sidebar directly. The Data source tab now has a new icon called ‘Manage’ that will take you to the Supermetrics Team Portal. Here you can manage the access of your connections for your team.


The data source page displays all connections used by the team. It is arranged by data source and marks the locations where connections are available.

Shared connections are currently only supported in DWH products API and Excel.

Google Sheets and Data Studio currently do not support shared connections. The sharing drop-down for these connections will be disabled.

You have additional options to manage connections depending on which permissions you have.

Any member of the team can authenticate again, change the connection type to private or shared, or disengage.

An owner or team administrator can get a quick overview about all the connections within any Supermetrics product. They also have one new action to replace obsolete connections.

Replacing obsolete connections in your queries

If someone leaves your company with reports that relate to their connections, the team owner has the right to replace them. Pick a working member to ensure your critical performance reports remain up-to-date.


Work in different data destinations

This feature is becoming more common in our products. You will have access to all of your connections in any Supermetrics data destination, provided it is from the same team. We are always available to assist you with technical questions and concerns.

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