Introducing Supermetrics Charts for Google Data Studio

You’ve probably created charts if you use Data Studio to visualize your data. To get one step closer towards data insights, we now offer Supermetrics charts for Google Data Studio.

Our Charts for Data Studio are a collection new visualizations you can use in all of your dashboards, just like other charts. They also enhance the data visualization capabilities of Google Data Studio.

Solve your analytical problems

Are your marketing data complicated and needs specific visualizations? We have created several charts that can help you visualize specific scenarios. For example, we created charts that allow you to see user journeys on your website and funnels.

User journeys through a checkout process

The checkout process is followed by the user

Maintenance can be reduced

Data changes daily. But do your visualizations keep up with the changing data? Are your ideas larger than the maximum 50 charts per page for a report?

Our charts can be used to create multiples of small numbers. A single chart can be used to visualize the metric in many dimensions. You can also adapt the font and layout to suit your needs.

Track targets with a single chart by using small multiples

Use small numbers to track targets using a single chart

Improve the experience for viewers of reports

All our charts were designed with communication in mind. With their uncluttered design and detailed tooltips, they make it easy for the viewer to understand the data.

Scorecards with small bar charts help to understand the core metrics better

Scorecards that include small bar charts make it easier to see the core metrics.

You can use these charts in any dashboard, regardless of data source or connector. These charts can be integrated into your dashboards and will work well with your theme settings. They can also be modified to fit your brand.

Visit our support site to learn more about Supermetrics Charts. You can access the entire list of Supermetrics Charts on our support site.

Use Supermetrics with Google Data Studio

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