Kontentino and Agorapulse: Which Social Media Management Tool Is Better?

Which social media management tool is better, Kontentino, or Agorapulse? We’ll compare the features and prices of both platforms, as well as ex-customer and current reviews to answer this question.

This post will give you a clear picture of whether Agorapulse should be at the top of your Kontentino alternatives and which one wins the Agorapulse or Kontentino debate.

Kontentino or gorapulse: Which Social Media Management System Is Better?

Before we get into the details of who has the best product features I want to share this from Capterra.

Capterra reviewers gave Agorapulse a 9/10 rating. They clearly believe that Agorapulse offers better social media management tools than Kontentino. This doesn’t mean anything if we don’t know why.

Why is Agorapulse better at managing social media than Kontentino’s?

A social media platform that is effective in managing social media must make it as simple, efficient, and stress-free to manage social media.

The platform or tool that you choose must have these four features as minimum.

Intuitive publishing featuresComprehensive analytics and reporting functionalityAn easy-to-view, centralized, content calendarConnection to all the major social networks

These four features are shared by Kontentino and Agorapulse. But let’s take a look at why Agorapulse is better than Kontentino.

Publishing Features: Agorapulse and Kontentino

Both social media management platforms offer publishing features that make it easy to create, schedule, and post content. Agorapulse offers a few additional features that make these tasks easier.

Agorapulse, for example, has an image editing tool that allows you to make changes to your content even after it’s been scheduled. This allows you to quickly correct errors and adapt your content for last-minute changes.

It is possible to also duplicate content and modify it for different social networks using the same central location.

Smart filters can be used to quickly find documents, images, and videos that are stored in your media library. To stop duplicate content being posted, you can also use “used content” filters.

Agorapulse doesn’t offer Kontentino the same time-saving publishing options.

Reporting Functionality: Agorapulse vs Kontentino

Agorapulse was 18 points better than Kontentino on G2 for its reporting capabilities.

Here’s a summary of the reasons why.

Content tagging

You need to be able to tag content in order track its performance.

Both platforms allow you add tags to your content. However, Kontentino allows you to only use these tags for finding content and not to report or track it.

Agorapulse allows you to label your content. This will allow you to not only locate it but also analyze and run detailed reports on its performance. You can also create reports and determine which topics and types of content are most popular.

Data and metrics

Kontentino allows you to only report on these four metrics and gather basic data you can already access from Facebook Business Manager.

Page/post cumulative reachPage likes or dislikesEngagement ratesCompetition analyses

Agorapulse gathers detailed data from all social media networks that you have connected to your account.

Agorapulse, a social media management tool, gives you clear insight into things such as:

Number of impressionsTeam performanceTeam activityBrand awarenessDemographicsBest day and time to publishBest post type to publish

Agorapulse, the only social media management tool, connects to Google Analytics and auto-adds UTMs content. It also allows you to measure and prove Social Media ROI. Agorapulse can help you grow your team or secure more funds. You can add it to your Kontentino list, and you’ll be able to try us.

Reports custom

Agorapulse’s custom report maker allows you to create one in three clicks. Select the data that you wish to report on, even if it comes from multiple sources. Then choose the report type you want and export it. Simple!

Kontentino’s Report Builder allows you to create custom reports. However, you must choose whether you want a graph, text, or post report. Kontentino allows you to only use one set data source at a given time. Their so-called custom reports are not customizable. It takes time and effort to produce a report that is of real value.

Content calendar: Agorapulse vs Kontentino

Evidently, G2 reviewers prefer Agorapulse content calendar.

Agorapulse’s Content Calendar has features that make it easier to view the content than Kontentino.

Agorapulse allows you to filter the content calendar by content type, status, and label. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. The calendar can be viewed in list view so that you can view each post more clearly. This makes it easier to edit and proofread content.

This feature is not available in Kontentino. It doesn’t even have content filters, so you will have to manually search through your calendar for what you are looking for. Kontentino requires you to scroll horizontally to view a complete month.

Agorapulse allows you to see the whole month at once.

Agorapulse also allows you to view your calendar by week and month, making it easier to track performance.

Kontentino allows you to view the calendar month-by-month.

Connectivity to major social networks: Agorapulse or Kontentino

If it doesn’t have all the social networks, what’s the point of a social media management tool to manage your social media accounts?

Kontentinto makes it easy to connect to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Pages and Twitter accounts.

Agorapulse not only allows you to connect with all these networks but also to TikTok and LinkedIn Profiles, which is crucial for personal brands, YouTube and Google My Business.

Need I say any more?

Summary: Which social media management tool is the best?

We saw earlier that Capterra reviewers awarded Agorapulse three more points than Kontentino in regard to its social media management features.

G2 reviewers agree with this sentiment, awarding Agorapulse 8.8 points for its social media management features and Kontentino 8.6.

Agorapulse is the clear winner when it comes to product features.

kontentino alternatives social media management

Let’s not forget Kontentino can’t be connected to the four major social media networks Agorapulse can connect to. What social media platform would you pay to not be able to connect with all major social media networks?

It could also depend on the price.

Kontentino vs gorapulse: Which offers the best value for money?

Agorapulse’s social media management tools are top-notch, so you would expect it to be more costly to use.

It’s not.


kontentino alternatives agorapulse pricing


kontentino pricing

Both platforms offer four pricing levels, with the ability to create your own pricing plan.

This is where the similarities end.

Kontentino’s pricing page claims that you will only pay for what you actually need. However, it is false. Agorapulse allows users to pay only for what they actually need.

Let me explain.

Agorapulse employs a pay per user pricing model as they believe that customers should only be charged for what they actually use and need.

Let’s say, for example, that you are happy with the features on your current plan but need more users or profiles. Kontentino would require you to upgrade to the next level, which will cost you much more. Agorapulse allows you to keep your current plan and buy additional users and/or profiles at $15 per piece.

Agorapulse is a service that allows you to pay only for the things you use. They know that different companies require different social media management at different stages in their growth.

Agorapulse is more dedicated to helping businesses grow through social media than Kontentino, which is a matter of growth. Agorapulse is free to use if you don’t have to connect to more social networks or plan to post more than 10 posts per month. This is ideal for solopreneurs or start-ups who need help to get started.

Kontentino won’t give these companies a free option. Kontentino does not understand its customers’ needs and doesn’t support social media growth. This sounds like the right tool to manage social media.

Kontentino vs gorapulse: Which is the People’s Favorite Choice?

You can see that there are many customer reviews on websites like Capterra and G2. To help you decide which one, Agorapulse or Kontentino has the best customer reviews, I’ll briefly summarize the pros and cons of each. You can then decide which social media management tool is your favorite.

Agorapulse #1 is the best: Efficiency

Agorapulse users love Agorapulse because it helps them to be more productive in their day, which allows them to spend more time on bigger ROI tasks.

To get feedback and approval, users can also share their content calendars with external and internal stakeholders. This eliminates bottlenecks, and simplifies the approval process.

“Agorapulse has made it easier to schedule posts for clients.” – Social Media Director

“Thanks to my new ability of automating social media, my staff and I can upload material to Facebook, Instagram and the like quicker and more efficiently,” – Web Developer

“Agorapulse makes our team more efficient.” – Marketing Executive

#1 Reasons to Use Agorapulse #2 is Customer Service

Agorapulse’s award-winning customer service is one of the greatest benefits for social media management.

You can always reach someone, day or night, whenever you have a question or run into problems with the tool.

You could not ask for more.

“I like everything. But the greatest plus is the excellent customer service. “My responses are immediate and I get feedback when necessary.” – Insurance Director

“Agorapulse provides the best customer service that I have ever experienced. The live chat representatives respond within a matter of minutes and are extremely helpful and friendly. They are open to suggestions and feedback.” – Copywriter

“Agorapulse gives hope that everything will turn out okay and has the best customer service ever, who are always there to help and guide you through any problem.” – Marketing and PR Executive

Top 3 Reasons to Use Agorapulse: Comprehensive, but Easy to Use

Are you more likely to use a tool, platform or piece of software that is confusing or complicated?

Most likely not.

Agorapulse’s intuitive and clean interface is well-known. It makes it easy to navigate the platform. As we have seen, simplicity does not diminish the effectiveness of its features. It is truly the complete package.

“If you are looking for a complete suite of social media marketing tools that are easy to use, I highly recommend Agorapulse.”

“Much more powerful, and much easier to use than big competitors.” – Physiologist

“Try it. It’s easy-to use, advanced features allow you to manage social media networks more efficiently.” – Marketing Executive

free demo for agorapulse social media management tool

Top reasons to use Kontentino #1 are simple and straightforward

Some social media platforms can be extremely complicated and difficult to use (ahem Hootsuite). But not Kontentino. Its users love its simplicity.

“Kontentino, a simple tool that allows you to reduce emails related to content approval on some social media channels,” – Marketing Executive

#1 Reasons to Use Kontentino #2 – Customer Support

As Agorapulse does, Kontentino offers excellent customer service, particularly during the set-up and onboarding phases.

Kontentino’s associates are always available to answer any questions I may have. They were all very kind and helped me tremendously with my initial setup.” – Social media specialist

“The customer service team is amazing. “You can always speak to someone real and not a bot.” Head of Communications

Top 3 reasons to use Kontentino: Team collaboration

Many social media management tools, including Agorapulse or Kontentino, are built in the cloud. This means that both internal and external stakeholders have access to it from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Because social media content is often subject to approval before it can go live, many tools offer an approval process and central content management features such as a shared calendar and inbox. This allows teams to collaborate seamlessly.

This is the case with Kontentino and Agorapulse.

“We don’t have to send many e-mails each other. Each member of the team can review the Kontentino social media plan and make corrections.

“You can easily collaborate with copyeditors and designers, as well as other team members,” – Digital Marketing Specialist

“It lets you collaborate quickly with your team.” – Communications Officer

Common Con’s About Agorapulse

Agorapulse receives negative feedback like this:

“There should be more educational resources.” – Small-Business Owner

Agorapulse takes negative feedback and uses it to grow the platform’s social media management tools.

A few months back, there were comments about the inability of tracking the performance on Instagram reels. They prioritized this feature and users can now track the performance of their Instagram reels.

It’s that simple!

Similar results were achieved with TikTok’s ability to connect and preview content in an Instagram Grid format.

“It would be useful to have TikTok there so I could schedule all of my appointments at once.” – Marketing Consultant. “I wish Agorapulse had a grid view layout for Instagram.” – Marketing Coordinator

The majority of their new features are based on negative feedback. TikTok integration is now available and the Instagram Grid preview is available!

Agorapulse hears you and speaks with you.

Kontentino: Common Mistakes

We have already seen that Kontentino receives a lot negative feedback about its reports, one-dimensional data and tracking abilities.

“The analytics could have been more complicated. They will hopefully improve those.” – Online Marketer. “Analytics did not provide the overviews that we required.” – Copywriter. LinkedIn does not offer any reporting options. These can be obtained from LinkedIn, but it would be nice to have all of them in one place.” – Business Owner. But Kontentino users aren’t the only ones who struggle with reporting. Many users also have issues with the outdated platform’s user interface. “It’s a little slow and the UI needs to be upgraded.” – Managing director. – Creative Director

Even though most software products and services will encounter the occasional, random bug, Konentino seems to experience publishing errors and inconsistencies more often than others.

“I was wondering if there were any other people experiencing these issues.” – Social Media Specialist. It tells me that a post was published, but it doesn’t show it on the Facebook timeline.” – Business Owner. – Communication Manager. “It would be helpful to have the error messages provide more information about the error and the steps I should take to correct it.” – Marketing Specialist

Conclusion: Agorapulse should be on your top Konentino Alternatives list

I promised you that by the end of the article, you would know which social media management tool was better from Agorapulse or Kontentino. You now know!

Agorapulse has the best social management tools, the best value-for-money, and the best customer reviews. It’s clear that it is the best tool for social media management.

Sign up now for a demo to see it all.

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