Marketing and communication simplified by Animaker for Zucchetti

Francesca Mahony is a Marketing and Communications specialist at Zucchetti. Zucchetti is a top-rated Italian software company in Europe.

Zucchetti offers a range of software solutions including HR, Workforce management, ERP, POS, Access Control, E-commerce, and more for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Zucchetti’s Marketing and Communications team is responsible for managing day-to-day marketing activities. This includes content creation, social media management, newsletter creation, and supporting group companies with product- and corporate-related marketing collaterals.

We place a high value on creating engaging, informative and valuable content about our solutions. We are always looking for innovative ways to communicate our value proposition and connect with the target audience.

Get on board the video marketing train

Some of our product features can be difficult to communicate. They require an understanding of companies’ challenges and must address specific people like the Travel manager, HR manager, store manager, etc.

On our website and social media channels, we have used different types of content, including infographics and quotes as well as articles and whitepapers. This type of content was valuable to customers and prospects. However, it was too static and took too long to understand.

We wanted to communicate our messages in a fun, engaging and quick way. So we opted to use the growing power of video marketing.

However, creating professional explanation videos would take too much time and be less fun. So we decided to make animated videos that explain our products.

Hello Animaker!

After we decided to create animation videos, I began searching the Internet for an easy-to use tool. In an article listing the top programs to create cartoon-like videos, I found Animaker.

It was a powerful tool. Animaker’s wide selection of objects, characters and special effects allowed me to create many scenes and tailor the content to my needs.


It was easy to represent a frustrated HR manager in their office because it was already pre-animated in Animaker’s library. Every protagonist could speak using speech bubbles, and the music provided an engaging beat. We also had the option to upload our logo, which personalized our videos even further.

Love at first sight!

Animaker was our choice because it offered the most comprehensive platform. We tried other online tools, but they were less user-friendly and had fewer options. The final output of the video was also not as engaging and professional as we wanted.

It was like a love at first sight when I began using Animaker. After creating a trial video, everyone liked it so we upgraded to a premium plan to have access to all the characters, music, objects, and other features offered by Animaker.


We were pleased with the results. It was easy to use and convenient for us.

Why Zucchetti loves Animaker

Apart from the many options (characters backgrounds, objects, music and voice-over), the price-quality ratio is excellent. The tool lets us create engaging and colourful videos in multiple languages. These can be downloaded as a.mp4 file.

Animaker is also very fun to use. It was a great experience to work with Animaker.

Animaker can create buzz

Since we began using Animaker videos to our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages, we have seen an increase in likes, shares, and a greater number of visitors to our website.

Many colleagues from other departments also liked our videos and asked for new ones that addressed different personas.

Even the videos were used to create buzz at exhibitions and events such as EuroCis or Cebit.

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