Merchant program newsletters: Organize your inbox

ShareASale will be updating how it sends merchant newsletters starting July 1, 2021. Our platform will change the way merchants receive emails to increase visibility, organization, and receipt of their communications.

Future merchant newsletters will be sent from ShareASale-owned domains with the following format:

The THEMERCHANTSID should be replaced by the sender’s Merchant ID number. Below is an example email that was sent using merchant ID 44911.

All newsletter communications from a single merchant can now be sent from one email address. Publishers that are part of multiple merchant programs will be able to take advantage consistent and predictable address formats. Inbox routing rules can be used to sort the incoming newsletters from each merchant partners. This allows for improved newsletter prioritization and workflows, as incoming messages can now be routed to specific folders instead of being sent to one email address. Many email providers provide rule-based emailing routing, which can sort messages by email address. Here are links to support for Outlook and Gmail on how to set up email routing.

Publishers can easily access the ShareASale interface to retrieve a list merchants and their merchant IDs. Navigate to MERCHANTS > DELETE YOUR MERCHANT LIBRARY > and click on the link to download your merchant IDs.

If you have any concerns or questions about potential impacts to your individual account, please contact our team at

Merchant program newsletters: Organize your inbox .

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