Google market pulse for search advertisers

30-second summary: Google is constantly testing new places on the page for SERP component. In simple words, the #1 spot in organic or pay ads does not guarantee that your paid advertising listing will be visible without scrolling. Prasanna Dhungel, a leading advisor and performance marketing expert, reveals four key insights to help marketers maximize … Read more

You must balance organic and paid search strategies to achieve maximum success.

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Brand success requires balancing paid and organic searches

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2022 Search ads 360 updates: What you need know

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Here’s what a ROI-worthy search advertising budget should look like in 2022

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How to embrace paid search automation and maximize your results

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The search dilemma: Looking beyond Google’s third-party cookies death

30-second summary: The majority of the 2018 revenue of 181.7 billion U.S. dollars came from advertising on Google Sites and its network sites. Even though the third-party cookie will be removed in 2023, Google still has a lot of first-party data from its 270+ products and services. The Trade Desk’s 20% drop in stock price … Read more

Cross-channel marketing: why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the Google basket

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These paid traffic sources are a great way to maximize your affiliate marketing income

Affiliate marketing is now a popular way to make money online. It has evolved from a fringe side hustle. It’s easy to see why affiliate marketing is so popular. Anyone can have a website and generate great recurring income. The total value of affiliate marketing was $17 billion in 2020. The future of affiliate marketing … Read more