Connecting your data to Tableau Prep Builder with Supermetrics API [a step-by-step tutorial]

You need clean and well-prepared data in order to create a Tableau report that is actionable and informative. Cleaning data for analysis can be difficult because businesses may have data from many places and formats. Tableau Prep Builder was introduced by Tableau to enable data users, including marketers and analysts who might not have advanced … Read more

Affiliate marketing trends in 2022

The annual affiliate marketing recap is here and we have our predictions for the coming year. We gathered top digital marketers and affiliate marketers to share their thoughts on the future of affiliate marketing in 2022. This post will reflect on the past year, and then compare predictions from last year to the actual events … Read more

Affiliate marketing conferences 2022

Are you looking to meet top affiliate marketers and advertisers? We’ve compiled this article to help you navigate the large-scale conferences in affiliate marketing that will be held in 2022. Ffiliate marketing conferences: a waste of time or a necessity? Many affiliate conferences, online and offline aren’t free. The question is, are they worth it? … Read more

Introducing Supermetrics Charts for Google Data Studio

You’ve probably created charts if you use Data Studio to visualize your data. To get one step closer towards data insights, we now offer Supermetrics charts for Google Data Studio. Our Charts for Data Studio are a collection new visualizations you can use in all of your dashboards, just like other charts. They also enhance … Read more

The search dilemma: looking beyond Google’s third-party cookie death

30-second summary: The majority of the 2018 revenue of 181.7 billion U.S. dollars came from advertising on Google Sites and its network sites. Even though the third-party cookie will be removed in 2023, Google still has a lot of first-party data from its 270+ products and services. The Trade Desk’s 20% drop in stock price … Read more

Cross-channel marketing: why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the Google basket

30-second summary: Few SMBs make use of multiple online advertising channels. Facebook is the most cost-effective channel based on CPM and CPCI. It’s important to remember that every company is unique when it come to budget allocation Data analysis and science are essential for any business operating in the SaaS (software as a service) market. … Read more

The five latest Google Ads features and how to make the most of them

30-second summary: Google Shopping is still a paid PPC channel. However, you can still enjoy its free traffic. Video and display formats aren’t the only options for online acquisition. They are better for brand awareness and influence targets. But offline conversion tracking is not always considered. Google Gallery Ads is a new format that Google … Read more