Google Business Profile Optimizement (former Google My Business: How To Get To The Top Of Local Rankings

A strong online presence is essential for local businesses to succeed in 2021. A great Google Business Profile is the foundation of your local SEO efforts. (Note: Perhaps you are more familiar with Google Business Profile’s older name, “Google My Business”. Google recently changed the name for this service, so we’re using the new “Google … Read more

Local SEO Ranking factors: 7 Keys To Local Search Success

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Search Engine Journal | Local SEO Guide For Ecommerce & Online Ordering

Businesses are focused on providing a seamless omnichannel experience to allow the customer to order online, whether it is directly within the listing or on an individual location page. This also allows customers to choose how they want to receive their product with delivery or pickup options that best fit their needs. With this shift, … Read more

10 Expert-Driven Reputation Management Recommendations for 2022

Your online reputation matters now more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly shifted customer expectations, and in turn, businesses have been tasked with meeting those new expectations. Businesses in every vertical have been tasked with adapting and working to protect their online reputation, understanding their customers’ challenges, and mining for common sentiment to improve their … Read more

Competitor Keyword Analysis: 3 Steps to Steal Your Competitor’s Traffic

> For most SMBs, the key to generating more traffic, leads, and sales lies in outsmarting your competition. In digital marketing, especially, established brands make it incredibly difficult to compete. They not only can attract the best sales, marketing, and research talent but also possess the financial clout to quickly outmuscle you in a toe-to-toe … Read more

Lessons Learned From the Top Google Searches of 2021

What were consumers most interested in last year? The top Google searches of 2021, an annual compilation from the search giant, gives us some valuable insights into the topics and trends that dominated consumer culture. Google provides an entire mini-site of these insights to explore. In Year in Search from Google Trends, you can explore: … Read more

Consumer Search Trends Up YoY, According to New Affiliate Marketing Buzz Findings

Data from 200,000 GBP listings reinforces an increase in consumer confidence, travel and spending SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 22, 2022According to recent research by Affiliate Marketing Buzz, the leading provider of an all-in-one local marketing platform proven to increase online visibility, last month’s national consumer search behavior revealed a significant year-over-year increase in search trends … Read more

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends January 2022

As states continue to lift pandemic-related restrictions, businesses are being challenged to rebuild and regain lost customers. Historic marketing data has proven unreliable for informing present-day campaigns thanks to dramatic changes in consumer behavior over close to two years of continuous instability.  Google Business Profile (GBP) metrics give brands and their locations real-time insight into … Read more

Bing Search Benefits: How to Maximize Your Search Engine Presence

Search is a rapidly changing space, and you need to focus your digital marketing efforts where they’ll have the greatest impact. For most brands, that means thinking “Google first” when it comes to their search strategy. The undisputed market leader, Google had a search engine market share of over 86% worldwide in December 2021 while … Read more