Six ways to increase your sales and revenue using Animaker

Videos can be used to drive growth for your business, regardless of whether you are a B2B company or a B2C one.

If used correctly, it can help to strengthen your relationship with customers, increase conversion rates, and simplify communications within your company.

The possibilities for video use in organizations are endless when you consider the many possible uses. Businesses continue to find new ways to connect with customers via videos.

This article will show you 6 ways Animaker can be used to create video content that supports your revenue goals and other business initiatives.

#1. Use Animaker to Create Social Video Ads

Since its inception, social advertising has made great strides. Social advertising is no longer limited to static images ads.

Videos are a key component of social advertising success.

Hubspot found that 54% of consumers would rather see videos from businesses or brands they support than other content.

Today, 35% of all online advertising spend is made up by video ads. Video ads are more popular than other formats and have a higher completion rate. This is not surprising.

Video ads can drive traffic to your site, promote new products, and increase website conversions.

Although creating ads for videos can seem more difficult than creating static images, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

Animaker makes it easy to create a social video ad in just minutes.

Here’s a quick template that will get you started.

This Template is for you

#2. Use Animaker to Create Explainer Videos

This is an easy one.

These explainer videos can be used to inspire purchase decisions and user acquisition.

Your website will rank 50 times higher on Google’s first pages if it has an explainer video. A video thumbnail in SERP will ensure that your website receives maximum clicks, compared to a text listing.

Putting an explainer video on your homepage can increase conversions by up to 80 percent. Additionally, 64 percent of viewers who view your explainer videos are more likely than others to purchase your product.

Explaner videos are essential for every business. Animaker allows you to create one for free if you don’t already have one.

This Template is for you

#3.Use Animaker Videos in your Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails and videos can be a match made in Heaven. Email can help videos get exposure. Videos help emails get read, opened, and clicked.

Simply using the word “video” in your email subject can increase your open rates by 19%, and your ROI by 3X.

In your emails, embed Animaker videos

A 100-120 sec video is more popular than a 100-120 word email copy.

You can create an Animaker video and embed it into your email to launch a new product or inform your customers about the recent funding round. Your metrics will improve significantly.

Videos are used in nearly all of our campaign emails. It has been a great way for us to increase our email engagements. Here is a sample of our Women’s Day campaign from 2018.


A thumbnail image combined with a link or video from our YouTube channel is always used. It will make our marketing more efficient. This allows the video’s permanence.

#4. Use Animaker to create sales decks/presentations

Perhaps you are an expert on your products/services and have a compelling demo script that will impress your prospects. If you want to increase your chances for closing the deal, a persuasive presentation will be just as important.

You shouldn’t be using powerpoint for your presentations. Your customer will probably be speaking to another competitor and the salesman would have shared a similar PowerPoint.

Animaker video presentations are your best chance to stand out. Animaker allows you to engage prospects on a new level by providing captivating characters to tell your brand story, and infographics that showcase important data.

You can also use the presentation mode to make your video look animated, as shown in the screenshots.



Here is one of the most popular templates for sales presentations:

This Template is for you

#5. Use Animaker to improve your customer’s purchasing experience

One drawback to ecommerce is that your customers cannot touch or feel your product. This is because customers cannot touch or feel the product, which is different from retail shops.

How can you bridge this gap now?

Make Videos!

That’s right! You can make your customers feel more confident about purchasing your product by showing them how it works in real life.

A 20-30 second video is ideal. Animaker makes it easy to create stunning animated and video presentations in just a few simple steps.

#6. Use Animaker Voice for global sales growth

We understand the importance of an explainer video on your homepage.

Let’s suppose you want to grow your user base and expand your reach internationally. How do you create videos in different languages?

It can also be difficult to get the voice-over right, especially if you have to create videos in multiple languages.

Animaker voice can be used to create voice-overs in human-like voices for your videos in over 25 languages and 50+ voice options.

It can cost thousands of dollars to get the same thing done by a voice-over artist. With Animaker’s voice, it is possible to do this for free!

Alright! You now know the importance of videos and how Animaker helps you reach your revenue and sales goals.

What are you waiting to do? Let’s get started with Animaker.

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