How to get maximum out of your social media accounts

If you don’t have the right tools, managing social media comments and messages can become a nightmare. First, notifications are coming from various platforms. To reply to them, you will need to log in to each account. Switching accounts from your mobile device to resolve complaints. You will need to send internal emails to other … Read more

Quick Tips to Boost Sales on Facebook

Selling on Facebook is very different to selling on other social media channels. Particularly during holidays. These tips will help you excel on Facebook during the holidays. Facebook started as a Myspace-duplicate site for college students, where they shared their thoughts and relationship statuses. It has since evolved to be so much more. Facebook can … Read more

11 Top Productivity Tools to Use in Social Media Agencies

You know that managing social media platforms is a complex task. What apps and tools are available to make you more productive? This post will show you 11 great social media productivity tools. These tools can be used to help a social media agency become more productive. Agency Productivity Tools Let’s get started. 1. Toggl … Read more

2021 State of Social Media Agencies, Report

Agorapulse is known for its love of agencies. Our scalable program, all-in-one social network solution, and insightful research are just a few of the reasons we love to support digital and social media agencies. We are so happy to share the 2021 State of Social Media Agencies Report with you. hbspt.forms.create({ region: “na1”, portalId: “8477337”, … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Running Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a great way to connect with nearly 3 billion people. If you don’t understand how to run Facebook ads properly, you might end up targeting the wrong people, mismatching your objectives, and spending a lot of money. Building successful Facebook ads campaigns is important for promoting your company or your client’s brand. … Read more

This Growing Social Media Media Marketing Agency Rocks Agorapulse’s Linked Calendars

Growing Agencies Need a Scalable Social Media Tool Katherine George, the founder of Oh So Social is an international social media marketing agency that has won multiple awards. Oh So Social, like many other growing agencies, realized that finding the right social scheduler software was a challenge as they scaled up. Katherine quickly realized that … Read more

How to Make Your Workday More Efficient with Social Media Calendars

Are you putting off creating your social media calendar? Don’t worry, here are the steps to create a social media calendar. Social media managers will be relieved to hear that two things are guaranteed to make them sigh: creating social media KPIs, and a social media schedule. Your social media calendar organizes your channels, keeps … Read more

How to Manage Instagram Accounts for Clients Almost Effortlessly

You are an Instagram marketing pro who knows how to create captivating Stories and publish amazing posts. What happens when multiple Instagram accounts are needed for your agency? hbspt.forms.create({ region: “na1”, portalId: “8477337”, formId: “04e52cc5-2be6-4284-a675-5f20d58c1108″> Multi-profile management requires planning, teamwork, workflows and a dedicated social media management tool. Fortunately, Agorapulse can help. Learn how to … Read more

How to make a social media campaign stand out

Although your agency may have expertise in brand monitoring, community management, content strategy and other ongoing services such as brand management, brand monitoring, brand strategy, content strategy, and so on, targeted promotions is where you should start. A solid workflow, powerful tools and a well-constructed plan are essential to a successful social media campaign. Let’s … Read more

How to Make an Outstanding Agency Pitch Deck, That Attracts Clients and Grabs Attention [Free Template]

Are you able to present your pitch deck to potential clients of your social media agency? Are there missing key components? Before you present your agency pitch deck, make sure it is complete. Potential clients often find that social media agencies offer highly-valued, detailed services that can significantly impact their business. Clients will often shop … Read more