Your Guide to Instagram Guides in 2020

You’re not the only one who hasn’t heard about Instagram Guides. Instagram introduced Guides in May 2020. The initial rollout was for locked-down wellness content. The feature didn’t reach the stardom of Stories and Reels. Instagram Guides are an excellent tool for content creators. They allow you to create mini-curated collections of recommendations places, products, … Read more

Introducing the Auto-Subtitle generator [Generate and Translate in 35+ Spraches & Edit in them]

We unveiled more than 10 new features and enhancements when we launched Animaker 3.0 several months ago. These were immediately available to users after launch. We also revealed 15+ additional features that were part the product’s roadmap. We are launching a feature that content creators have requested, and it is today. Please, drum roll! Animaker’s … Read more