What’s new with WordPress 5.9 – Full Site Editing and Global Styles. Blocks, Patterns. APIs. UI Enhancements.

WordPress 5.9 was initially scheduled for release on December 14, 2021. Due to several open issues, the final release has been delayed and is now scheduled for January 25, 2022. Discover how Kinsta customers are seeing up to a 200% increase in performance. Learn more> If you’re wondering what’s new in WordPress 5.9, the short … Read more

Animaker 2.0: The Future of Video Making begins here!

Today! Animaker 2.0 has been launched! Since September 2014, when Animaker was launched in its first version, building Animaker 2.0 has been the most difficult task. We have worked hard to keep our vision of providing every business and creative person with a video making studio that is both affordable and functional throughout our journey. … Read more

14 Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy Performance

These easy-to-implement guidelines will help you improve your marketing strategy. Although the practice of promoting products or services has been practiced for thousands of years, it has seen significant changes in recent decades. Instead of relying on traditional channels such as television and print media, advertisers now promote their products and services through social media, … Read more