How to Increase Your Social Media ROI (Free calculator)

Social media ROI (return-on-investment) measurement is an essential part of every social media manager’s job. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your work and show value to your organization. You can also refine your strategy over time to increase returns. This post will give you all the tools and tips (including a free … Read more

What is Social Media Analytics, and How Can It Help You? Everything You Need To Know

While it is one thing to believe that you are a social media expert, it’s quite another to actually be able prove it. Social media analytics are crucial to any campaign or brand strategy. Data helps you stay on track to reach your social media goals by showing what’s working, and what’s not. Continue reading … Read more

Conversational Artificial Intelligence: What it Is, Why It Matters and How You Can Do It Right

Conversational AI can make your social media presence a huge asset. 64% of respondents say that they would rather talk to a company than call them. This statistic is applicable to you if you are active on social media and communicate with customers via your social channels. Facebook Messenger receives over 1,000,000 messages every month … Read more

A Guide for Cross-Posting on Social Media without Looking Spammy

Newsflash! You don’t need to spend a lot of time posting on social media. Social media marketers are quickly adopting cross-posting as a strategy to save time and reduce the amount of work required to schedule social posts. Cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest or vice versa is a great way to start … Read more

How to Manage Your Social Media Content from One Place

Social media managers are responsible for more than posting on Facebook and Twitter. You are responsible for everything, from social media scheduling and analysis to brainstorming content. This means that you will need a powerful publishing tool for social media. It will allow you to manage the entire process, from concept to completion. Your platform … Read more